Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remember Me?

I greeted a childhood friend on her birthday the other day. Since I do not have her cellphone number, yes, believe it or not, I am not that updated with all of my friends because I don't ask for all their numbers, which is why I decided to just greet her on her FB wall. How convenient! Anyway, the next day when she replied to my wall post by thanking me and then including my full maiden name. Sure, she didn't place the meaning of my actual middle initial there but the first letter of my middle initial was there. I was shocked. How many years has it been since I last saw her? I remember her being my friend from grade 1 to grade 4 but after that I had to move to a different country and a different so thus, I wasn't able to reach her then. Since e-mails weren't really that important or that hip to young people back then, I never really paid attention to it. I never really thought I could use it for communicating with my friends who obviously live far away from me. Years have passed since then, I am now turning 26. Lucky for me, I was still about to find my childhood friends. With what? With Facebook of course. It certaintly revolutionized the concept of finding your long lost friends or relatives. So, I didn't waste any more of my time and decided to go look for every single friend I could remember. I've tracked some of them but others are just hard to look for so I quit. So after adding them all up and sending them messages asking if they were my long lost friends, I waited patiently for their responses in the next couple of days. Fortunately for me, I was not the only one with the accurate memory. All of them remember me somehow. Some don't know my whole name but remember the things that we used to enjoy doing in our younger years together while others were pretty efficient to the extent that they remember not only my full name but almost everything about me that they needed to know when I was still young. I felt a pang in my heart knowing that these people who I haven't stayed in touch with for so long still let me take a part of their brain memory's space. I feel happy and lucky that I wasn't that forgettable. At the same time, I feel honored and thankful because these people, my so called childhood friends, never forgot me despite everything. I guess real friendships never die down easily no matter the distance or the lack of communication you've had. All I know is that I will treasure these people forever and someday when I grow old, I will tell my grandchildren about them and even tell them to build bonds as strong with other one day. 


  1. Ha! ha! korek ka jan darling! Actually mas masarap pang kasama ang mga old friends than the new ones! ( there are exceptions of course) ;)

  2. I agree! Maintaining friendships are much easier now due to FB. And I'm glad to see that you also like holding onto friendships for the memories they created and brought :)

  3. Yes, my friends are very important to me. I may not have much right now but I am looking forward to having some more.