Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Movie Review: When In Rome

Have you ever wished for something in a wishing well or fountain before? Did you get what you wished for afterwards or did nothing happen then? We all want to believe in the power of wishes and how strongly they can change our lives forever. They say in Rome, Italy, there is a fountain called a Fountain of Love. It is a place where people can throw their coins in after thinking of a wish that their hearts truly desire. Nobody knows if there is any truth in this but people still keep on believing it.


In the movie, When In Rome, Kristen Bell stars as Beth, a young but successful workaholic curator who can't seem to find time for love. Her life changes when she takes a trip to Rome, Italy for her younger sister's wedding. There she meets Nick played by Josh Duhamel, her brother in law's college friend and best man, who helps her through difficult situations while in the wedding. Beth thinks that maybe Nick is interested in her but when she tries to meet him outside the church, she realizes that he was seeing someone else. Feeling betrayed, she decides to drink some wine while wadding into the Fountain of Love. Out of bitterness, she decides to take 5 different coins from the fountain to prove her theory that whoever wishes in that fountain will never truly find love. She goes back to America the next day not knowing what she had done.

Back in America, she goes back to work and suddenly realizes that 4 strange men seem to know her when she has no idea who they are and where they came from. She also receives calls from Nick who was interested in seeing her again some other time. Not yet realizing what she had done, she decides to call her younger sister, who was living in Italy. She then explains to her that she needs to return the coins back to the Fountain of Love in order for the spell to be broken. She tries to avoid them all after that. Nick decides to ask her out again on a date but things don't go well on their planned date, they decide to just go back to the museum and talk. After an intimate moment together, they head back to Nick's place, only for her to find out that Nick plays poker and that perhaps he is also one of the men charmed by her spell. She decides to leave him without explaining, leaving Nick wondering why.

On the day of the gala, her younger sister calls her and tells her of another way to break the spell. All she has to do is to simply return the coins to their respective owners and she will be rid of them forever. She calls on her unwanted suitors and as she was about to give the coins, she realizes that her assistant had taken them to the gala. She decides to bring the four men with her to the gala and give them their coins there. Upon returning their coins, their memories returned to them and they too realized what had happened. With the love spell gone, Beth only has one coin left to return. It was Nick's chip but as she was about to do so, one of her unwanted suitors, the magician, decides to use it as a prop for his disappearing magic trick. As she tries to get it from him, it rolls to the ground only to find Nick. With the chip returned to Nick and with him still in love with her, she realizes that its all for real.

However on their wedding day in Rome, her unwanted magician suitor reveals to her that he accidentally gave her the wrong chip that day and that he still had the original piece that he wanted to return to her. Right there and then, Beth started to doubt Nick's love for her once again. As they were about to say their "I do's", Beth decides to say no and leave Nick hanging at the altar. She revisits the Fountain of Love where she originally picked up the coins and climbs in like before. Nick appears and climbs into the fountain. He claims that he didn't throw a chip into the fountain at all. He drops the poker chip in the water and in the background, you can see and hear the priest yelling "Free of temptation!". From that moment, Beth finally believes Nick and kisses him.

We all can find true love somehow. One way or another. We don't need to wish on a wishing well or on a fountain of love. All we have to do is to keep on believing. This movie definitely had funny moments. The unwanted suitors definitely were entertaining. Kristen Bell was a vision in this film and while Josh Duhamel may have been a bit forgettable, he is still had his moments. This wasn't exactly a perfect movie to watch however it was still entertaining.

 What is it with these European cities and their tales of love and passion? Clearly, I have never been to Europe so I can never attest to it's authenticity however majority says it's true. I guess Europe is a place to find love, passion and inspiration...

Finally, they seal their love with a kiss. What's even more romantic was they did it while standing in the Fountain of Love, never minding what others would say and that others would look. *SIGH* Isn't that just dreamy?

Movie Review: The Back Up Plan

Planning - Most people love planning so much that everything in their lives are totally scheduled. Some people have a list of things to do, when to do them, what to buy, where to go, everything! I wonder how you would feel if one day you realize that you already have everything figured out and then something unexpected comes along and totally screws up with your plan? Wouldn't that just drive you crazy? 


Well, in the movie, The Back Up Plan, Jennifer Lopez stars as Zoe, a single woman who owns a pet shop, who just can't seem to find a good man to be with her forever. Since she's an orphan and the only family that she has is her grandmother, she realizes that she needs to have a family of her own soon but with her standards, it was tougher than she thought. After thinking it through, she realizes that she doesn't need a man to give her a family, she just needs a sperm donor to give her a baby. She decides to be artificially inseminated. That rainy day while waiting for a cab outside the hospital, she accidentally meets Stan, a businessman who has a farm and they argue over who gets to stay in the cab. In the end, nobody won and they both ended up riding on the subway train instead. They thought they'd never see each other again but they did after Zoe sees him selling cheese at a nearby food bazaar. Stan then introduces himself to the mysterious Zoe but despite his advances, Zoe seems adamant not to let her guards down. Through a friend named Mona, Stan got her number and kept calling her eversince. He was persistent and didn't know when to quit so Zoe decided to give him a chance. 

She decided that since she isn't sure if the artifical insemination actually worked, she figured while waiting, she should date Stan for a while. That night before going on a date, she takes a pregnancy test just to make sure of what's to come. Sadly, she wasn't able to see the results until later since her dog, Nats, decided to keep the test all to himself. So, they went on a date which turned into a disaster but they ended up kissing each other in front of her New York apartment which didn't sound so bad. When she gets home, she finds out she's been knocked up. She panics after realizing that things are going way too fast and it seems that her back up plan is starting to fall apart. What's more complicated is the fact that she has let Stan get through her heart. As she now thinks of a way how to make things work, Zoe decides to tell Stan the truth.

On their next date, Stan invites Zoe to his farm and as they spent some time with each other there, they had a steamy moment which lead them to having sex. Zoe never really planned on that but it happened and now, she has to tell him the truth which she did. Naturally, Stan didn't take it seriously. Zoe decided to take off at the crack of dawn to cool off. They don't see each other for a couple of days but still ended up being together. More pressure goes to Stan as he realizes that Zoe is carrying twins. He realizes how much he should work harder now and that his plans for his life have to change too. He decides to quit night school and just get another job while Zoe still tends to the pet store. Apparently, things get way out of hand and they end up breaking it off with each other. But when Zoe's grandmother decides to get married to her long time fiance, Zoe decides that Stan is the one. On her day of labor, she gets to him and tells him how she feels. He was infuriated at first because he never really planned on leaving, he just hated that fact that Zoe always thought that he would abandon them somehow. 

Like in all good stories, there was a happy ending for almost everyone in this movie. It wasn't exactly one of the best movies of Jennifer Lopez but it definitely was an eye-opener. It just shows that sometimes no matter how hard you plan your life, sometimes fate has a few little things that it has on it's sleeve and sometimes you may not like these things but in the end, you will learn to accept all of them. Not everything needs to be planned. I guess sometimes it's more fun to be spontaneous. Just like what they always say, life is too short to waste on worries and regrets. Take risks and be more adventurous. That's the only way you can say that you lived an enjoyable life. Always playing safe is boring. I have learned that lesson a long time ago and I am still applying that lesson to my life now. Everything might not be planned in my life now but I know that things will fall into place in the future somehow. I just need to learn to adapt and simply have faith.

How would you feel if your girlfriend was artificially inseminated and was pregnant before you guys met? How would you feel if you knew exactly what you wanted to do with your life and suddenly fate throws something unexpected in front of you? Would you learn to adapt and accept the changes or would you just walk away and start all over again?

Movie Review: Letters To Juliet

Do you believe in true love? How far would you go to find your first true love? Would you know if it was him or her right there then or would you wait for 50 years just to realize that he or she was the one that got away? We all want to believe that true love exists out there. In fact, we all want to have one that we don't end up losing. We all end up denying it in the end because we think that true love is just a word of mouth or a cliche that's definitely overrated. However, there are still many hopeless romantics out there that feel the same way that I do. I may be a skeptic when it comes to love at first sight or even destiny but I still want to believe that true love exists. I am hanging on to my faith despite the signs around me that tell me it doesn't. 


In the movie, Letters To Juliet, Amanda Seyfried plays the role of Sophie who works as a fact checker for a New Yorker magazine. She is engaged to her workaholic chef boyfriend named Victor who invites her to go on a pre-honeymoon trip to Verona, Italy for a week. But as her boyfriend quickly turns their supposed to be pre-honeymoon trip into a business trip by spending his time researching about things related to his soon to open restaurant, Sophie decides to just do things on her own. The first place that she goes to is Casa La Guilleta (Juliet's House) which to her surprise was a popular tourist spot especially for men and women who want to write to Juliet to seek love advice. She later finds out that a group of women collects the love letters addressed to Juliet and writes back to all the people who wrote to her. At first, Sophie thinks of simply writing about the situation and thus, not really getting involved with the process but eventually, destiny stirs her elsewhere. After another day with the so called secretaries of Juliet, she finds herself drawn to a single letter that was written 50 years ago by an English woman named Claire. She wrote a letter asking whether she should have stayed with her first true love, Lorenzo or not. Sohpie felt compelled to write back to Claire even if she knew that she might not be able to get it anyway. Luckily, she did and so, Claire decides to travel to Verona, Italy with her grandson, Charlie, to find her long lost Lorenzo. 

Arriving in Verona, Charlie seeks the secretaries of Juliet to confront the person who made his grandmother go on a wild goose chase. Charlie then finds out that Sophie wrote the letter to his grandmother and they immediately dislike each other after that. Charlie disapproves of her grandmother looking for Lorenzo because he is a realist and he doesn't believe in true love. To him trying to find his grandmother's first true love is simply absurd and a total waste of their time. As Charlie is about to leave with Claire, Sophie decides to make her presence known and introduces herself. She then invites them to dinner so that Claire could meet the rest of the secretaries of Juliet. After that, Claire decides to rest and start looking for Lorenzo the next day. Curious, Sophie decides to tag along. Claire didn't seem to mind her being around but Charlie did and it both made her and him uneasy. As the movie progressed, the three of them scour the different places in Verona where supposedly different Lorenzo Bartollinis live. Only Claire knew who he was and what he looked like but Charlie and Sophie still did their best to keep up. Many things happened in their journeys and as Sophie continued to spend more time with Claire and Charlie, she realizes how much she doesn't miss Victor. Victor, on the hand, seems to be enjoying himself while attending some wine auctions in a different place in Italy, without even bothering to send a message or call his beloved. Sophie realizes that's something wrong and things get even more complicated as she gets involved with Charlie. 

On the last day of their search, Claire decides to visit the vineyard that she and Lorenzo went to 50 years ago. She then sees a young man there who looked exactly like her Lorenzo. She asks Charlie to stop the car and as they all descended from the car, they asked him if he knew Lorenzo Bartollini. Claire knew she has found the one but at the last moment, gets scared and decides to go back inside the car but as she hears a horse approaching, she turns around and sees a dashing old man approaching to meet her. She knew it was him. He knew it was her. After long moments of staring at each other and saying sweet things to each other, they decide to embrace. Charlie and Sophie smile as Claire has finally found her long lost love. Sadly, it also meant that Sophie had to go. She says goodbye to Claire, Charlie and Lorenzo and goes back to her hotel in Verona where Victor is waiting for her. After she left, Charlie felt like she needed to tell her how he felt and decides to follow her to Verona only to see her locked in an embrace with Victor. He turns his back and leaves. As they say, love moves in mysterious ways and so it did for Sophie and Charlie. I guess it just never really moved fast enough for them to realize that they were destined for each other. 

I cried as I watched this movie for I felt something powerful for Claire and Lorenzo. I can't imagine them holding on to something that has been there for 50 years without even knowing what the future holds for them. How can they have had such strong blind faith in what they felt? The idea of finding your first love after 50 years seems unrealistic, yes, but what's even more unbelievable is the fact that in the end, no matter how long they've been apart, their love has stayed strong. Honestly, even I don't know if I can have a love that can last that long. I am not perfect and I am uncertain about the things that might happen in the future. All I know is what I feel now. I hope that it will stay that way forever. Sophie is right though. What If may only be a question but such powerful words can definitely haunt you forever. I would recommend this movie to anybody who enjoys watching romantic movies whether together with their partner or not. May this movie become an inspiration to us all. I am not be Juliet and my partner may not actually be my Romeo but it doesn't always have to work that way. We must always bear in mind that to the heart, nothing else matters. As long as it beats for the one, it will beat only him or for her alone. Love knows no boundaries. It is a powerful ageless feeling that we all feel with everyone but we only strongly feel for the right one. So, if you haven't found the right one yet then don't come looking for him or for her. As they say, true love waits and if you are willing to do so then it will come to you somehow...

 It was sad that I never got to watch this movie in a theater but that's okay. It would have been embarrassing to have cried many times while watching the film there. Besides, my partner wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway.
 Now, I am curious if there truly is a place where all those people post letters addressed to Juliet and I wonder if the secretaries of Juliet are real. What an interesting thought!
If Claire found her Lorenzo after 50 years and Sophie found her Charlie through destiny then it's possible for anybody to find their one true love. Just wait and see. You will find him or her somehow. Hang in there!~

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is Poverty Just Another Excuse That Some People Use In Their Daily Lives?

We live in a third world country which is why I understand why it is common to see people building houses under bridges, near rivers, near railroad tracks and even on lands that do not belong to them. Street children are also common everywhere. Beggars and other homeless people roam the streets too in any time of the day. It's just normal to see people lying on the pavement with a small cup in front of them as if encouraging people to give them something as they pass them by. We see signs of poverty everywhere in this country and it's sad to think that it wasn't always like this. 

I've seen some people selling things on the sidewalk while others keep on riding different buses merely because they want to sell anything inside their food baskets. These people do their best to earn an honest living despite the fact that some of them are disabled, old or even uneducated. They may not be earning a lot or even enough but at least, they are doing something to make a living. I wish all people who suffer poverty do not dwell on what's obvious too much. Yes, we all know that you are poor so why keep on drawing emphasis to it? Will that help you improve your way of living somehow? I think not.

Sometimes when you watch the news, all that you can see are people on rallies defending their rights and their beliefs but some of them don't even know what rights and beliefs they are fighting for. Most of them are just there to participate so that they can get paid. Other people though, know what's going on but don't realize that rallying all day won't change a thing. Sure it will cause a lot of noise and attention for a while but what comes after that? It will just be like nothing happened and they will all go back to their poor lives. What a shame!

I've seen and heard people complain about how sad and poor their lives are. They complain about almost everything without even realizing that there are other people who have suffered or who are suffering more than them. If only they will stop complaining and start doing something about their lives instead? There are plenty of jobs everywhere. You just have to do your best to find one and get one. If you know that it's tough for you to even get a job then don't be choosy. As long as it's an honest way of earning money and your salary will be enough to keep food on the table then go for it. Lower your expectations and your standards. You are not exactly the cream of the crop here.

Live your life accordingly. You are not a rich person so why pretend to be one? If you can't afford something then don't buy it. It's as simple as that. Do not push yourself too far by pretending to be something that you are not. Be contented with what you have. Aspire for more but work hard for it. That way nobody can ever tell you that you're just another loser thinking about silly things that you will never have. I wish poor people will stop playing the blame game so that they can have an escape goat for almost anything and everything. The government isn't the reason why you guys are poor, you made yourself that way and you will stay that way forever if you keep on blabbering about everything without even thinking about stepping up and doing what it is you have to do accordingly. The government is not responsible for every single person in the country. It merely does it's best to be responsible for everyone but the fact remains that we should all help out so that we can help ourselves.

I'm sick of everybody using poverty as just another lame reason as to why their lives are so crappy. Stop being cowards and do what you have to do. You are all capable of doing more than what you are doing right now. Do not waste your time, your energy and your opportunities. We can all fight poverty but only if we will all do our best to stop being conquered by it. Poverty only happens to those who let it happen to them. Let's stop poverty by doing it is that we have to do. Let's stop being dependent on other people and let's start becoming more independent. Let's stop whining and start working. We all have the power to chance our destinies and we all have the power to change how we live our lives. Why not wield that power and use it? So that poverty will be crushed and will be heard of no more. Let's all stand up against poverty. Do more, think more, talk less, complain less. 

You are not as poor as you think. Fight your laziness and stop complaining. Help yourself so that you can help others end poverty. Poverty is not a joke. It is not fictional. It is real and it happens to many people everyday. You may not be one of them. You just believe you are...

Beware! Deceit Comes In Many Shapes, Forms And Sizes

I saw a kid trying to beg some food and money while on the mall today. The kid didn't look dirty, poor, malnourished or even sickly. In fact, the kid looked like just another regular kid with a home. I wasn't able to take a photo of her because I was too busy minding my own business. I noticed her going inside different restaurants and fast food chains while handing out an envelope with some writings on it. Only God knows what was written there and only he knows if this child was actually really poor, was just pretending or was just being used by her parents or by her guardians to beg and get something from others. The kid wanted to approach me to ask for money but then backed out. Clearly the kid somehow knew the people who would somehow fall for her puppy dog eyes and innocent looks. Two old ladies who were seated in a table in front of me was nearly done with their meal when this kid approached them. Obviously, one of the old ladies, got a bit nosey and asked the kid where her parents her and who went to the mall with her. The kid looked surprised and I felt like she panicked a little. She didn't look like she knew what she was doing. It was more like she was forced to do it. The old lady's companion decided to give her some coins though. The kid immediately left after seeing one of the service crew looking at her inside the restaurant. She went out without even saying thank you or looking back. I thought I have seen the last of her but after a few minutes when the restaurant started to become full and busy again, new customers sat on the tables. Looks like she's moving on to her next victims now. Surely enough, I saw the kid lurking outside the same restaurant again. She boldly went inside pretending to be one of the customers' kids and was able to blend in perfectly. One group of people even gave her some money and some left overs while the other group even wanted to order something for her. Clearly this kid was now becoming used to getting what her parents want. Do I pity her? Yes, I do but that doesn't mean that I would go about helping her just like that. It's so hard to trust people these days. Who knows if she's not really telling the truth and is just scamming people. I don't want to be fooled. I'd rather observe and stay in the sidelines. I'll only act accordingly once I have proven her to be the real deal. What angers me the most is the thought that her parents or her guardians are even using her to beg to other people that she doesn't even know? Asking for help and begging may be okay if you are truly in dire need but I didn't see that in that kid's eyes. I just hope to God that she wasn't lying...

Yeah right! I care but that doesn't mean that I will tolerate beggars from just getting what they want for free through the expense of other people's money. It's so easy to convince people that you are poor and that you need help for some people are just born compassionate but why not try to work instead of just begging for money and food for a living, wouldn't that be more convenient? Besides, I think it's more honest to live that kind of life than to live a life filled with deceit because you tell everyone the exact opposite of what's going on with your life.

I hate the people responsible for making these kids live on the streets and making them beg for food, money and supplies. They are kids after all and they deserve a life free of these responsibilities. Let's all stop people from doing these things to their kids or to other people's children. It infuriates me. It's just not right. What is this world becoming into?

Here, Have A Slice Of Humble Pie!

I don't understand as to why some people think they are better than everybody else when in fact we are all equal. Okay, let's face it. Maybe we aren't exactly equal in terms of different factors involved however, nobody can really say that he/she is better than anybody else. For example, at work, you can't judge another person for not getting promoted only because you think that he is a slacker, that he doesn't deserve it, that he is incapable and that the only way for him to ever get promoted is for him to becoming a brown noser at work. Sure, that would get him far but have you ever thought of giving the person a chance, of thinking that maybe you have misjudged him or that maybe you thought of yourself too highly and that you've set humility aside? Seriously, I hate arrogant people who only think about themselves. The sad thing about these people is that they are insensitive to other people only because the only thing that matters to them is themselves. I pity these people for ever thinking of them that way. Sure, it's nice to have a little slef confidence but don't you think too much is just going overboard? How can anybody belittle anyone without even getting to know that person first hand? Yes, I am guilty of judging other people too but I only do after I get to know them better. That way nobody can tell me that I wasn't being fair and that I need to eat a slice of humble pie. I have met a lot of people who all need to eat their slices of humility pie. Some don't just need a slice but rather need to eat a whole pie for they have forgotten what it is like to consider others and what it's like to lower down their pride. All I know is that a person's pride can only lead to his/her demise. Those people may not know it now but eventually they will. If only they had listened sooner then perhaps a little change of heart would have made things right. Is it so bad to become humble and consider others every once in a while? Why can't some people just be considerate and nice to others sometimes? Are their hearts only filled with darkness that all they can ever feel for is themselves? I think not. I still haven't lost faith in some people. I just hope that I don't end up doing so in the future especially if all I see in this changing world is negativity and hate. Why can't we all just get along?

Here's how a humble pie looks like. Doesn't look familiar to you huh? That's because never in a day in your life have you ever had a slice of it. Try getting some now.
Try to think more about others instead of just yourself, you self-centered, cocky person! Try it! It's not like it's going to kill you or anything. What have you got to lose eh?
 News Flash! The world doesn't just revolve around you but on other people as well so stop thinking that you are the only one that matters when other people matter too.
How can you change overnight? All you need is a little attitude adjustment and a whole lot of humble pie!

I'm Not A Fan Of Yellow Cab's Strawberry Mojito

We haven't eaten out in a while so we decided to eat at Yellow Cab today. We missed eating pizza there. After ordering a 14" Manhattan Meat Lovers Pizza with extra mushrooms, we decided to try one of their new drinks. The drink was called Strawberry Mojito. One big pitcher costs around 185 pesos which we thought would be worth it since a can of soda costs around 40 pesos and we still need to drink more after that. As we waited for the pizza to arrive, we decided to read some of the magazines that they had there. It was then when I heard my name being called out by one of the staff. I looked at the woman, smiled and raised my hand. I even nearly said present. Kidding aside, she brought to our table a big pitcher filled with our ice cold strawberry mojito. So, this was their new product, I thought to myself. We were both excited to try it so we did. After taking a sip, our facial expressions changed. We both uttered the same comment. "It tastes like strawberry mint toothpaste!" What the heck? We thought maybe it was because we were already hungry and we haven't eaten anything for lunch yet. We let it pass and decided to eat our pizza first before ever drinking anything again. Unfortunately, their tastes clashed with each other. The pizza had a very pungent, earthy flavor while the mojito had a fruity, minty flavor to it. We eventually ended up having a stomachache. I know it was our first time to try the said drink but we just thought that perhaps the drink that we bought tasted more like instant powdered strawberry juice than real ones mixed with some mint substitute. I must say the taste was very poor which was probably the reason why a lot of people from the said establishment decided not to finish theirs as well. Too bad we didn't see the signs earlier. With that being said, it almost ruined our day out but somehow we were able to snap out of it. However, we still haven't changed our minds on the fact that we might never drink strawberry mojito from that place ever again...

 I couldn't find an actual photo of the strawberry mojito being sold at Yellow Cab so I decided to just look for one on the internet. The one that was served to us earlier almost looked like this except a whole lot paler.
Despite the disappointment that the strawberry mojito gave us, our stomachs were still happy in a way because the pizza that we ordered still satisfied us. We will be eating at Yellow Cab again in the future to taste more of their yummy pizzas but I guess we're staying from their mojitos from now on.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Negative Thoughts To Ponder On

It doesn't mean that if I write it and post it out here, it's what's actually happening to me at the moment or what I am actually feeling right now. I am merely pondering on some negative things at the moment. Yes, such an act can be depressing but what the heck, I am not going to be swayed by my mere thoughts. I am just writing this and sharing this now because I want to, that's all...

Sometimes I find myself having emotions that I shouldnt feel that may be influenced by so many other things. There are times when I feel indifferent as well. I have been cold but through my icy stares lie a warm personality and a friendly heart that longs for so much. I do not feel like I am worth so much, I do not feel so special. I lack in so many aspects, I am never complete. I hate competition for it doesn't get the good out in me. (It may have at some point in time but not always!) I don't do well with the pressure of keeping up despite my fiery and competitive side... 

What can a person do if something that he/she really wants is so near and yet so far? When all you ever want to do is to forget about what you have now and just go on with something else? Will you be considered a liar when you were just true to your heart? 

If knowledge was considered of high value then why question and ridicule the brilliant and the bright? Is it bad to be different and to know more of this time? Do people deserve such harsh treatments from others who judge because of such? 

The world is a terrible place and life is too short to ever really enjoy it. Well perhaps some can and some won't. That I can and will never know for now for I can never see through or to the future. 

We judge people based on so many things, so many standards. Little do we know that we should be looking upon ouselves first before ever belittling or judging anyone. 

When you are alive, it is a process of trial and error. You get to do things right and wrong. Hopefully, you can make the wrongs right in time and if not then move on. It can be tough to do so but never waste your time on worries and regrets. The past can be a burden to most people but we should always keep ur head up and hope for the best to come. 

Why Lie?

It's hard when your emotions get the best and worst of you. In my case, I am a person who easily gets carried away with what I feel. It's not just that, I get carried away with how others feel too. These days, I have not been aggravated by anything serious. I guess today, isn't one of those days. Today, I just realized that there are so many few true and good people around. Honesty is no longer something that is easy to attain from others and being true is no longer something usual. I know, I am not a hypocrite so I will say that I am also guilty of not being true at times but what angers me is when you lie just because you want yourself to look good in front of everybody. I hate doing such a thing for self glory. I like making friends and most of all, it doesn't really matter whether I meet them online or I meet them in real life. What matters most is that when I do get to know new people is that they would be honest to me and be true in bearing who and what they are. I am not afraid of showing who I am and telling the whole world about me. What's there to be ashamed of? Perhaps some people find comfort in hiding behind a mask filled with lies or maybe they find joy in telling others that they are different from who and what they are. I do not want to judge others the way I perceive them but then again at the end of the day if you find out that someone has wronged you, you can't really stop yourself from saying a word or two about them. It angers me when I am being truthful and others lie in my face without me even knowing it. I hate it when such things happen but I have been haunted by such experiences ever since I was young. This is one reason why it's hard for me to trust people easily. Some things never change...

So, The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb...

After reading the Twilight Saga a long time ago, I came up with this. I don't know if I should call it a poem but it's definitely something. Somehow it's closely related to the said novels but so that, I will not say any spoilers, I decided to just leave the end hanging. Please tell me what you think about it. Thank You!~
I've been wanting to tell you this but I just couldn't
To me you are a forbidden fruit, a known sin
To simply touch you and gaze at you is enough to fill me
It's enough to make my heart melt, melt with you
You don't know how much I've been trying to fight this inside of me
It's a war out there but I was never good in taking sides
Whatever I feel can never be easily swayed, what I want is clear
As long as you remain to haunt me in my dreams
As long as you're all that I see in my head and my heart screams for you
Then, forever you shall be with me
Distance was never a problem that was hard to face
My life is simply yours to take
If you kiss me now, I might forget who I am or who I was
That's the power you have in me, that's how much you mean to me
Days have gone by and yet it seems only yesterday
In this world that we've made, all we have is eternal bliss
Time is simply a mere thing to think about, it was never an obstacle for the two of us
When I long for you, I feel the hunger
Like a part of me is missing and that death might find me at last
If I had one wish, I'd wish to stay here with you forever
But how can I when you have your whole life ahead of you and me just being a part of you right now?
Don't call me selfish because you know I'm not
If I had a choice I would never leave you
I've made up my mind, I'm caught in a web of lies
Like being lost in a maze, I am trapped in this riddle
I found myself being distant despite wanting to be too close for comfort
I want you so much, You don't how badly I mean
The feeling of needing you has engulfed me, It's creeping in
The day I left with the last goodbye, I thought I'd never see you again alive
Well, maybe I thought of things differently and it all happened fast
I thought I was too late when I decided to come back
I was unsure of what I was returning to, the only certain thing is that I really love you
Doubts and uncertainties have clouded my mind, won't you please help me?
Emerging from the unknown, I saw you and wanted to hold you
Could this be a dream or am I completely losing it?
I got out of bed that night and ended up in your doorstep
I lingered at your bedroom window and saw you sleeping there
Our memories flashed in my mind, my heart beating with each sight
I want you still, It's more than that
Don't push me away, Stay with me
Are you still thinking of me? Am I too late?
I want you badly, I'm going out of my head...
You saw me and when our eyes met, it felt like an eternity 
There was complete silence and then, I felt peace
Like being cleansed of everything I keep, Innocence came back to me
Everything else fell into place, everything else faded away
I felt your warmth, I felt your love, I was whole again
Another lifetime of togetherness, I promise to take you with me this time
No more holding back, no more fears...
Sooner or later it will happen, just wait for it
No one will ever tear us apart, nothing can ever unbind our fates
We have each other to hold on to, there's nowhere else I'd rather be
So, this is what it feels to be human, At last, I felt like one again after all this time
But it won't be long when we'll finally belong
We'll never grow old, our love will last for centuries without end
To you this is my vow so take my hand and just be with me...

Some of the books cheesy quotes that made all the ladies swoon and fall for the charms of Edward and Jacob...

What If?

I wrote this when I had this very crazy idea in my head. I can't remember when I did but all I know is that this was written a year or two ago. It's not much but I will still post it here to remind me of the crazy ideas that keep me going everyday...

Most people only realize what they have when it's gone. In my case, I already knew what I had and I was grateful for it but it didn't stop me from thinking about what my life would be like if I didn't have the things that I have now. To me, there will always be that voice inside my head asking me "What if?" It's not like I am not satisfied with the way things are going in my life. I'm just curious. I guess I was just born this way.

It was another day of my boring life. Lately, I've been preoccupied with so many things that I haven't found the time for myself. No, I am not a single mother raising her kids alone while juggling time for her career and her personal life. I am a single career woman getting ready to walk down the aisle within a year. I have a loving fiance who adores me and is as hardworking as me. I have a wonderful family that lives with me and takes care of me. Most people would consider me lucky for I have almost everything anyone could wish for. I never said I was ungrateful. I never said I wasn't thankful for all these blessings. Maybe I'm just disconnected from the world at the moment.

One morning while I was strolling down the road on a sunny day, I saw a butterfly flying freely in the sky. I have seen a lot of butterflies before but strangely, this one looked more unique to me. Maybe it's just me or maybe it was simply a symbol of freedom that I felt like I have been longing for and missing for so many years now. Then it suddenly hit me. I was envious of the butterfly for it had wings that made it possible to fly. It had the power to be free and to move where it pleases. My life has been aligned from the moment I was born. I never really thought of defying authority or disrupting it's order. I just continuously went with the flow.

On my 18th birthday, I realized I was already an adult however, I was never really treated that way. As time passed by, I've done what I could to become the best in my field and all that hardwork has definitely paid off which is why I am now one of the most famous writers of all time. I should be happy now right? I am happy but I'm always hanging on to my what ifs. At this very crucial moment in my life, I have found a certain awakening. A getaway. I need it and I need it now before it's too late! 

The next thing I know, I was running home like a person participating in a marathon of some sort. I didn't know what was going to happen then. All I knew was that I was excited with my train of thought and like a mad woman, I continued to daydream, as if my whole life could change because of it. I went to my room with a smile plastered on my face. 'Now why didn't I think about that?' was the only thing that came out of me as I continued to imagine things. I must be going mad, I thought. But heck! It truly was a spectacular idea. The only problem now was what am I supposed to do now? I've never been on a trip alone before and I've never really been that adventurous. Worry suddenly hit me. I was naive and defenseless. How will I be able to survive the wilderness without my safety blanket and outside of my comfort zone? Truly, I was helpless.

NOTE: Seriously, I really wanted to have one last trip somewhere outside the country before getting hitched. I wanted to do it alone because at that time I thought of it as the only option that I had to experience a life that isn't entirely mine. I guess I wanted adventure at that time and I wanted to feel what it would be like to be independent because I just realized that even if I am already a grown up now, I've never experienced any real hardship that I had to face on my own. I've never really had to work hard because I rented a house and the rent was due. I never really budgeted my money up to the last cent because I knew that I still had lots. It never occured to me that at that time, I wanted a sense of independence which is why I want to conquer the outside world by myself. Of course, everybody knows that I never made it there. I never went to another place and I never pretended to be another person for a day. Sure, I might have missed my chance to do so but what scares me the most is the thought that what if I actually took that chance to leave and enjoyed the feeling of independence to the extent that I would have been willing to give up anything just for everything to stay that way. What would I have done then? How would my almost perfect life change? Nobody knows. Nobody can tell. I guess I'd rather let it be a mystery so that I won't end up regretting anything in the end.

I don't believe in regrets but an occasional what if is perfectly acceptable. - THAT'S OH SO TRUE!
Yes, I am curious but I still have a fear of the unknown. I fear it because I do not know what it might bring me. My biggest fear of the unknown is the fact that I might like the whole alternate world vibe it might bring to me and it might lead me to leaving behind everything that I've cherished and loved all this time...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wanted Helper!

I have lived with my parents and my other family members for 25 years and I can say that we've had helpers every now and then. Why? Because both my parents work and therefore have a busy schedule. My mother worked in a hospital which required her to have a shifting schedule while my dad worked as the head architect of an independent construction firm. I, on the other hand, had to go to school. I have a younger sister who needs some tending to so often times when my parents aren't home, our helper takes care of her and take over all the other chores. It really didn't bother me before for I knew that our helpers may not be related to us by blood but at least they did their jobs well. I lost count of how many helpers we've had through the years. No, they didn't leave us because we were bad masters. They merely left because after a couple of months or years of servitude, they wanted something new. Some became successful while others just moved to another house to serve another master. When we eventually went home to the Philippines, one of the biggest challenges that we've had was to find a good helper who will give us quality service for our money's worth. We've tried countless of different helpers but I guess it was really difficult to trust someone that you don't know especially if you know that you're going to be choosing is the one who will living with you and taking care of your family while you are away. How will you know that this person will do her job while you're away? How will you know if this person is trustworthy enough to be left alone with your home, your belongings or better yet, your children? Nobody knows really. I guess it's merely a trial and error process.

Honestly, I don't remember all the names of the helpers that we've had through the years. The only ones that I do remember are the names of those helpers that definitely had an impact in our daily lives. We've meet so many helpers with different personalities, different attitudes, different goals, different opinions and most of all different methods. Some proved effective in the long run while others didn't. Most if not all were put to the test. My family is really big on trust which is why it's not easy to actually earn it however really easy to lose it. We're not really strict or picky masters. Just do as you are told, do your job well, never gossip and never be violent. If you have something to ask or say then don't be scared to tell us. Our relationships with our helpers have proven to be strong through the years. Let's just say that at first there will always be a feeling awkwardness when they are around and that you still have suspicions of them doing something bad behind your back but eventually when everything settles in time, you'll realize and understand that maybe she felt the same way too at first. After all, she doesn't know us and she doesn't know what we are capable of, yet when we said that she was hired, she moved right in and did what she was told with no questions asked. If we were bad masters, we could have worked her to death or even abused her physically or mentally and yet, she put her faith in us as we did the same. Oh sure, it's because money was also involved but I would like to see way past that. I've always believed that money isn't everything although I know to some people it is but what's wrong with having a little faith every once in a while?

Up to this day, my family has a helper at home, who helps my mother with almost anything and everything. Coincidentally, she is our second helper who has the same name as my mom. We didn't like her much at first but eventually, we warmed up to her. She may be opinionated and she can have a bit of an attitude sometimes that sometimes tends to rub people off the wrong way but I think she's just like an onion. You just have to find time to peel all the layers that she has in order for you to get to the center of who she is. We trusted her despite not knowing much about her and she trusted us vice versa. She's been with us for almost two years now and I know that she won't remain our helper forever but hopefully if in case she leaves, we will find another helper who will be as devoted as her especially when it comes to housework and when it comes to taking care of my younger sister. Sure, helpers don't get paid much but they do all the hardwork. They have families of their own and yet they sacrifice not to be with them and take care of them just to be able to have money to feed them. I feel for these helpers for I have lived among them for a long time now. They have been called so many names from helpers to yayas to maids, atchay, katulong, chimiaa, kasambahay and so on but the fact remains that to those people who have helpers, we owe them a lot mainly because they have been kind enough to fill out the roles that should have been ours to play. We all roles to play in this world and if being a helper means nurturing other people's family for a price then they're okay with that. I just hope that some people wouldn't think of these people are lesser beings. I hate it when people think that way. Just because you are their master and that they are your servants that you shouldn't treat them with respect. They are human beings too and we are all equal no matter what our position, job, class or social standing is. We are all equal in the eyes of God.

So the next time you decide on hiring a helper, think about it first. Are you ready to take in a new potential family member? Are you willing to let somebody else take care of your family and do the things that you are supposed to do? Are you ready for the fact that perhaps your children will be closer to them than to you? Are you 100 percent sure that you can trust this people with not only your belongings, your family but even your life? If you are not sure if you can answer these questions then I don't think that you are ready to have a helper just yet. Sure, you need someone to help you do everything at home but you have to bear in mind that this is not just a one way thing. Just like what the great Confucius said: Do not do unto others what you don't want others to do to you. Meaning if you are going to show kindness to others then they will probably give the same to you. Although, I do not want to generalize though. There are some unfortunate people too who end having bad helpers or bad masters. Just like in Newton's Law Of Gravity: For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. You may be showing them goodness but in the end they repay you with an equal amount of badness which is unfortunate for you. Good or bad, helpers have been a part of our lives whether we deny it or not. I can't imagine what our lives would be like without them. To me, helpers should be considered heroes in their own right. When was the last time you said thank you to your helper? Perhaps, you should start doing so now. Always bear in mind that a simple act of kindness goes a long way. Who knows? With your acts of kindness, your helper might even remember you for them for life. Treat your helpers nicely. Be thankful that you have them for it's hard to find someone who will do what  they do for you and for your family. Learn to appreciate what you have for you are blessed.
                                                   This is so true...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Empower Yourself To Inspire Others: Are You Ready For The Challenge?

I know how hectic your schedule is and how busy you are with not only work but with everything that's going on with your life but have you ever thought about doing something that will both benefit you and others as well? How? It's simple. All you have to do is do everything that keeps you busy but also find time to do the things that you love and then tell how rewarding your experiences are to other people. Sounds easy right but it's not. Not everybody can empower themselves and inspire others at the same time. Others fall flat whenever they try to do so while others send the wrong impression on others. I, for one, would like to be like that but I guess it's easier said than done.

I admire people who despite their busy daily lives, still have time for doing the things that they love and are still positive and happy despite their day to day struggles and stress. I wish I could be like that. I believe it can be contagious. Working with people who are like that or even co-existing with them can somehow help you realize things and somehow make everything feel somewhat better. If there is one thing I know it's the fact that there are so many people with insecurities out there and so many others who have very low self esteem and confidence. They try to hide these things by simply overworking themselves and not giving them time to enjoy what they should enjoy just because they are afraid of what other people will think or say about them.

If you empower yourself to inspire others, I think these people who have issues with these things will somehow learn to let go of their inhibitions and embrace the fact that they need to have fun every once in a while. You'd be surprised with how many lives you can touch and change at the same time. I don't try to hard to be such a person because I know inspiring others should come naturally. I just have to do what I have to do, share them and somehow hope that people will learn and be inspired by me. Being a role model to people is a tough job but it's always nice to know that you have the power to influence and change lives. It may be a big responsibility but if you are up to the challenge then why not give your all and be the best that you can be.

Inspiring others feel rewarding and at the same time, it makes you feel like there's actually a sense to your purpose. Some people even think of inspiring people as their new calling but whatever your reason is or whatever your feeling is, let's not lose track of the main goal here. It's not just about you but it's also about other people. If you truly want to be involved in inspiring people then continue to show them positivity and inspiration. Make them think and make them feel the need to doing something on their own. Teach them how to be true to themselves, to develop their own confidence in themselves and in everything that they do and most of all, teach them to learn how to do the same others when they become successful at it.

I may not be there yet but I know someday I will. I want to continue whatever it is that interests me and I want to continue to fuel the passion that's burning inside me. I want to continue being successful with my chosen career and in everything that I do but at the same time, I also have to do my best to share whatever blessing I have right now with other people. Hopefully, in the long run, I'll be able to reap everything that I've sown. 


                                    Care to dream, Dare to inspire...

Families: We Can't Live With Them But We Can't Live Without Them

Not all families are perfect. Some seem to be or pretend to be but others are brave enough to accept the fact that their family isn't exactly ideal. I believe that there will always be a bad apple or better yet some bad apples in a basket filled with apples. That's quite normal. However, no matter how rotten things are with your family, you still can't say that you hate them and that you don't want to them to be a part of your lives anymore. No matter what you do or no matter what you say, at the end of the day, they are still your family and there is nothing you can do to cut your ties with them. All you have to do is accept them for what they are no matter what.

I've seen families fall apart because of different reasons. Some fight over inheritance, while others fight over money and other wordly possessions. Others decide to abandon their family members due to personal misunderstandings or even when their opinions clash or when they have a conflict of interest. Whatever the reasons may be, I still do not agree with what some people do. I don't want to be a hypocrite and say that I don't hate my family sometimes because of different things but I don't hate them to the point that I want them to be out of my life because I know technically, that's just not possible. 

Teenagers often have conflict with their parents and any other elder member of the family mainly because not all generations can see each other eye to eye thus, the inevitable happens. The older generation think that since they are older, they are more knowledgeable and therefore have more right to be listened to and to control or to mold the lives of those younger than them in the family while the younger generation are free spirited and rebelious. Often only thinking about themselves and what benefits them more, young people often make the mistake of trying to challenge the authority that the older generation have on them. Which in the end only provokes them and makes the situation far more worse. Honestly, I've been through the same situation myself while I was growing up and I believe it's normal. There will always be a power struggle between who will reign supreme and most of the time, the one who wins, only wins because the other one surrenders or simply gives way to his/her opponents. Either way, nobody gains anything. Sure, it may look like you've won and that you should celebrate but don't you think that is rather insensitive? 

I've had difficulties and challenges in the past and most of the time when I do get past all them, I am proud of myself but when I end up having a misunderstanding with any of my family members, I simply don't like it. First of all, I don't want to be a part of any power struggles that occur in my family. Politics has never interested me even in the slightest bit. Secondly, I am not the type of person who wants everything for myself without even thinking of the consequences. I know that no matter how good your intentions are in something, there will always be tons of consequences, good or bad. Lastly, I choose to avoid conflict and do not want to be pitted against anyone that I know and love. I just don't see me or anybody else gaining anything from such an experience. I simply have no idea why some people keep on insisting on fighting and arguing each other when you're family and you have to do what families are supposed to do best which is to love and care for one another, not take each other out and pull each other down. It's just not right.

We have to realize that no matter how bad things get, we are all still lucky for even having families. Some people are without them and would do everything and anything just to be a part of one. I don't want to sound bitter or anything but at some point in my life, I also wanted my family to disappear because they keep on getting in my way but after a few years more of being with them, I realized that it doesn't matter how many times we're had misunderstandings or hurt each other, what matters is blood is still thicker than water which is why I totally appreciate having a family now. Sure, not everybody will realize this now but hopefully somehow in the future, they will. If you're family has done things to gravely scar you for life then I guess that's the only time you should get away from them and erase them from your life but to be at peace, you have to understand that you need to find forgiveness and understanding in your heart and what better way to do that by starting to let things go, little by little, somehow. Only when you've learned these lessons will you ever be free and happy.

I therefore conclude that no matter how basic or how simple the word family means, it's not how it is in reality. Families are complicated and having one and being in one is just hard work. We may never truly understand the real meaning of family or how it should go but at least, we get to learn that not all families are the same. If you want your family to be better than what you've seen in other families then you must bring forth the change that you want to see in it in the future. Hopefully, after your efforts of molding and directing your family to the right path, you'll be able to smile to yourself and say, what a good job you've done. Until then, you have to have more patience and understanding with the family that you have now first. Only then will you learn that families are made to last and stay and there's nothing else you can do about them. Love them or hate them, they will still a part of who and what you are. You definitely owe a lot from them so learn to be more thankful.
A family should stick together no matter what. As a family, we should learn how to settle our differences,  come what may so that at the end of the day, there will be no bad blood between each members. Always remember that sometimes some small misunderstandings, accumulate and pile up to bigger problems in the future so do your best extinguish the fire while it's small before it gets blown out to massive proportions. Who knows if you can still deal with them by then?
This is so true. Don't believe me then how do you feel whenever you fight with someone that you love? Don't you feel bad and guilty about it in the end? The same goes for having a misunderstanding with one of your family members. Why can't we all just get along?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Relationships 101: Never Quarrel About Petty Things

Not all relationships are perfect. Of course, there are good times but at the same time expect bad times as well. I've been in relationships and I know people who have been in and out of them too which is why let's say I know a thing or two about it. They say hardships are a part of relationships as well as challenges. They often test how strong relationships are. Some fail to work things out under pressure which often ends in a sad break up while others do their best to make things work 

While enjoying our lunch out at Wendy's, we were happily talking to each other about random things when suddenly we heard a man's loud voice. We didn't want to look at where it was coming from because we already knew where. I guess we were too busy eating and talking at the same time which is why we failed to realize that another couple sat behind the table that we were sitting on. Unlike us, they didn't look like they were happy. Instead, they looked miserable and angry at the same time. Based on their facial expressions, body language, their choice of words and their irrational actions, we already knew that the couple had a misunderstanding. We didn't know what at first but because they both were already raising their voices inside the establishment, we finally found out why they were arguing in the first place. We may not know the exact details of the situation that they were in but all we know is that they are fighting over money, credit cards and the man's wrong decision of buying a new car when they already have an old one. I felt bad for the woman who was with him because she clearly felt ashamed of what was happening and she even asked her partner to keep his voice down. Fortunately, after a couple of people stopped staring at them, things got quiet between them. We left as soon as they finished arguing because we we're also done eating out meal.

I know we've had a lovers' spat before and yes, we've been through some embarrassing stuff too in public. We've argued and fought over petty things back then but we've learned from all the wrongs that we've done before. We've apologized and talked things out. We've apparently agreed to put everything behind us and just look forward to what comes next. We haven't fought each other since then and we vowed never to fight over petty things. We've decided to become more patient and understanding. We've also made it clear that it's better to talk about every single thing that bothers us so that they won't compile into one huge reason for a fight. I guess we're tying to be more civil and mature individuals since we are supposed to be like that anyway. 

Sadly, not everyone can do such an act. Not everyone can be giving and understanding at the same time. In a relationship, it's always better to hear things out first and never blame the other for your wrong doings or misfortunes. I hope and pray that we never get to that part of our relationship ever again. If only everybody can see that it's pointless to argue or to fight in public and that when you do so, you're just making a fool of yourselves.