Monday, April 25, 2011

Common Misconceptions About Cosplaying

I am a self confessed otaku and I just love attending anime, gaming, toy or even comic conventions. I did cosplaying too and I am still considering doing so just for fun these days. I have seen how every event changes and yet somehow still stays the same. I have also seen how the attendees and the cosplayers have changed a lot in time. I remember before when cosplaying wasn't even that popular yet and there were only a few people who did it. Back then, cosplaying was still somehow a rare art form however due to the fact that media and so called cosplaying idols have made cosplaying into the next popular trend almost everybody now is doing it and somehow I feel like it has lost it's real essence. Whatever happened to cosplaying because it's fun not because it's another freaking beauty contest or another easy way for you to gain popularity and attention. I mean come on! If you are truly wise, don't use conventions as a way for you to become famous. 

Everybody knows that if you do that sometimes you end up soliciting more negative publicity and attention than positive ones. For example, young girls who don't dress, act and talk like their age. They may look like they are under aged however due to what they wear, say or how they act around others, people will perceive them differently. These girls also must understand that not everybody in the world means them well. In the real world, there are perverts, child molesters, pornographers, hypocrites and so many negative people who are all present, lurking and simply waiting for their next victims. If they continue on to solicite negative attention then I assure you that they will get them. If you truly want to cosplay, then cosplay appropriately for your age and if you are under aged and you decide to cosplay someone sexy then be careful always. Aside from that, know that there will always be negative reactions to what you do. Cosplaying isn't a perfect trend. There are lots of people who bash others for never giving justice to their so called roles. There are also others who take things to a more personal level. As a cosplayer, you should be aware of such things.

Sure, loads of people will take photos of you but do you know what they will do to theses photos? Clearly, you do not. I admit I don't know either but how sure are you that these people will use your photos for good use. Sure, some are harmless enough to take your photos and then just post them on their facebook albums or whatever but then again, there are still some people who do not mean well. If you don't want to be criticized or bashed by other people, make sure that you pose nicely. Don't do slutty poses even if old perv photographers tell you to do so. Never wear anything too revealing to the extent that other people can already see what shouldn't be seen. Be a decent cosplayer and never ever send the wrong message. Always remember that one false rumor can lead to another and in the end destroy your life without you ever gaining control of it. Cosplaying may sound fun but for some people it's not a game. It's personal and if you are still young be cautious to never fall victims to those who do not mean you well. 

Cosplaying is addicting. Why? Because of many reasons. I find it addicting because I like to cosplay and just have fun with my real friends and family. For some people, they find not the cosplaying part addicting but the attention itself which lures them and intoxicates them. After all, cosplaying can make you a celebrity in just a day. Just like what people say, just show a little bit of flesh and you'll turn into a star overnight. Sure, you'll be famous but aside from that there are other catastrophic results. So before you decide to enter the world of cosplaying, always remember that there are many factors to consider before dressing up into your favorite gaming or anime character. If ever you do venture into the world of cosplaying, please be a responsible cosplayer. You may not become a celebrity overnight but at least, you won't be the talk of the town and the butt of many jokes. I'd rather be an unknown cosplayer who cosplays characters because I want to and not because I have to do fan service to people who only care for the cosplayer in me. I'd rather stick to those around who know the real me and appreciate me for who I am and not just an empty shell of a cosplayer who's face and body would probably deteriorate in a few years and become nothing more than a has been. 
 Clearly this kid wasn't trying to hard and yet, he's already a crowd favorite. Good job, kid!
 I see more boobs than cosplayer. Seriously, never ever cosplay a character that shows way too much flesh if you're alone in a convention. That only attracts negative attention. What if a perv suddenly decide it's nice to grab your boobs while everybody's watching? Seriously, what would you do? Do you think anybody would help you if people would think you were asking for it? *Shakes Head* Sometimes, I just pity these girls seriously. This is not the proper way to become famous. 
 Would you let your 14 year old daughter wear a push up bra just to look older and sexier in her costume at a public convention for everyone to see? If I were her mother, I wouldn't. You're 14 not 18! Don't do your best to grow up easily just yet. Whatever happened to your innocence? So young and yet so very indecent already. What is this world turning into?
 Not all the photographers taking her picture in this photo mean well. Technically, some are old perverts who have devious minds and might end up using her photos for something nasty. I don't want to know and I don't want to think about it. At least, she still has the dignity not to pose slutty in front of everyone or even give them a sneak peak of what's underneath her top or her skirt. Whew! 
Lastly, a cosplayer is clearly like a celebrity so if you are a famous cosplayer never ever write anything private on your public wall and never ever let people know your personal business only because you were asking for it. It's your life. Take control of it. If it's a private matter then settle things through PM or even settle things by having actual personal conversations. Unfortunately, this cosplayer and her ex boyfriend seem to have started fighting on her wall without even thinking that other people will feast on the treat that they just let everybody see. Clearly, these kids have no clue at what's gonna hit them. I pity these kids parents. I don't want to judge their upbringing or anything of that sort. All I can judge now is their characters. So, if you really want to enter the world of cosplaying, don't tell me you weren't warned.

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