Saturday, November 26, 2011

When Knowing Too Much Gets Boring...

Don't you just hate it when you can predict what will happen next? No, I didn't mean looking into the future and actually foretelling what happens next, I just meant if things or people become  predictable and easy to read. But then again just like what they always say, it is better to  know something  than to know nothing.  So I guess predictability isn't  so bad after all since I am not a huge fan of the whole ignorance is bliss belief. 

Just recently, I asked someone certain questions that I already knew the answers to. I just wanted to test him if he would lie  to me  or not.  Apparently, out of the 5 questions I asked, he lied 3  times and  only  answered truthfully  twice. It bothers me that he did not even flinch even if he knew that I have a knack for these things. I can totally relate to other people who have been lied to before and have just pretended to be fools  all along. It was a disappointing experiment but definitely  a learning one.

Being predictable is boring as  what most  people say since there is no chance for surprises or sudden turn arounds in the course of events. Its like seeing a movie and actually knowing the dialogues and what will happen next but I can't  give that as a personal example  since I am fond of  watching  movies over and over again when I like them a lot and even memorizing the lines. Just saying, we need a little bit of  mysterious factor in everything and anything apart  from little  doses  (if not  huge doses) of spontaneity  for what is life without all of them?
Ever done such an experiment before?  Try it! You will get results alright but I don't know if you will end up being happy about it in the end. Results vary on actual subjects to the experimentation process.

Do You Know How To Speak Sarcasm? No? Well, I do!

So I guess you aren't having a good day and here you are being confronted by so many things that are just wrong in so many levels, how will you deal with all  the stress? There are many ways of how you can deal with such things however instead of  going with positivity other people choose to go the other way.   Yes, that's right, they end up being  bitchy about it. Even men can become bitchy and I know this for a fact. They just aren't  called bitchy when they do since such a term is more directed for women. But how can you turn bitchy without actually becoming too offensive? Have no clue?  Well, ever heard of sarcasm? That's right! People of all walks of life have used it but not all  of them are good in it or not all of them can actually understand what it means. 

To me, sarcasm  has two purposes.  One to be funny and two, to be ironic. The key to being good in sarcasm is proper timing. Just like giving out a good joke, it needs to have a proper  punchline first. I can't be sarcastic if there is nothing to be sarcastic about. I mean come on that is just common sense. Sometimes though some people just don't get what you mean when you try to be sarcastic to them. It can either be a blessing or a curse. Why?  A blessing if you are trying to be funny  and a curse if you are trying to  be ironic and stating a point. Sarcasm may sound cool and funny but it is not for everyone. Before you ever try using it to anyone, learn first so that at least it wouldn't be  entirely offensive (not unless that is your whole point of being sarcastic).

What's Up With All This Hate?

Just a thought. Facebook is a social networking site. It is a place where people can freely socialize and share their thoughts and feelings through their status updates or comments regardless if they are considered senseless, boring or simply irrelevant. Everybody's walls have different things in them,  photos, videos and so on. We are all connected here so whatever I put out can be read by almost everyone depending on the privacy settings I have chosen. Unfortunately, not all people can or will be fond of what you put on your wall so I guess it is always better to be a  responsible social network user. In my case, I just think that those who do not like what I put out here can say it to me directly rather than blatantly bashing or even indirectly  speaking of what I have posted on their walls. Other than that they can always either unfriend me or unsubscribe to me so that they won't be seeing my posts here anymore. Fact is that this is  my  private wall and whatever happens here is totally my doing and my responsibility.  Nobody has the right to tell you that you need to change something just because it displeases them. That's just bull! 

Just like most of the people who use this website, I am into this because it is my way of communicating with people since most of the time I cannot go out and actually interact with most of  them.  Facebook has helped me find a way to keep in touch with the people that I haven't seen for a long time  and have made  me rekindle friendships that have long been forgotten. Now even contacting my friends and relatives that are so far away has been made possible through walls and private messages aside from the obvious chatboxes. Aside from that, the games in the said website have been rather entertaining although time consuming and totally addicting  but it helps  pass the time somehow when you need it. I guess Facebook is the ultimate social networking site of our day  but apparently along with all this positivity comes a whole lot of negativity. Lately, I have been observing the posts that my friends have been logging on their accounts. Although I have been negative many times in the past, I have somehow found a way to just post positive things on FB to make  me  feel better and also to inspire others. It worked out for me but apparently for others it hasn't. I often ask myself and all the other people I know: "What's with all this hate?" FB is becoming a place to dumb all our anxieties, frustrations and at the same time bad energy. I  honestly don't like that when I log on to the website and unfortunately, nobody would consider coming back to such a site if people will just end up  being more  stressed while  browsing it.  I mean come on people!

Dumping hate in such a place only  creates more negativity and of course more hate.  I have recently encountered two incidences wherein I have been "I don't know if they meant it or  not but"  I have been an easy target to this negativity. I  am known for almost  always updating my Facebook status and let's face it,  it has become such an overwhelming trend. But unlike  other people  who post just about everything that they do in their status messages, I also sometimes  put things that I have learned or realized in mine.  In short, you won't be seeing my schedule for the whole day in my wall. But even if I am not like that, I do not ridicule the people who do it for they are free to share whatever they want. I can always just turn a blind eye to them if I want to rather than try to butt heads with them and say bad things about them online. That's just immature and something a disrespectful person would do. Point is respect  begets respect but unfortunately even if I do not do bad things to others, others still do them unto to me which is heart breaking really. Just when I thought people  can act like the civilized animals  that we brag about that we are. Seeing and experiencing all these things  just makes me wonder if sharing whatever it is within  you is actually worth it. Maybe it isn't but the fact remains that when I do so, I somehow feel lighter. Facebook has become like a close  confidante to me who will always put up with everything that I have to say.   

The sad part is that some people  are just classic bullies. I know this for a  fact since I have experienced being bullied when I was younger. In just within two weeks, two people have incorporated my status messages on to their wall posts and even if they did not actually say my name as they tried to make a point of either ridiculing or badmouthing what I have done, written nor said, the fact remains that they cannot say that it is only a coincidence as to why my post was linked to theirs. There are so many people  that use this website that the only time a lot of people end up having identical posts is when there is a national holiday/event, a global issue or perhaps a chain message post and then there is that slim chance that other people are experiencing almost the same thing that you are experiencing but the chances of them posting an identical thing online is just slim. With that being said, I do not think they can give an alibi that it wasn't  meant for me but for someone else. I do not understand as to why they are attacking me for no reason at all. It was not like I said something bad about them. I was merely minding my own business and posting about something not related to anyone other than myself. What is happening to the world and to the people that live in it? Whatever happened to rising above the hate and just embracing peace and love? Facebook is turning into Hatebook and if we continue to do nothing about this then nothing is going to change. The situation will just continue  getting worse and that my friends is what already happening in the outside world. Why should we let such a thing happen even in cyber space?

I cannot say that I am a model social networking site user but at least I have the decency somehow to not pick on someone who hasn't been doing anything bad to anyone. If we truly are free then we shouldn't be judged or we shouldn't pushed to conform with whatever everybody thinks is cool.  So what if this is how I things on my wall?  You have your own wall. Why don't you mind yours?  Seriously for all the haters  out there, I don't know what's  your deal but you can all sod off and mind your own business. I am just pissed right now that people have the audacity to do something like this. So, cyber bullying is real and here I am fighting it. I am taking my stand against such a crime and I am making sure that such a thing won't happen to anyone else ever again. If you are a victim of cyber bullying, learn to get away from the cycle of negativity.  Fighting fire with fire only makes it worse so learn to diffuse it with positivity. I am no longer going to confront people who I know would just end up denying the fact of what they did to me and God knows if they are still doing it to me but at least my conscience is clear.  In the greater scheme of things, if I do not do anything bad against them then they will end up being the losers because I just showed them what a better person I am. Make  sure to be proud enough to show them that and hopefully when they realize that they are fools  to have picked on you, it will finally be like a solid slap in their faces or perhaps like a pail of icy cold water being splashed on their faces. I can be a bitch too if I choose to be but I only  choose to be when it matters and when I need to be.  Always remember to not stoop down to those who are not of your level. "Nuff Said.

I wish people would just let others be. Its not like anybody is picking on them for who they are and what they post online. I guess some  people  have way too much time in their hands that they feel the need to mind other people's businesses, status updates and even online posts. Get a life or better yet get a job! Get something else to keep you busy instead of focusing all your energy on something that you have no right working on in the first place. Sheesh!