Monday, May 23, 2011

Who Is The Savage Beast Now? - A True Story

I heard this news a long time ago and was completely appalled by it. Then I thought, how can a person do that and feel no remorse afterwards? Clearly the guy needs psychiatric treatment or something. Ah, the humble beginnings of a serial killer. I wouldn't be surprised if one day his face turns up in the PNP's most wanted list. He should be convicted of his crime and he should be taught a lesson, one way or another. He may be young but he's still going to be down that path, I just know it. So who is this lucky person I am referring to anyway?

Well, he is none other than, Joseph Carlo Candare, who is studying as a second year physics major student in the University of the Philippines. He wrote on his blog in the year 2009, how he had brutally killed a cat named Teteng while in his school grounds. How did he do it? He said he had jumped on the cat's torso after grabbing it's tail and hitting it on to the ground as if it were a ragdoll. The cat somehow was lucky enough to have ran away for his dear life but sadly, it didn't survive his brutal attempt on its life. According to one student, the cat coughed up blood and died.

To make matters worse, Candare has also admitted that it was not his first time to kill a cat and that there had been incidents before this one. He wrote of everything without showing remorse over his misdeeds. Clearly this kid does not know what is right from wrong and that he should be stopped soon. After publishing everything in his blog, everybody started finding out about his crime. Many people started hating him and judging him which didn't really bother him at first but eventually after getting more and more negative attention, he decided to delete his blog posts which can possibility be used as evidence against him. 

However, the deed has been done and many people already knew of what he did. Many people have already saved the blog post and it has already become wide spread. It was too late for him.People were disgusted of him and his acts and his blog drew widespread condemnation from animal lovers in the country and in other countries as well. Several people who witnessed the act testified against him after he was charged with violating Republic Act 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act. I know this happened in 2009 but it caught my attention again when I found out that he was in trial just this year for what he had done. In his arraignment, he pleaded innocent to charges of animal cruelty however, the judge still found him guilty due to the weight of evidence used against him and mainly because of his admission to the crime in his blog.

He was given a 2,000 pesos fine and was sentenced to 2 months of volunteer work for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). I believe Candare is the first person to ever be convicted of animal cruelty in the Philippines. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to all Filipinos out there from being cruel to animals. Candare's family however appealed to the media to spare their son as their family had suffered depression and even their son had failed subjects in school after the said ordeal. Everybody knows that there are many cats in UP and that most of them live there however none of these creatures ever really hurt anyone which is why nobody understands as to why Candare would ever do such a thing and as to why he had a strong disdain for felines. 

Personally, I am happy that he is going to pay for his crime somehow but it's too bad that he didn't get more than that. He should have gotten something far more worse. I am a feline lover and an over all animal lover thus I want to protect their rights as living beings as well. Clearly, Candare perceived them as savage beasts which is why he wanted them to be eliminated by his hand. Well, look who is the savage beast now? I don't know if he will ever learn from his mistakes and if he will ever sincerely atone for his sins. All I know is that he is guilty and that he should take the blame like a man. Is there hope for him yet? That remains to be seen. If he truly wishes to remove the stain on his life then better start living a life without the animal cruelty. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Not all bad things become unpunished. Some may turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to these things but by God, I still believe in justice after all. No matter how cliche it may sound these days.

 A picture of Joseph Carlo Candare or JC as his friends and family call him.
Killing a cat is not an accidental crime especially when you did it on purpose. This kid wanted to kill the innocent thing without even thinking that it has a right to live too like everybody else. 

For the whole blog entry that he posted, check this link:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Real Reasons Why Guys Cheat


We may never understand why Arnold fathered a child with a member of his household staff and kept it a secret from his wife Maria for a whopping 10 years. But we do have a pretty good idea of what made the Governator hook up with the other woman in the first place. That's because most guys who cheat (whether they're movie stars turned politicians or just regular dudes) tend to two-time for one of these seven reasons...

1. He Already Knows You (Obviously)
There's something really nice about getting comfortable around each other — guys think so too. But with that familiarity, he loses some of his intense desire. What is always sexy? Mystery, and nothing is more mysterious than the unknown. And what's unknown? What other women look like naked.

2. His Buddy Kevin Did It
If one of your guy's friends screws around without getting caught, your guy may suddenly look at cheating in a whole new light. After all, men are driven to do incredibly stupid stuff if their friends encourage it or do it first — take, for instance, the Jackass movies, or dudes who wear their hair in that spiky, Growing Up Gotti way. So if his pals tell or show him that there are no consequences, he may forget all of the other reasons there are not to cheat.

3. His Boss Tore Him a New One
When a man's ego is ripped to shreds, the quickest way for him to pick up the pieces is by proving he can still attract, seduce, and have sex with any woman he wants...or, alternatively, with whatever chick is still hanging around the bar at closing time.

4. His Fantasy Football Obsession Doesn't Bug Her
If some other woman isn't aware of his annoying habits and hasn't been forced to endure them for a prolonged period of time, it's like they don't even exist. And seeking out that arrangement is much easier for some guys than actually altering their goofy behavior for their girlfriends.

5. A Hot Chick Just Walked Past Him
Yes, men know women check out dudes — but not in the same way men check out women. Guys immediately imagine ourselves having sex with anyone who's at all attractive, and that constant stimulation can be overwhelming. It's like if every good-looking guy you saw was also writing you a poem while saving injured kittens on his motorcycle.

6. He Can Rationalize It
Men love games. And games are all about how far you can bend the rules. So a lot of guys have very elastic definitions of what cheating is. Hence groping and kissing is fine if it's on a dance floor...and besides, being drunk makes pretty much anything okay...oh, and of course it goes without saying that strippers don't count....

7. He Realizes He's a Coward
Sometimes guys cheat not because they want to cheat, but because they want to end things altogether. He's thinking about the "talk" about the "relationship" that will probably become "emotional" — and who wants to deal with that stuff? So instead, he'll either pretend that he's not in a relationship when it suits him, or he'll behave so badly that he forces his girlfriend to end things for him instead. Genius.

It seems that even the people that we look up upon are not safe from the claws of infidelity. Haven't we just had enough last year? From Sandra Bullock's Jesse James to Elin's Tiger Woods. Now we have Maria's Arnie. Come on, men! Why? Whatever happened to simplicity and contentment? I guess in the modern world that we live in that's filled with complexities and changes, we have become different as well. No longer do we become content with the things that used to make us happy in the olden times. Now, we look forward to everything fast. Didn't we just learn that in life nothing ever comes easy? Good men and women NEVER come easy. The only easy thing in this world is losing those things that we've spent years building. Why take the risk of losing that for a mere cheap thrill?

Perhaps money and fame can't really buy everything. Clearly happiness is one of them. Famous couples may seem like they are perfect in front of the media and the public eye but remember that it's merely because they do not want to be gossiped about. Especially since everything they do or say can be scrutinized. Some can even be taken against them. We have to understand that they have reputations that they take care of too. It's just disappointing when something like a scandalous affair would put everything that you worked hard for go to waste. I pity their wives for being caught in the embarrassment. I sympathize with them because at one point in time, I was one of them too. If there is one thing that I hate the most in this world, it's to be lied upon or worse be cheated upon. It's a shameful act and should be looked down upon.

Going back to the article, If these reasons were true then I'd rather not get hitched or be in a relationship but seeing that I am already in both, I have no choice but to not fall victim to this kind of mess. Been there, done that. Never liked how it went and I swear I never want to deal with another one ever again. 

FACT:  I do not ogle men who pass by in front of me or whatever. I limit myself to do such things as I am a married woman now but to begin with even when I was single, this never was a hobby of mine. I'd rather check out the latest books being sold somewhere than check out the guy next to me in a public transportation. LOL! Yes, I know GEEKY! 

Truth be told I am not the judgmental type. I only judge when I see fit or if needed be. I'm just saying that if you feel like you will be in a relationship or in a marriage and yet you can't commit fidelity forever to that person then why take the plunge? That way you won't be risking anybody's feelings of getting hurt at all. If you want to keep on cheating, that's up to you but always remember that the truth never remains hidden. At some point it gets revealed and sometimes in the most unexpected ways. So if I were you, I'd repent and change. Just my two cents.

Relationships and marriages are serious bonds that need to be taken cared of. Sure, I might sound like a real girl right now with all the cheesiness but what I am saying is a mere fact. Not everybody is lucky enough to find someone who will be able to know them well and understand them well so if you have a partner who is doing an awesome job of being your right hand man/woman, then why take that for granted? The problem with people today is that we only see the things that we don't like to see and we turn a blind eye on the things that we are supposed to see. Why not for once have a more open mind and appreciate the goodness that's right in front of you? A worthy partnership deserves fidelity and honesty aside from the usual ingredients to make it work. If you truly wish to have a relationship that will last then start with the basics. 

I may be a woman but I am not a hopeless romantic. I am a realist who knows what can be done from what's impossible. The world we live in might be changing around us however, we can still try not to change at the same time that it does. If you a real man then show it. Be truthful to your spouse or to your partner. Honor the vow that you've made in front of everyone. Always remember that a person's pride and ego will not bring him/her closer to success but rather bring about his/her downfall. Contentment is the key to happiness. Now if you really have a problem within the relationship or the marriage then be man enough to talk about with your other half. Running away and doing other things behind her back to avoid confrontation will only make things worst and even make you guys drift further apart. Grow up and face everything boldly. For only in this way will you ever feel fulfilled and be without guilt. 
 Who would have thought they'd split? In this photo, Sandra still looks extremely happy while with her former hubby, Jesse James.
 Elin looked like she was still enjoying Tiger Woods' company in this photo as well but little did we know that he was already having an affair with someone else...
 A touchy moment between Maria Shriver and husband, Gov. Arnold. Too bad she didn't know that he had been lying to her for 10 long years now and she even boasted to Oprah that her marriage is still the same as it was many years ago. Such public examples can only make people believe less in relationships and make people doubt the sanctity of marriages. I feel bad for the people that we're caught in the middle of everything but most of all, I feel bad for both of them for letting something good just go to waste. Big mistake.
 Nothing stays hidden in the shadows...
Been there, done that. Was blindfolded then but never now. My eyes are wide open and vigilant. Awaiting for what lies ahead of me. I'll be a lot ready now than I used to be. No more, Mrs. Nice Gal!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Help Me! I'm Alive

I smile when everybody looks at me while I cry on the inside. I wear a mask that doesn't fade. I wear a mask that never goes weary. I swear to wear these masks until the day I die until my heart stops beating and air is no longer in me. These masks I wear have made me stronger. I may have been a master of deception but here I am weeping and asking for salvation. How can I be saved if no one will see past my masks in order to get through my hollow self? How can I be better when I know nobody even cares? I'm so lonely and alone. I'm so broken and disturbed. I've come to gain something, something that I can never have for my eyes are the windows through my soul. Come and take a look at me!

I scream at the top of my lungs as I feel myself drowning. Like a claustrophobic getting suffocated in a crowded space or a helpless child crying in one corner looking for her mommy. I am a defenseless person. I may look strong on the outside but realistically, I am not. My hands have started shaking as my masks are starting to break. Oh dear God, what shall happen to me? When all is gone what will be left of me? My heart starts pounding. It starts racing inside of me. As I close my eyes and my tears start streaming down my cheeks, I let out a silent prayer as if demanding for this life filled with misery to end. Meaningless is the only word that echoes in my head as I feel my body going numb again.

My friends and family seem to know me. I don't know it's hard to tell. I am filled with the lies that I made so how can I face them again this night? I was foolish to have thought of cheating them. I was selfish to have thought of leaving them. Who am I to be this way? Who am I to put them all to shame? The distance that we have may not be great but do they know my sunken fate? It's pointless. I see nothing of me. The future is uncertain that only once thing is clear. I am a lost soul because I want to be and I continue to wear a mask to push people away so that they'll never feel what it's like to know me and feel empty without me. I don't want to be lonely anymore, I don't want to be alone. But how can I get past the invisible walls I created when I myself have restricted myself to get past them? I sing the saddest lullabies as I try to fall asleep. I embrace the darkness around me as the cold wind brushes on my face. I see the light outside my window coming from the moon that shines above. I see the light coming from outside my door. I reach out for it but I feel like my arms are becoming sore. I try harder this time. I even make a run to the door. 

But alas! My poor body is weak. I am nothing but broken. On the floor, I see my bloody self. I am no longer breathing. Looks like I did not survive. The tragedy of my life will be filled with lament by those who loved me and those who cared while I continue to regret this wretched fate but what am I to do now that it's too late? So, I say goodbye to my wasted life and hope to move on to something more that will keep me alive. With the promise of another chance of life, I step into the light. I suddenly feel that I'm alive. I smile sincerely as my heart no longer bleeds. Peace has taken over me. No more restless nights for me.
 My heart beats but nobody can tell that deep inside me, it's already dead.
 Do you know the real me? Do you know how I feel right now? Words can describe who I am and how I feel. All I know is that I am different and sometimes I feel like I can no longer feel.
 I write in my diary all the thoughts that run into my head, all the feelings that I want to share. To me, it's my only friend and the only one who can ever understand me.
 I pop a pill every now and then to ease what I feel but nothing helps me get better. It's all a lie. I guess I will never be stable.
 Do you see the smile on my face? Wipe it off and you'll see my real face. Melancholy is the word that describes it. How ridiculous it is for this life to make me go on pretending.
 This empty meaningless life needs to change. A fulfilling one, I'd rather face.
 So here I am tattered and torn, pretending to survive all alone when I need someone badly, I need to be secure but my mind is a complicated maze. It only makes me seek out pain when all I need is real happiness. Who am I to blame?
All the negativity surrounding me, with the thoughts in my head that's making me become a monstrosity. I hate all this negativity. Won't they just let me be me?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make Up: To Have Or Not To Have?

I believe in the saying that a woman should wear make up but never let it wear you. I am not a huge make up fan and growing up, I never did pretend to put some on my face. I was a tomboy growing up thus me favoring more toys for boys than for girls. These days young girls know everything about make up already at such a young age. Why? Because people are more self conscious now more than ever, the media is making teenage actresses wear make up to make them look more mature in public and the society seems to be accepting these changes. Why are we allowing teenagers to be dependent on make up already when they are still young and do not need to conceal anything from their faces? I'd understand older women who need to conceal the flaws on their faces but young girls shouldn't hide anything for they are still young and thus should have a more natural look.

Which brings me to question their motives. So, why are most women, young or old, dependent solely on make-up? One of the biggest reasons is most women or young girls believe that with make up anything is possible. From a normal looking face, someone can have a gorgeous looking one through make up and other methods to help enhance what the woman already has. But do women really need these enhancements? I am all for 100 percent natural beauty. Yes, I wear make up every now and then but I keep my make up to a minimum. I put on some powder, some lip gloss, lipstick and a little blush and voila! Sometimes when I am for a more Gothic feel to my look, I put some eyeliner on but that's as far as I can go on a regular day. I've seen other women putting way too much make up on their faces without even staring at the mirror and erasing what they put on their faces. To me, they look like clowns with all the facade but I know that underneath all the thick make up lies a natural beauty within.

Make up should enhance one's good features and hide one's imperfections but why be ashamed of what you have when you can simply flaunt it? Sure, I am not an actress or a beauty queen but even they don't look pretty without all the make up. All I'm saying is that there are many reasons as to why women are afraid to show their natural forms. Whether it is their insecurities or they are just not used to it, the point is, beauty shouldn't lie on how much make up you put everyday but rather in how much beauty you have with or without it. We often dwell too much on our looks that we often neglect what truly matters. Yes, beauty matters but not just outside beauty but inner beauty too. If only we would see past what the eyes can see. We are all beautiful in our little way. May it be the freckles on one's nose or the moles in one's cheek. We are all unique and special in our own way so why hide it by using make up or why use make up to make people miss the most important highlights of what makes you, you? I say go for the real you. Aim for the natural look. Who knows? It might even be more appealing to others than you think.
I am not a big make up fan. This is the farthest I have gone so far on my own. Of course, I will not count the make up disasters that have happened to me in the past. When I was too naive to know that I already looked like a clown because of the thick make up that the make up artist put on my face. But I said goodbye to those nightmares long ago for I now know somehow what I should wear and shouldn't wear.  Thank God!
A letter to make you feel pretty whenever you don't feel like you are.
 Clearly she doesn't want to be seen without her make up, her wig and her circle lenses. Gods! If every woman would do the same thing then nobody would be flawed any longer and we would live in a world filled with mediocre looks. I don't want to be a part of that fake world. I want transparency and if some people can't deal with it then I'm staging a rebellion soon.
 I agree. Beauty is NOT make up. It never was and never will be.
So don't worry if your lipstick is smeared all over your face and you look like The Joker in someway. All that matters is that you know the beauty that lies within. It doesn't matter what others people think or say. If they don't like what they see then let them be. You are beautiful no matter what they say, with make up or without make up.

Return To Innocence

I wish I could go back to the days of old when cartoons were the only shows I ever watched and nap time, play time and study time were the only things I had to do with my life. When I never worried about what I looked like and never really thought about how to pay the bills. Oh, how I wish I can return to my innocence, the age that I loved. Curiousity may have robbed me of my innocence. It might even have hastened my change. But everybody needs to grow up somehow. Some people just age faster than others and others remain the same. Growing up is not a painful process. It's merely an eye-opening experience for everyone. If only things can stay the same. I don't mind staying young forever but I guess we all must move on. However, some grown ups stay young at heart. I personally don't want to grow up fast. I may have gotten older but I will still stay the same. I'm free spirited and forever will be. Looks like innocence can take on a different form when we all grow up. 
Let's NOT stop dreaming! Growing up shouldn't stop us from imagining. From creativity comes imagination and without imagination, I don't think I can ever be that productive.
I miss the old times. I miss the old me. I miss everything about my old self and my old life but I still love the new me and my new life nonetheless.
 Curiosity killed the cat and in some people's cases, it killed their innocence. 
 He robbed her of her innocence. What kind of person would do that to anyone? Would you take away anybody's innocence merely for personal gain? Well, that's just selfish and insensitive of you then. You should be ashamed of yourself!
I miss if not all these things, most of them. Farewell, my beloved childhood. 
We can grow up but we can still stay the way we are. With innocence or without innocence, let's all be the way we used to be or perhaps a better version of what we used to be.

You're Perfect To Me

"I never did like you perfect. I guess I like you better flawed. So, who needs a perfect woman when I have you?" 

He said this to me the other day and I smiled when he did. Yes, it did make my day. But how can the woman in me forget all this anxiety? Why am I getting so worked up with my insecurities? Truth to be told, it's hard to tell.

I am a woman and I have grown insecure. Yes, I admit it. I am an insecure mess. I try to be perfect. I always try to be someone else. I try to be better than everybody else. What does that make me? Why can't I just be me? Why do I always have to consider other people when my happiness lies in me? Up to this day, I am still confused. Don't get me wrong, I love myself but I just don't know what to do with myself sometimes anymore. I am obsessed with being somebody that I am not. I have even tried to hurt myself. It's complicated. I feel the pain inside me. I'm conflicted. What else should I be?

They say men like women who aren't insecure and who believe in themselves. I believe in myself too but why do my insecurities come to the fore whenever you don't need them to be? No, I don't believe that everybody's greeted equal for if so then why are other people born with better lives than others? Life is unfair as we know it. But, I am a grown woman now and have learn to deal with my insecurities. Somehow, someway, things fade and whenever I feel an insecurity in me arise, I stop and think about it. I reflect before I get into a self-destructive rut again. I've been there done that so before I ever go there again, I'd better stop. 

Insecurities are a part of who we are and a part of growing up and if we don't learn to face them or conquer them, we can never get better thus, we can never win them all. We may not be perfect in our eyes but to others we are. So why be depressed when you are loved? Just remember that insecurities only make relationships complicated and sometimes it can be the reason for losing a loved one as well. So, learn to let go of the little things that don't matter and learn to live with things that matter most. 
Yes, this is me...
This I can assure you is true...
I wonder why girls think this way. Perhaps we have the media and the society to blame for all that. Why can't we all just be ourselves and live happy and normal lives instead? I don't want a life that's being dictated by what's in and what's out. I just want to live my life the way I should live it. With no thoughts whatsoever about what other people will think and say about me. I want to be FREE!!!
Misunderstood is the best damn definition of someone like me especially during the time when my insecurities were eating me alive. It was horrifying and I never want it to happen to me ever again...
I'm sorry if I can't be perfect...
Good thing I have found someone who looks past my flaws and just love what is before him. Not everybody is lucky though.

Love Hurts

They say that only brave people should love. Why? Because if you have the courage to put yourself out there without anything to shield you from the pain, to bear it all just to find your true mate then it's meant to be. Nobody knows for sure when it's going to happen or if it's going to happen. Hopeless romantics everywhere believe in finding their so called soul mates, their Mr. or Ms. Right. Some even believe in happy endings. Blame it on fairy tales. Others believe in love at first sight while others believe in destiny. Nobody knows which one will lead them to the love of their lives but for desperate people anything will do.

I took the plunge several months ago. If you ask me if I think he is my forever? That I am not 100 percent certain however, life is filled with uncertainties and there is nothing we can do about that. I boldly took the risk. It was a leap of faith. Most single people are uncertain about many things and often ask questions like "How will I know if he/she is the one for me?" or "Will we be together forever"? When honestly, the answer lies in you. No one can know if he or she is destined to be the one for you. Nobody can choose that person for you as well. You all have to rely on how you feel and what you think. You can't determine your life mate by simply weighing petty things. Such things take time to consider. As for the question of you being together forever, all I can say is maybe or for some people, is there such a thing?

Relationships are hard work and so are marriages. How can you expect to be with someone forever if you are not willing to build up your own forever?Why I am saying all these? I am not the Love Doctor or a person who can foresee things but I am a realist. I merely base my opinions on what I see and what I feel. I am not saying that you shouldn't follow your heart. You should because you feel strongly about something or someone however the brain is the highest organ in place because you should use it first instead of your heart. Better yet, use your brain and your heart hand and hand. As hard as it seems, it's possible. A harmony between two logics only to come up with a balanced reaction. Don't get me wrong; I am a romantic. I am just not the hopeless or delusional type. I have had love and lost. I have been scorned but got through it. I became suicidal and depressed. The heart may look like it's strong enough to withstand anything but it can break somehow too. I have witnessed people through their heartbreaks and I know that no matter how hard we shield our hearts from everything, our hearts will still feel the pain somehow.

Yes, there is magic in love but we can't always put our faith in simply something that we can't see. Magic happens instantly and it happens for a reason. Usually only the people involved feel it and see it and sadly, they are also the ones who feel and see the magic fading before their eyes. The truth hurts especially when you thought that you had something to live for forever but it shouldn't matter. It might hurt now but it shouldn't in the long run. We should learn to let things go and just keep moving on. For only when we learn to let go of the past, will we ever learn to live in the present and plan for the future. Love isn't about looking for the right person. Love is merely an undeniable feeling that people feel strongly towards the people that they care most about. So if you feel it towards those that you love the most, seize the moment and never let it pass you by. Life is short so why not share the love? Soul mate or no soul mate, give love to the person whom you know shall give love back to you. That's the simplest rule in love that I know...

So whoever said that love was easy. Love means you are brave enough to put yourself out there and do your best to be loved back. You do it all for the feeling that you need to be loved by someone. So, how do you know that by being brave enough will lead you to the one who should love you? Some have been mislead and lost while others have luckily been found. Nobody knows what fate lies ahead of you. It's all a leap of faith...

Everybody wants to be someone who can make others change for them but in reality, if you truly love a person then you will love that person from his/her good bits up to his/her worst bits. That's just the way love goes. Acceptance is one step to a good relationship. You can't always expect people to change for you. Sometimes you gotta learn to adapt and learn to adjust for them too.

I don't want LOVE to be just another mediocre thing that everyone has and doesn't give importance to. I want to have LOVE that is precious and hard to have. I want a LOVE that's valued and earned. I want a LOVE that is mine...

I want to do this no matter how hard it is so that I won't regret anything in the end. I just don't want to feel guilty in the end and most of all, I don't want to play the blame game...
Is there really a special person meant to be for every single one of us? How will we know? Should we just go on waiting or should we just let fate take it's course? I never did believe in soul mates or Mr. Right so why start believing in one now?

Mother's Day

Dedicated to the lovely women in my life who raised me. Some of them may not be included in this photo however, they will still forever be remembered and cherished in my heart....

I wrote a poem for my mom once in Filipino and I remember submitting it in class. It was a project of mine. I ended up getting a good grade for it and my mom was pleased to have read it. Yesterday was Mother's Day and this year is my first one where I am not home. I suddenly miss my mom and how mother's day was like when I was with her. But despite the fact that I am far away, I am still glad that I was born in an age where I can electronically send my love to a special person wherever I may be. So, I decided to greet her on her most special day as I try to not become sentimental about it. I know it was sent electronically but somehow it has more meaning to it now. I guess the old people were right when they said, I will understand everything more as I grow older.

Yesterday, I somehow had an overwhelming feeling of understanding. Yes, I am an adult now and someday, I shall become a mother too. Not all mothers are perfect. Not all mothers are prepared to have their own children. Some are overprotective, some don't even care. Some love their children fiercely while others are cold. My mother wasn't a superhero nor a magician but she certainly did everything to save the day and did magic with her able hands. She never wore a cape or owned a magic wand but to me, she was the best mother any girl could as for.
I idolized my mother as a kid because I knew she did everything she could for me. She left to work for another country to make sure she can save money for me. She left me to be raised by my grandparents and took me with her when I was about 11 years old. I became a teenager before she knew it and along with the teenage years comes the angsty side of the growing years. Yes, we've had more than our share of misunderstandings and fights. I remember hating her and my dad back then but I guess that's just normal. When I got older, my rebellious stage has somehow diminished but still there are times when I never get along well with her. Sometimes I feel guilty for being bad to her when I know she's just being kind and understanding to me. Mother knows best.

Everybody knows that and no matter how hard I try to get my own way, at the end of the day, I would still feel guilty at the thought that I didn't do what Mom said and that I was wrong so she was right. I never had the heart to tell her all the time. I was too proud and too afraid. Yes, I am an adult but still a little kid at times. I love my mother with all my heart, I just never really showed her all that when we were together. I don't regret things really. I just wish we could have bonded more together. We were both so busy with everything going on with our own lives that we have forgotten what it was like to just lighten up and have fun. My mom is the coolest! I used to tell my friends about her. They often told me how lucky I was for having her. I was proud of her and I felt good knowing that I have her in my life. I can never imagine my life without her being in it.

So, cheers to you, Mother. Through the good times and the bad times or even through the worst times of our lives, we've both gotten through them all. I love you not because you are the perfect mother but because you reminded me that it's okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them all. I owe everything to you from the moment I was born. I would never be the woman that I am today without you. I guess now that I am older, I know what it's like to be in your shoes and someday when become a mother too, I will do my best to make you proud and somehow learn how to deal with the growing pains of my child too. Thanks for enduring everything that life has hurled on to you and for being strong even when I know it's hard to hang on any longer. Most of all, thank you for showing me that not all mothers should be soft like marshmallows that sometimes mothers need to be ferocious lionesses to protect their young as well or even become as hard as nails in order to get through tough times. Mothers should learn how cope no matter what life hurls at them. Thanks for everything, Mom! I Love You Forever!

I agree. Not all superheroes can wear capes or not all magicians can wave a wand to make magic. Mothers are capable of saving the day and making magic without all the props needed. They are rare creatures that deserve to at least be greeted every once a year of their achievements.

Awww...Just shows that a mother can really show unconditional love to their kids no matter what. Thus the saying, a face only a mother could love. LOL!

We should all show our moms how much they mean to us not just once a year but every single day of our lives together with them.

I wish I could have baked my mom some cookies for such a special day but I never did.

So why not give her a bouquet of the best flowers out there and wish her all the best. Again, Belated Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.