Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Unlucky Me

I can't say that I am the queen of unluckiness, misfortunes or bad luck but I can say that I have had my share of it one too many times. So I decided to make a list of all the bad things that happened to me in the past. Let's just say they were filled with mixed emotions. I felt embarrassed, angry, ashamed and at the same time foolish. Looking back at all of them makes me laugh now but I still can't deny the fact of how I felt during those times. I just hope they never happen to me again anytime soon. I don't think I can ever rank them or put them in proper order but I am positively certain of sharing them all to you now so if you are ready to hear about my mishaps then here goes...

1. Falling down a wide staircase made of cement at an amusement park. 
It was during a field trip back in elementary in Oman. Only a few people saw it and nobody dared to laugh at me but then again I know most of them were already laughing inside the whole time. I didn't want to mention it to anyone after that. It was like something that I wanted to be forgotten.

2. Bad mouthing someone without realizing he/she was actually near me or behind me. 
Not like I meant it. I merely said the truth but then again I guess it was bad to do it behind their back. Yes, that was my fault.

3. Experiencing Diarrhea while on my way to my college and eventually had to go down the jeepney to knock in one of houses' doors to use their toilet but when I got there I realized I was beyond help and that I needed to wash my underwear. (EWW! GROSS!) 
Good thing the family was understanding and decided to help me. They asked me to just change into their daughter's clothes while they washed my pants and underwear in the washing machine. Thank God for Good Samaritans!

4. Riding in an FX and arriving at work only to find out my jeans/pants was ripped in the crotch area. This happened two times. 
One time was when I still worked full time in my hubby then boyfriend's office. I asked him to bring anything I could borrow for that day so he saved me. Second time was when I was working in a different company which was why I had to buy myself my own pants to save myself from all the humiliation of walking around with my pants ripped.

5. Riding in a jeepney and arriving at work with my jacket/shirt ripped in the armpit area. 
When I got to the office, I first borrowed a stapler to put staple wire in the armpit area but as soon as it was my break time I immediately looked for some pins that I could buy to put in the armpit area of my jacket for the mean time.

6. While in a hurry to ride a bus, I avoided a woman walking slowly in front of me only to almost hit a blind man in front of me. 
I turned around but so did he so I ended up tripping in his stick and bending it but eventually riding the bus. It was only when I was already sitting down did I realize what had happened and I really felt sorry about it but I could no longer do anything as the bus already started moving.

7. Tripping in front of everyone in the middle of a busy street and sidewalk. While in a hurry to get to work, I walked in my high heels in front of McDonalds El Pueblo with my big laptop shoulder bag. I was too busy not trying to be late when I realized that there was a brick missing in the road so I tripped in the middle of a crowd that all stopped when it happened and what is more embarrassing is that all the vehicles stopped too because of the stop sign. Everybody saw me fell. I immediately stood up. Brushed myself up and smiled. All I could say was "I'm okay" then went back to walking. Yes, I could hear giggling and laughing and perhaps gossiping as well as I passed the people and the vehicles by but who cares? What happened already happened. I should just deal with it.

8. I ride a public transportation then go down my stop then realizing I accidentally forgot to pay my fare. (This happened almost a lot in college.)

9. Almost surprising someone who I thought was someone I knew but when I got closer I suddenly realized I was wrong but it was too late so in the end, I make a total fool of myself.
Like one time I was on my way home, I thought I saw an old office mate of mine who was passing through. I wanted to say hi to the person by trying to surprise him but as I was about to say "HUY" to this person, he turns around and catches me looking at him so I decide to go to the other direction and just ignore him as I realized he just looked like my old office mate but it wasn't really him. 

10. I see someone I know at an elevator or someplace public but don't know if he/she still remembers me so I decide to endure the awkward moment of being near them without greeting them and making them do the first move. 
If they do greet me then I will too but sometimes its more like we just look at each other altenately and then we eventually look at each other at the same time we just smile. Odd huh?

I am pretty sure there are more but these are the only things that I remember for now. Now you know that my life is filled with mishaps and misadventures. As much as I want to forget or erase most them in my head, I don't think I will be able to do so. So I might as well just share these embarrassing things to everyone to laugh about with high hopes that it would cheer them up on a gloomy rainy day or on a sad day filled misfortune. Don't worry; you are not alone.

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