Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do Not Ask Obvious Questions...

Sometimes I do not understand as to why some people even ask questions when the answers to their questions are either pretty obvious or have already been given out. To me, it is okay if this happens once however, if it happens often then that's the time you will see me rolling my eyes. If the person who asked is turning senile or there is something wrong with their memory then this act is forgivable. Otherwise, it isn't. Hello eye rolling, head shaking and face palming!

Yesterday, I was asked why I was eating breakfast instead of teaching my student. I simply said that my student has postponed her class and will not be attending her class until after October 2. Today, I was asked the same thing by the same person. I stopped myself from rolling my eyes as I repeated the same answer that I said yesterday. I wonder if she will be asking me the same question tomorrow.

Another person asked me, Do you drink coffee? Obviously, I used to but not anymore as I am now pregnant. I was asked by the same person the same question as she was trying to make some small talk in the pantry. I understand that she wants to talk to me but there are so many topics under the sun that we can actually talk about. Asking a lame question is just a bad intro to a conversation that you really want to have.

I can give so many examples as I am always a victim to such questions and such people. I do not know why they ask such obvious questions. I don't want to say it is stupid but in the end, it all boils down to that. I remember asking a stupid question to my husband before. Apparently, I forgot that he just had a haircut and that his hair doesn't need combing because of its length. I asked him if he had a comb with him. He was stunned. He looked at me and laughed. I realized my mistake then. I apologized.

Obvious questions happen to everyone. I guess it is excusable for some people but mainly, it is not. I honestly do not want to ask such questions again as having to ask once already made me feel embarrassed of myself. I should have asked something more intellectual. The same goes to if you have nothing good to say then don't say anything at all. If you have no interesting or important questions to ask then just don't do it. Save yourself and the person that you will be asking from all suffering. Be smart. It wouldn't hurt to use your brain sometimes.

Thank goodness that I always can hold my tongue when it comes to these instances. I do not want to use sarcasm to anyone honestly, sometimes I just feel like I am forced to do so. If only more people will become more sensible and rational about things then I wouldn't find the need to control myself. Sadly, some people do not think before the speak so that unfortunately, gets the worst of them.

So True!~
No d'uh?!
Lord, help me!

If you can do it by yourself, why do you have to ask me?

I work in an office. I understand that when I have agreed to work here, I have have also agreed to the fact that I have responsibilities here. Cleaning is one of them. I knew it was a weekly task but when I got here, I finally realized it was a daily one. At first, I was okay with it. Doing chores was after all something that I am already used to ever since I got married however, the part that I hate the most at the moment is the fact that sometimes people get bossy with it.

This week, I am assigned to clean the toilet in the morning. Another person is in charge of doing so in the afternoon. Despite the fact that I should not be lifting buckets of water to refill the pails inside the toilet, I still do them. I scrubbed the toilet bowl seat last Monday and I have done it today as well. I didn't want to thoroughly clean the toilet as there needs to be a division of chores.

Today as I was having a class, I was sent a message by one of the leaders saying that I should check on the bathroom tiles as there were white stuff on the wall. I knew they were not there earlier as I did clean the place up before my classes started. For all I know, she might have put those there and didn't want to clean them. When I went inside the toilet, I saw that it was merely powdered detergent. All it needed was a little water and light scrubbing. To be honest, she could have done it herself. But no, she had to disturb me from work and boss me around.

What pisses me off is she is always talking initiative at work. She says that we should all have it especially when it comes to chores. She said that whenever she sees things that needs to be done, she does them without having second thoughts but it seems that what happened today is nothing but a contradiction to her earlier claims. Which makes me think if she truly was telling the truth earlier or was she merely trying to impress the bosses as they were there when she said those words? Bravado! Hubris! How I hate people who are like that. But since I still work here, I have no choice but to follow.

For now, I am merely a slave to my master and my master is my job without it, how will be able to earn money to spend on living? This, everyone, is the harsh reality of life. Modern slavery? You decide.
A copy of the message. Yes, I used print screen for it. Got a problem with that?
Who doesn't?


Friday, September 14, 2012


So, it is early in the morning and it is a Friday. I am happy because I don't have to go to work tomorrow and that hubby and I are going out later. Unfortunately, someone had to be a party pooper and ruin my morning. Apparently, bossing me around so early in the morning won't make me cooperative. It is not like I am resisting orders. I just don't want to be barked at with them so early in the morning. All I need is a reminder and definitely not a lecture.

Lately, I feel like I am being trapped because I am being dictated so many things. It is not like I am Wonderwoman to be able to do everything. I am not a slacker and definitely not a person who lets things slide just like that. However, I am human and I make mistakes. Although I rarely make them, the sad part here is that whenever I make them, they notice it. I hate the feeling of being picked on. I hate that endless cycle. As if being bullied when I was younger wasn't enough. Sheesh! Do I really have to bossed around by everyone even now?

I am a grown woman. I am not a doormat. I am entitled to my own thoughts and opinions. I am an adult. I can act on my own. I can decide for myself. I do not need to be constantly disturbed just to  be reminded of what has been reminded to me since the first hour at work. Sure, they are my superiors at work but that doesn't mean that I am a robot who should just keep on following. I am trying the best that I can. So, I hope they realize that in the end, they are not the bosses of me. I refuse to continuously be bossed around.



NOTE: Sorry for the late post. This was supposed to be for yesterday. Unfortunately, I was not able to post it due to lack of time. I will do my best to post on time next time.

Do not eat dishes that you know how to cook at home outside your home.Why? Because you are just going to expect too much on the dishes and then when they don't taste as good as your cooking, you get disappointed over it. Lesson learned.


I didn't bring packed lunch today as I wasn't able to wake up early to prepare it. Unfortunately, I had to resort to buying food at the cafeteria on the ground floor of the building where I worked. The picture looked delectable enough but I guess looks can be deceiving. I cook adobo when I get the chance and it is one of my favorite dishes ever. When my meal was given to me inside the container, I rushed to my office to eat it. It was odd that I wasn't able to smell its pungent smell as adobo always leaves me hungry for more. The smell was enough to make my mouth water but it was odd that this one didn't.

As I opened the container, I was saddened by what I saw. The chicken looked pale and it didn't look like it had soy sauce on it. I sniffed it and the smell wasn't that good. I thought that maybe I should taste it first. When I took my first spoonful, I frowned. It didn't taste like adobo at all. It wasn't salty. It wasn't sour as well. It was bland. It only had a little bit of spice on it but that was it. Seeing as I already spend 60 pesos on it, I decided not to waste my money and just eat it despite its disappointing taste. I promised myself to never buy that dish ever again from the said store.

I am an adobo lover and I am more of an adobo with toyo/soy sauce fan than an adobong puti fan. Adobong puti just looks oily and as I said, bland. I prefer adobo with soy sauce and vinegar with lots of garlic and some boiled eggs on top because of many reasons. One, the smell of it was enough to make me crave for it. Two, soy sauce and vinegar go well with each other. Garlic and pepper enhances the taste. The boiled eggs are just the bonus. Three, as if chicken wasn't enough, pork can be added to the mix as well. The meat should be tender and whenever pierced, its juices mixed with the soy sauce and vinegar should do the trick. Writing about it now just makes me want to cook adobo and eat it.

Anyway, I am complaining today as an unsatisfied customer but as well as a consumer who was deceived. I was deceived by the photo that the canteen has placed as I was expecting that I would be getting the same thing. This is why advertisements should be monitored somehow. False advertisements can only lead to more people who are like me. This is one reason why I never continued to becoming an advertiser. I just don't have the heart to deceive people. Unfortunately, the damage has been done. Like me, there were others who bought the same dish. All of us ended up taking the food somewhere to eat. It would have been nice to see their faces and to know their reactions as well. I bet they were disappointed as well. So, lesson learned, commercialized food is not the same as what you see in their advertisements and they are like the food that you can cook. Expect less. I know I will from now on.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PET PEEVE OF THE DAY: Do Not Interrupt A Hungry Me While Eating

I am usually not an ill-mannered person but I don't know what gets to me whenever somebody interrupts me while eating. This usually happens on busy days at work. Of course, I look forward to taking my hour long break. What irks me is when someone just keeps on telling me what to do while eating or when someone just keeps on talking to me. I am generally a nice person. I just can't  be nice when I'm hungry and somebody is hindering me from savoring my meal.

Hello, trying to eat here?! I have tried not to be snappy. I know I shouldn't be. Good thing that I can still control myself somehow. Sorry for being irate but my break is my break and don't I deserve at least one full hour of it? Of course, there are cases when such a thing can't happen but that I totally understand. What I don't understand is when people deliberately try to sabotage what time I have left for myself. Wouldn't you be pissed if this happened to you as well?

I don't mind being interrupted if what the other person is trying to tell me is something important. I don't mind talking to the person if I really want to talk to that person as well. I just get cranky when I am hungry and I still get bossed around on my break time. It is not like it is a crime to eat peacefully. I am sure everyone is entitled to that. Anyway, I just hope that I won't continuously get disturbed by someone while on my break. Trying to talk to me once is enough, twice is just too much. Sorry, cranky lady with her packed lunch here. Just saying...

Please don't tell me you weren't warned...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why I Miss Blogging For My Personal Blog?

It has been months since I last posted something in my personal blog and somehow after posting an entry before this one, I finally realize how much I miss it. I may not be getting paid for it but thinking about my thoughts, ideas and so many things that I like are enjoyable to me. These days, I write on blogs for other people, articles for other people and stories for other people. Although I get paid for doing work for them and I enjoy doing what I do, I somehow feel like something is lacking. Perhaps I miss how personal my blog posts were. Thank God that I am finally adding a personal touch to my current writing for others. I am blessed to have been given many opportunities to earn some extra cash just by writing. In the past, I merely dreamt about it but now that I am actually experiencing it, I am proud of myself. I really want to become a writer. I just wasn't given enough chances in the past to pursue that dream. But now that I am given more choices than one, I am thankful that God is letting me hone my talent. Hopefully, I will  be able to reach success. For now, I am glad with what I have. I just realized that no matter how busy I become, I will always keep on looking for the joy of blogging for myself. This is why I am now making a promise to myself to keep this blog going for as long as I can. I just hope that I will be able to continuously update this despite my hectic schedule. Look out everyone! More posts coming soon! I can't wait!~

Yes, writing for others to get paid as I try to continue writing for myself. What a challenge!


If you have nothing good to say, just shut up and keep it to yourself. For not everybody will be able to understand you. If you do not want to be misunderstood then you better learn your place. It is sad that not everybody knows this. I wish they knew...

Here I go again. I am back from being lost and I have rediscovered my blog once again. It is sad that this is the first post that I have ever done here since forever. Today, I thought I should voice out my current predicament. Yes, I work for a foreign company. I have always worked for one. I have been teaching Koreans English for more than 5 years now. Although sometimes I feel like I am already getting bored with my job, there are still some pretty interesting things that can happen here and there. As of now, I am working for a certain company which I refuse to name. Just sharing my thoughts, opinions and experiences here. That's all. This is the least I can do after my long hiatus. So, today's topic is about foreign bosses...

If you are a foreigner and you talk to me and tell me all the negative things that you think about my country and my countrymen then you will have the audacity to ask me if I am upset then should I tell you I'm pissed? Well, honestly, I wasn't pissed at what he said because some of them were true. I am mostly upset because even if he excluded some Filipinos and some places in the Philippines in the way he said things, I just felt like he was still generalizing everyone. I wanted to ask him many questions. Questions like "If you already have these perceptions about my country and my people then why do you still stay here and do business in the first place?" or something else. However, what he said next threw me off. He said that foreigners have a greater chance of surviving here especially those who have businesses as Filipinos are very easy business competitors. Why? Because Filipinos are quiters. When the going gets tough, Filipinos bail which is why it is easier for foreigners to become richer in the Philippines than in their homelands. I hate the fact that he finds himself all knowing. Maybe this is because nobody has ever stood up against him. He said that Filipinos are cowards and that we are only brave when our opponent is not facing us. As a Filipino, should I be pleased to hear all these? It is sad to hear it from a foreigner, true. The hard part is the taunting in his voice as he said it. Wow! I was speechless. I immediately had to  bail out. I didn't want to hear anymore of his bull crap. Tsk tsk!

Another experience that I had with him last time was when I was asked whether I could speak Japanese. Of course, I didn't say no for I did know how to speak some words and phrases. Knowing that I work for a Korean company and that the Japanese did piss of the Koreans in the past just like they did with the Filipinos, I am fully aware of their history together. I was asked why I liked Japan and I simply said that I like their language and culture. He looked aghast when I said that and he asked me about the history of my country and Japan. It was like I was being condemned for liking Japan. If I lived in WWII, I would have been called "makapili" but we live in the modern age now. The things that Japan did to us might have been unforgivable especially to those who really experienced it and to those families that were affected but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't move on from it. He said the Japanese were crazy and that they were war hungry. He was generalizing once again and that is one of the things that I hate in this world. Not everybody is the same. I wish he would see that. After saying that comment, he even asked if I knew someone from Japan or if I had relatives there. I decided to say no only because I was getting tired of all the hate. Wow! Negativity is truly bad for my health.

I have nothing against foreign people. I adore them and I never discriminate them. I treat them with respect however if they already start showing their true colors then that is the only time that I feel like lashing back. There are so many differences in opinions and in perspectives when it comes to many things. I understand that we are all entitled to our own opinions however, before sharing them, I suggest that we guarantee that your opinions are good ones first before doing so. If they are purely negative and you know that they can only do nothing but hurt others then what is the point of sharing them? I am merely ranting now because I know I cannot voice this out to anyone else and I am getting frustrated. How I wish people would stop spreading ignorance, hate and arrogance. This is a lesson some people are yet to learn it seems.