Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Dedicated to the lovely women in my life who raised me. Some of them may not be included in this photo however, they will still forever be remembered and cherished in my heart....

I wrote a poem for my mom once in Filipino and I remember submitting it in class. It was a project of mine. I ended up getting a good grade for it and my mom was pleased to have read it. Yesterday was Mother's Day and this year is my first one where I am not home. I suddenly miss my mom and how mother's day was like when I was with her. But despite the fact that I am far away, I am still glad that I was born in an age where I can electronically send my love to a special person wherever I may be. So, I decided to greet her on her most special day as I try to not become sentimental about it. I know it was sent electronically but somehow it has more meaning to it now. I guess the old people were right when they said, I will understand everything more as I grow older.

Yesterday, I somehow had an overwhelming feeling of understanding. Yes, I am an adult now and someday, I shall become a mother too. Not all mothers are perfect. Not all mothers are prepared to have their own children. Some are overprotective, some don't even care. Some love their children fiercely while others are cold. My mother wasn't a superhero nor a magician but she certainly did everything to save the day and did magic with her able hands. She never wore a cape or owned a magic wand but to me, she was the best mother any girl could as for.
I idolized my mother as a kid because I knew she did everything she could for me. She left to work for another country to make sure she can save money for me. She left me to be raised by my grandparents and took me with her when I was about 11 years old. I became a teenager before she knew it and along with the teenage years comes the angsty side of the growing years. Yes, we've had more than our share of misunderstandings and fights. I remember hating her and my dad back then but I guess that's just normal. When I got older, my rebellious stage has somehow diminished but still there are times when I never get along well with her. Sometimes I feel guilty for being bad to her when I know she's just being kind and understanding to me. Mother knows best.

Everybody knows that and no matter how hard I try to get my own way, at the end of the day, I would still feel guilty at the thought that I didn't do what Mom said and that I was wrong so she was right. I never had the heart to tell her all the time. I was too proud and too afraid. Yes, I am an adult but still a little kid at times. I love my mother with all my heart, I just never really showed her all that when we were together. I don't regret things really. I just wish we could have bonded more together. We were both so busy with everything going on with our own lives that we have forgotten what it was like to just lighten up and have fun. My mom is the coolest! I used to tell my friends about her. They often told me how lucky I was for having her. I was proud of her and I felt good knowing that I have her in my life. I can never imagine my life without her being in it.

So, cheers to you, Mother. Through the good times and the bad times or even through the worst times of our lives, we've both gotten through them all. I love you not because you are the perfect mother but because you reminded me that it's okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them all. I owe everything to you from the moment I was born. I would never be the woman that I am today without you. I guess now that I am older, I know what it's like to be in your shoes and someday when become a mother too, I will do my best to make you proud and somehow learn how to deal with the growing pains of my child too. Thanks for enduring everything that life has hurled on to you and for being strong even when I know it's hard to hang on any longer. Most of all, thank you for showing me that not all mothers should be soft like marshmallows that sometimes mothers need to be ferocious lionesses to protect their young as well or even become as hard as nails in order to get through tough times. Mothers should learn how cope no matter what life hurls at them. Thanks for everything, Mom! I Love You Forever!

I agree. Not all superheroes can wear capes or not all magicians can wave a wand to make magic. Mothers are capable of saving the day and making magic without all the props needed. They are rare creatures that deserve to at least be greeted every once a year of their achievements.

Awww...Just shows that a mother can really show unconditional love to their kids no matter what. Thus the saying, a face only a mother could love. LOL!

We should all show our moms how much they mean to us not just once a year but every single day of our lives together with them.

I wish I could have baked my mom some cookies for such a special day but I never did.

So why not give her a bouquet of the best flowers out there and wish her all the best. Again, Belated Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

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