Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Office Drags

I am a teacher, not a person who should interview my students to the extent that they would be telling everything about themselves and those around them to me. I already have so many things going on with my life so why should I bother getting involved in other people's businesses? I am fine with asking questions about them since I sincerely want to know how they are but I do not want to delve into their deepest, darkest secrets. I know for a fact that I wouldn't appreciate it if such a thing happened to me. I don't want people prying or asking me too much questions to the extent that my privacy is being compromised. I don't know why some people don't know that but isn't that supposed to be common knowledge?

Anyway, we just had a meeting and an evaluation today which is common twice a week. I am used to it by now even if sometimes I don't see why we have to go through so much fuss. My classes will always end up being evaluated and my performance being scrutinized during these so called evaluation sessions. Somehow I feel like I never have good classes anymore because they always find a kink or flaw in my classes. This saddens me and somehow makes me question whether I am becoming mediocre or not. I hate doubting myself especially as I know it is counter-productive somehow. The people who evaluate me are not experienced teachers. They only have the position in the company because they have been here longer than I have. Sometimes it bothers me when they talk down on me. It is as if they are showing off that they are better or have more knowledge at educating students than me.

I have been in this industry for more than 5 years now and somehow I know of the ups and downs of not just the online English industry but as well as the complexity of Korean managements and students. I also know my craft. Although I never did take education as a major in college, it has become my passion and somehow I enjoy being an English teacher to students of all ages and levels. I don't really comment on whatever they say on their evaluations on me. I usually just keep quiet as a sign of respect. Since I am a civil person, I usually let these things go. Most people especially those who are experienced teachers like me tell me that I should bite back as well but I am done with that. This week, I found out that one of my students was transferred to my leader. I asked why and if the student lodged a complain against me but I was told that nothing of that happened. I was informed that she was still studying under the same schedule however, the mystery still remains. Why was she moved to a different teacher?

When the student had a class with a different teacher, she looked for me. Normally, I wouldn't care but this time, it is personal. Why? Because the management knows that I need to maintain at least 10 students every month and at this rate, I now have less. The other students who will be ending their contracts soon have other important reasons which is understandable but to have this particular student moved to someone else just like that is just too suspicious. Now, she has 13 while I have 10 which might dwindle down to 8-7. Somehow, I feel that there is inequality here. Why do I think so? Because teachers with experience are given lesser students, average 10-13 students while those who don't have experience are given at least 13-20 students. The treatment for experienced teachers is different although the management denies this, I know otherwise.

I am 6 months pregnant now and I know that I will be resting home soon. I have been asked when I will be having my maternity leave but somehow, I feel different now. I just want to leave and concentrate on taking care of my baby. Somehow I think that would be more rewarding than sucking it up here. I know it will be a big move but I am used to coping with challenges by now. This company hasn't paid my SSS coverage anyway which is why I won't be able to use it when I give birth. They gave out many reasons like I should have started working here from January to complete the whole 9-12 months of contribution and that if I was to sue someone, I should sue my former Korean boss for not doing the same thing which I wouldn't do since I only worked part time for him while I am currently working full time for this company. They say that they will work on my Philhealth with high hopes that they will be able to pay the contributions and then deduct them from my salary. Somehow, I remain hopeful but should I? Promises, promises.

As of now, they don't know my plans yet and somehow, I am holding out on them. I need to know about the whole Philhealth situation first before I lay my cards on the table. I have my rights. Hopefully, they won't end up being a-holes about it. I am no longer complaining about this. Instead, I am going to take things like an adult and just do what I have to do. This company is so proud in saying that most of the people who left their company are jobless and find it difficult to find new jobs. I say, they shouldn't be too proud. Priding one's self with greatness is fine every now and then but to do so indulgently is a crime. Now, I know the real deal about them. Now, I know their dirty work. So many things have been revealed to me without even trying to unravel them. I guess I deserve something better while they deserve a lesson. Karma will come one day but for now, I am staying but not because I want to. I am merely holding on because I have to. Come February, this sacrifice will be over. Fingers crossed that everything will be fine till then.


Pondering A Bit About December 21

December 21: To Prepare Or Not To Prepare?

I have been feeling anxious lately. Apparently, watching The Walking Dead every week, watching Doomsday Preppers as well as knowing about the whole Mayan Calendar with the whole December 21 event and hearing about my husband's recurring apocalyptic dreams, has put me in this position. Maybe I am just being paranoid but thinking about it makes me upset. If I am going to be logical about this, I know that we won't really survive if the world would end soon. Maybe I am only this fearful because I am currently pregnant and wish to have a future with my child as well as my family. Going to work every day doesn't really help. The fact that I am away from everyone I love just to earn money might seem logical to practical people but honestly, it isn't logical when you think about what matters most. My loved ones matter more than my job or the money that I earn. Society just dictates these things to us. We need money because we can't survive without it. Not really but society demands that we earn money to support ourselves. It has actually taught us to be dependent on things to be handed out to us as long as we have money in our pockets which is definitely not good.

Anyway, this made me think whether it would be best to prepare a little something just in case an emergency arises or not. Right now, my husband and I are not in the position to do such things as we are going to move out of our current home by next year and we will be having a baby as well. The money that we have will go to my labor and of course, whatever life we will have after that. We wouldn't have extra money to prepare anything but I don't think we will need so much when it comes to preserving food. I know we will be needing more money if we wish to get other survival materials. We also need to acquire new skills and new knowledge to survive in a new world which somehow makes me frown at the fact that my husband and I are not in the medicine field or something useful like the engineering field. It would have been great if we were. But I know this whole plan is complicated especially when it comes to the bug out plan and so on. Just thinking about it is stressful enough. I wonder how the preppers in Doomstay Preppers started out. It really fascinates me somehow.

Reading some articles online today, I encountered some that were talking about the whole Mayan calendar and so on. What if the Mayan's calculated it wrong? What if they merely wrote the calendar until that day because of no significance at all? What if all our speculations and assumptions were lies? Well, I guess we can't ever tell. We have to wait for the exact date to know for sure. I guess the only thing that makes me think positively regarding this matter is the fact that nobody knows this for sure. If the world will end tomorrow or not, only God knows. I have faith in him and I believe in him. I may not be ready for what's to come physically but somehow I am hoping that he would strengthen me. Besides, I am looking forward to Christmas and the birth of my baby next year. Why should I worry? How about you? If the world ended tomorrow, will you be prepared for it?

I honestly don't know where I will be for the second half of the day. All I know is that for the first half, I will be at work which I know won't be an ideal place to be if it was the last day of our existence. Sheesh! Having the "died in the line of duty" tag line in my tomb stone wouldn't exactly look good especially since that only looks good on those who proudly served for their countries...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Thoughts On Smoking, Drinking And The So Called Republic Act 9211

I have never been a fan of smoking. Although I did smoke a couple of sticks when I was younger out of curiosity, I was never really entertained by it. I wondered how it would be like to do it but after doing it and experiencing that there is no fun in the said activity, I merely said to myself, "Why Bother?" I stopped smoking then and was never even curious to try it again. These days, I try my best to avoid people who smoke as it is harmful not just to me but to my baby's health. Sadly, sometimes it can be inevitable. Especially because so many people don't care. I understand that they don't care about their bodies but if they want to ruin themselves then why add others to their dying cause? I just don't get it.

It is the third day this week that I avoided going to the toilet when my boss gets to work. We share the same toilet along with other employees. There might be others who smoke in that bunch however, my boss is the only one who smokes inside the toilet. Our toilet is not that big. It is a small room with very little ventilation. We have tried to explain to him that the smoke that he emits might trigger the so called fire alarm but he was left unfazed. Now, whenever we see his cigarette case inside the toilet along with his lighter, we take them away and dispose of them. He often asks all of us who has them at the end of the day but nobody ever tells him anything anyway. I have never taken what was his and would never start doing it now. Not because I fear him or anything of that sort, I merely don't want to be involved as I would rather use the toilets found outside our office instead. Sure, it can be a bit inconvenient especially since I need to walk further but I would go there and be free of smoke than to inhale every last bit inside a convenient toilet.

Consideration is something that these people obviously don't have. This is one reason why I hate smokers. Although I can't say all smokers are this way, I can say that most of them are. I was happy when they said that it would be illegal to smoke in public now but after seeing that there are still a lot of people who do it, I don't see why I should continue rejoicing. Apparently, despite the law being passed, it didn't matter. Whether there was a fine or not, they just don't care. Hearing about the RA 9211 resurfacing in the news has made me smile once again. I wish they would add more to the current price of not just tobacco but alcohol as well. If one cigarette stick would cost more than 10 pesos then I don't think a lot of people would be able to afford it. Honestly, I don't see why people would even want to afford it especially since they know that smoking can kill them and those around them. It is an absurd addiction that I will never truly fathom no matter how much one explains it to me.

If the bill will be passed then I know that it will have its advantages and disadvantages. Most smokers think that the bill is unfair as it targets them because of their dangerous habit. Honestly, I don't think the government is doing anything wrong especially as it is the responsibility of the government to take care of the people around them. How can a government govern if without its people? Every year, more and more cases of people who get hospitalized to due diseases caused by smoking increase. Most die. I don't know why smokers still continue on with smoking despite the obvious warning signs. After seeing a huge number of youngsters also taking a liking for the habit, I realized that we should all do something to prevent this from happening. I know my child is not even born yet but would I like my child to be in this kind of environment? Of course not. If it is up to me, I wouldn't want this to happen but sadly, it isn't. It is up to everyone of us to do something.

I am fed up with people who smoke for their selfish reasons. To me, if they want to smoke, they should go do it where they are the only ones who will inhale it. The world is dirty as it is. Please don't make the air dirtier. A hopeless plea for sure but it wouldn't hurt to try. Will the bill ever be passed? That we have to wait and see. Alcohol is only fun to some extent but to the extent that you only live and breathe with it in your system is not cool. Like cigarettes, alcohol kills. Although it doesn't emit smoke, it sometimes clouds the mind of people who consume them thus, crimes are made. I used to drink when I was younger but I have been sober for years now. Even if I would be tempted to drink again, it would probably only be due to special events but that's about it. Will too much smoking and drinking ever cease? That we don't know. All I know is that we should try somehow but how can we when nobody wants to do so to begin with? Yes, what a definite lost cause this has lead to be!

 A fact that many smokers neglect to realize...
 A fine or a fee is said to be a way of punishing these so called smokers who will continue to do it publicly. It might look like it was effective at first but after a couple of months or years later, it doesn't seem to be working at all...
 Smoking lounges are already present in shopping malls. I just wish there were more of them so that smokers could just stay in those places for their smoking pleasure. Non-smokers beware such sickening places...

Christmas Is Truly Coming It Seems...

Christmas is just around the corner. Hearing Christmas songs being played everywhere and seeing Christmas decorations in different private and public places has made me realize it is coming. Yes, it is indeed beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Despite the hot weather that is making me feel like it is summer here rather than the fact that December should be rather cold. I just don't feel it. It is not like we are in Australia or anything but I guess this is quite normal already considering that snow hasn't started to fall in Korea anyway. Yesterday, I found out that we will be starting with our so called office Kris Kringle which will happen every Monday of the week. I like Christmas and I should be pretty excited about receiving gifts and giving them but somehow, I don't feel so sure this year. This will be the first year that I would be doing this once again at work and somehow I am anxious.

This week's codename theme has something to do with Gay Lingo or Gay Spluhk as they call it. Since I only know a few words and expressions and don't intend to learn more by heart, I only chose a codename that I often use. I don't know if it would be easy to guess but I gave it because I didn't want to fuss over it. Later, I will be picking out a name of who my monita will be. I don't know the theme for Monday yet but I am hoping that it won't be something difficult to look for. Meanwhile, I still haven't put up any Christmas decorations in our room especially because of the fact that we will only be staying in our current apartment until the end of January or the first week of February. We will be moving to my parents' home in Antipolo after that. But for the spirit of Christmas, we might just put Christmas lights outside our home by this week or the next.

I used to be a Santa in our home when I was single. I bought almost everyone a gift. I carefully picked each gift and even lovingly wrapped them in different designs. I put name tags on them so that they won't go astray and arranged them underneath the Christmas tree. I was even in charge of giving them away at our annual family Christmas parties. I got good gifts but I felt happier giving gifts away. To me, Christmas is a time for giving. Too bad that tradition couldn't be kept after I got married. Although I still gave presents to some people, I was not able to give everyone anything. I felt bad because of it but it was a sign that my money cannot be spent only on gifts for everyone. Now that reality has hit me, I realized that there are other things that I should be alloting my money for. Like the birthing of my baby next April which is understandable.

This year, I want to give presents once again but only to those who I really need to give presents to. I already have one for my husband and my little sister but none for my parents, my in laws, my bestfriend and my godchildren just yet. I hope that before that actual day comes that I can provide them with something no matter how simple they may be. I want to be surprised with a gift or some gifts this year. I don't want to do a Christmas list but somehow someway I want to at times because I want to get the gifts that I truly want but that takes away the fun of Christmas, doesn't it? This Christmas I am hopeful will be better than the last one. Finally, I get to be reunited with my loved ones this year. I am excited for that but for now since Christmas isn't here yet, I have to prepare some recycled Christmas decorations for my parents' home. I am not sure how it will turn out but I am hoping for the best. Keeping my fingers and legs crossed for this one. Hopefully, my creative juices will keep on flowing and won't run out halfway otherwise, I'd be really disappointed. Wish me luck!

No, I don't want to be by myself this Christmas. That would be too lonely to bear.

I just noticed this today on my way to work. It seems Meralco's Liwanag Park is finally open to the public once again. I have never been there but judging by the pictures, I am sure a lot of people will be flocking the area once again this Yuletide season.
Is Christmas truly more fun in the Philippines? I guess so. Here in my country so many people start decorating for Christmas as soon as the so called "BER" months arrive. It is not even December yet and yet there are so many Christmas decorations everywhere already. Not to mention the continuous playing of Christmas songs wherever you go. Yes, welcome to the Philippines, where we think that Christmas should last for more than a month.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh, Quality Television, Where Art Thou?

Taking time to check out the shows being shown on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel as well as MTV, I realized just how much time has changed and how the new generation is different from the last. Somehow seeing Oggy and the cockroaches and that odd show with the shark, the mermaid and the wolf on it on Disney Channel doesn't please me at all. Seeing Hannah Montana, High School Musical or the rest of the sitcoms makes me want to see Lizzy McGuire once again or perhaps That's So Raven as well. I don't mind seeing Phineas and Ferb and Disney movies every now and then. Somehow I wish they could have done more reinvention with the channel. I miss seeing cartoons like Gargoyles, Kim Possible, Mighty Ducks, Monster Allergy and Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Meanwhile, I don't mind seeing Adventure Time or Ben 10 on Cartoon Network but somehow seeing Tom and Jerry speaking in the new series makes me wonder whatever happened to slapstick? I used to like them with less if not, no dialogue at all. It was funnier that way. I was sad when they said they wouldn't show classic shows like Popeye anymore as it was a big part of my childhood. As for Nickelodeon, whatever happened to Doug, Hey Arnold, As Told By Ginger and The Wild Thornberries? Sorry but I seriously am not a SpongeBob fan. I am just glad they show a little bit of Rocko's Modern Life every now and then.I am also glad that Avatar is shown ther eas well.

Lastly, MTV. Yes, M is supposed to be for music but why is it that these days, MTV shows a lot of other non-music related shows as well. I don't see why Jersey Shore should be there. I don't know why they have to play 16 and pregnant there. Seriously, MTV, what is the relevance of all these shows to the music industry? The occassional Beavis and Butthead and Aeon Flux cartoon was okay then but the shows now which they show aside from the music videos and concerts just shows how far commercialism has gone this time. Perhaps they have changed their list of programs because of the ever evolving audience but I know that the biggest part still falls on the fact that these channels want to earn more than they used to. I may not agree with it. All those who are in the same generation as I am might not either. But what can we do? There is no use crying over spilled milk. If only we can turn back time. Quality television, where art thou?

This is why these days I just watch shows from educational channels. Thank God for having National Geographic, Discovery, History and TLC. Oh and don't forget my regular viewing of The Walking Dead on FOX. I know it isn't education but what the heck? I like it!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Uneventful Working Wednesday

The problem with people who don't have anything to do is that they disturb other people because they get bored. Honestly, I wouldn't mind doing this if my co-workers were close to me but I would mind doing this now because I am not close with them. I would also mind them doing the same thing to me. Maybe I am just being irrate at the moment but what can I do? I just have nothing else to talk about when it comes to them. The age gap is just a couple of years away, sure but somehow I feel like I am an alien from another planet or perhaps a foreigner in a different land that is not my own. In the office, I feel like the odd one out. I don't say that because it is 100 percent a bad thing. I say that because it is a fact. I am more of a loner anyway. I would rather be alone than to try to be good friends with everyone as I give them fake smiles and praises, that I Just can't do but somehow have to do as I go to work each day. I'm sucking it up as an adult. That is a reality of life. This is one reason why I wish I was young and carefree again.

Anyway, I have been busy at work lately and I am okay with that. Last Monday, I found out that there will be two people who will be celebrating their birthdays this week. Of course, I would have to greet them on their birthdays but herein the office, they seem to be brewing something. Since I didn't have any money to pitch in as I am on a tight budget lately, I decided to turn to my creativity. I did cards for them and gave them to another person who I work with in the morning as I thought she would be responsible enough to have it printed out. Sadly, I received a message from her last night that she was not able to do it. I don't mind really, I was just a bit ticked off when she kept on hassling me about it yesterday and now, she wants me to just contribute money instead. Frankly speaking, I told her I can't due to my current situation. Thank God she didn't continue being pushy. Otherwise, I would have really sulked. I heard there will be a cake delivered later on. I am not expecting to eat a part of it. The 1 o'clock party might end up being a 2 o'clock party. Who knows? Seems people here don't know how to respect other people's time anyway.

It is a lazy Wednesday. I don't know why. I want to be productive but things are starting to get boring out here. Somehow nothing is inspiring at the moment and I just feel tired everyday. I wish I can be motivated more. I wish I can find reason to be here. I know I won't stay but at least I want to last until I can out here. I just want to get more sleep. That is the only thing that distracts me everyday. It is like no amount of sleep will keep me sated. No amount of relaxation will make me relaxed. Maybe I am too tensed right now. I will only work until February then all this will be over. I need a break. I badly need it. I am a productive person but this pregnancy gig is making me lazy. I understand it but sometimes I don't. It is already noon here and I only have two hours of work to do before I head home. I hope that after a nap I will be energized enough to do other things. Somehow, I am feeling optimistic. Please body cooperate!

I am more in the lack of work department and the distracted by co-workers bit.

Sleeping has become my favorite hobby. People have told me I should get as much sleep now as I can because once the baby is born, I won't be getting a lot of it in a while. True but I have survived being sleep deprived and I know it isn't pretty but somehow I know that I'll survive. The baby shall be worth it, I know this.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Old And The New: What Ever Happened To Music?

I have never been much of a K-Pop fan. Although I did listen to some Korean songs in the past, most of them were songs that I heard from Korean dramas. The likes of BoA and Baek Ji Young made me like Korean music but that was that.I am not saying that I am not going to give a chance to other Korean artists or songs anymore. I am just saying recently, most of the Korean songs I hear just don't suit my taste therefore, aren't to my liking.

Boy bands and girl bands are everywhere. To me, they all look the same and their songs might be different but somehow the beats are almost the same. Repetitive lyrics are common in the music industry. Sadly, it is like it is hard to find so many good lyricists these days. Either that or they stick with the formula of repetition as it somewhat sells more to the public. Yes, many people have lowered their standards to music already. Gone are the days that lyrics mattered as they conveyed messages. These days, some song lyrics might not even mean anything. Sad but true.

One of the most recent Korean trends is the sensation, Psy, who made the song, Gangnam Style popular. Honestly, I am not a fan. Sure, haters gonna hate but I just don't like the song because of its repetitive nature. I don't hate it because I don't understand it. I don't hate it because I hate the singer as well. I just don't feel the song. That's all. I am not a person who mainstreams often. I was probably one of the last people to know about Gangnam Style and I swore to myself to stay from it as much as possible. Sadly, it is hard to do so especially if you live in a country who likes the song too much. The dance is supposed to be a horse dance. It is funny looking and the dance just seems awkward to me. I guess I just like other dances with more fluid and graveful movements. That's all.

Gangnam Style is said to be the rise of K-Pop around the world. I wouldn't argue with that as it did become a hit virtually everywhere. It just went viral. But Gangnam Style is not the only repetitive song out there. Somehow, there are more and more these days. I am not saying that good music is gone. There might be some out there but there are only a few. I like Katy Perry and her songs but some of them are rather repetitive too. Same goes for Taylor Swift. Most old people dislike the music that we have these days. Maybe as I grow older, I will start doing so too especially because I am starting now. I love some classic songs and bands. I am a late 80's-90's baby therefore, I am more into the music of my generation.

Whatever happened to music? Is there ever a way to go back? I guess not. Thankfully, accessing music these days, no matter how old the songs maybe has become easier. Thank Youtube and other streaming websites out there.
 Yes, enough. I remember saying this before after getting fed up of hearing the song repeatedly everywhere. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen was another one of those songs and honestly, I was really annoyed. It was as if there are no other songs that can be played by people everywhere. Yes, I literally had to cover my ears. Sorry but I've had my fill of these repetitive song lyrics. It was torture, I tell you.
Gangnam Style fever hits the world. Remember the video of Death Pool dancing at the San Diego Comic Con? Yes, he was dancing Gangnam Style then. Even Wolverine couldn't resist doing so. But just like me, not everyone is fond of the Gangnam Style. Thank God that I am not alone in this.

Comparing the song lyrics then and now is just an eye-opener that back in the day lyrics mattered. These days, I just don't know what the music industry is thinking of anymore. Old or new, music is music no matter how some people see it. This is the generation gap that's talking. I am in the middle of it. I am not yet too old or too young to be left behind but somehow I am more partial to old music than new but that doesn't mean that I won't be liking some new songs as well. Just saying that my taste in music isn't exactly very modern. I was never into mainstreaming anyway so why bother explaining myself when it comes to my taste in music.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: A Pregnant Woman's Dilemma

I'm sick today. I started getting sick yesterday evening. I thought I just needed to sleep it off but apprently, sleeping it off wasn't enough. I drank some freshly squeezed orange juice last night. Despite its sour yet sweet taste, I drank it all. I woke up with a stuffy nose. I feel phlegm building inside of me and I don't like it. Whenever I catch a cold, I don't just get a runny nose but my eyes become watery as well. Most of the time I get a headache which makes it hard for me to concentrate or think. I hate getting sick and I thought I have done my best to isolate myself from everyone else but alas, what I did wasn't enough.

I have a very good idea as to why I am unwell at the moment. Since last week, my co-workers have all been sneezing, coughing and at the same time blowing their noses. I wasn't worried at that time because I knew that my station was far away from these infected people and that I rarely interact with them. Whenever I do, I always keep some alcohol handy. I know, I am a clean freak but what can I do? I just don't want to get sick especially not now that I am pregnant. Unfortunately, it was only this week that I found out that some of those infected people borrowed my station for several of their classes. To my horror, they used my headphones meaning their saliva and germs might have already been transmitted through my mouth piece. Gah! Just talking about it makes me cringe and gag.

There is no use berating anyone right now. I can't point fingers. So, this morning, I decided to disinfect my station as best as I could. I might just have to get used to it until I stay here early next year as I don't want to be prone to viruses that they keep on bringing at work. Honestly, the CDC would say that if you are sick, you better stay home but most companies don't think that should be done. Despite being sick, we all must be at work to get paid so I can't really blame these sick people for coming to work even if deep inside I actually wanted to. Thankfully, I already asked my doctor what to do and she told me the usual things but asked me to get some more vitamin C in me. Looks like I would adding more vitamins to my current list.

I just hope that by next week, this will all be over. All this flu scare is making me want to get vaccinated but I guess I will have to ask my doctor again to be sure. Ah, the dilemma of working in an office with people who don't really care about their health and other people's healths. I just wish more people are more aware of the things that they have to do to prevent their germs from spreading. After all, prevention is better than cure.
Yes, this question popped into my head today despite the fact that I already know the answer to it. *SIGH*

I wish more people knew about these things. Sadly, I don't think they do and somehow, I feel that even if they knew, they just don't care at all.

Wah! I don't want to be sick anymore. Why oh why?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Busy Monday Morning, Uncomprehending Leader

Don't you just hate it when some people don't listen to you? To me, time is important and most of the time, I do my best to keep track of it especially on a busy day. This month until January will probably be the busiest months for me. Not simply because the holidays will be here soon but rather there are so many things that I need to be doing on the following months. Aside from the fact that I need to talk to our landlord for the moving arrangements, we also need to do some packing and moving. I also need to update my SSS - for my new address and my MAT 1. There is also the fact that I need to have our Globe subscription disconnected or perhaps transferred - whichever we will decide to do. Lastly, there is the issue of my employment. Perhaps I need to talk to the management as early as now to have an agreement with them. I am no longer expecting to be regularized. I just want them to consider my situation and let me stay until the end of January so that they will be able to pay their share of the Philhealth and SSS while I do the rest. Yes, busy, busy, busy. I told you so.

Today is a busy day as well. I woke up early and programmed my mind to do all the things that I have to do today. I made a list of things that I should be doing today and even made a timetable for it. I am more systematic that way. So far, I have already done some of the things on the list. I also informed my GL that if she needs to meet me to talk to me, she can do it at a certain time. Giving her my free schedule was on my priority list. Unfortunately, she wasn't listening or reading when I did it. *SIGH* I don't understand why some people would be like that? Then, they would blame you for not saying anything when in fact you did? I don't like it when my schedule gets changed just because of somebody else's incompetence and neglect. I am doing my part. Shouldn't others be doing theirs as well? She said she has something important that she needs to tell me. I said okay. I just hope that that something important, truly is important. Knowing them, everything is important even a measly detail of something so trivial can be important. To me, it isn't. I am like a horse with covers on the sides of its eyes. I only see what I should be focusing on and do not stray away from it. Maybe I am really surrounded by young people as most of them probably need more direction than I do. Not saying that I am better than them. Just saying that I know my priorities more than they do.

I listen. I always do. Especially when it comes to work. Sometimes, I honestly don't want to listen anymore because as I said trivial things don't really matter. Blah blah blah! I know they all have good intentions and they all want to improve themselves and the company but how can they do that if they don't really know what matters? How can leaders lead if some of them don't even know how to listen? Leaders aren't supposed to be all talk. They should be role models to their members as well. I follow and don't question much even if I know I must. Maybe this is because I don't want them to think of me as a defiant employee who doesn't care about them and their so called rules and regulations. I am not after confrontations at the moment as all that matters is I work because I have to and I need to. I don't see anything else that would matter aside from those reasons. Anyway, the day is still young and I know I have a long way to go so I must endure the day as it passes by, hoping that whatever news my ears will be hearing later on, won't be bad news. As I am sick and tired of hearing them. Monday Blues? Yes, I currently have them but I am not complaining and just doing what I should be doing today. I'm a grown woman so I'm sucking it up. Wouldn't you do the same as well?

I informed her as early as 6:29 AM of my free time and told her as to why I would be busy this day but after an hour, she approached me and asked me about my free time. I told her that I already sent her a message about it and she said, she wasn't able to understand and read it properly. I nodded and said okay but deep inside, I was like WTF? >_<;

A good leader listens to his/her members. That is a no brainer. You don't need any leadership training to know that. That is common knowledge. It doesn't matter if you have had leadership experience or not.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not All That's Yellow Is Cheese

I was in a hurry to grab a bite to eat this morning. I would have wanted a sandwich but since it is a holiday today, I decided to just buy a hotdog on a bun instead. It was my first time to buy something like that. There were many choices of toppings and I specifically asked the lady to give me a cheese dressing as hotdogs go well with them. She said that their New York dressing was in fact cheese. Because I was in a hurry and it was my first time to buy there, I had no idea about what she was talking about. I rushed back to work to eat my sandwich there.

Back at work, I realized that the New York dressing that she proudly claimed was cheese wasn't in fact cheese but mustard. I don't hate mustard. I just wanted to eat my hotdog with cheese today. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to do something about it. Had I known more about the product, I would have corrected the mistake. But somehow I am not 100 percent to blame, am I? The lady working from that store should have known better as well. Besides, shouldn't all salespeople know something about what they are selling to effectively sell the products?

This whole incident made me realize that maybe not all sales people know what they are selling which is actually bad for the customers. As some customers need to guidance of a sales person to actually get to know the product more. How can a sales person do just that if he/she doesn't know a thing about them? Luckily, this is my first time in a long time to experience something like this. Most of the sales people that I buy from are somehow knowledgable about their products which is why I can prove that my thoughts are wrong partially. Perhaps the management needs to be blamed as well as training needs to be provided to their employees. I don't think anybody will be able to get information at work if they won't be given them or be taught something. Just saying.

So, who do I blame? Myself? The sales lady? or the company? You decide. Going back to the whole cheese incident, I therefore conclude that not all that's yellow is cheese. I better remember that.
This was the poster at the store. However, there was an additional hotdog dressing in the latest poster as this one is quite updated. It said there that Blue Cheese and Catsup was also available as a dressing but when I told the saleslady that I wanted Cheese, she gave me some New York dressing instead which left me wondering whether she really knew it was Cheese or not. Somehow, I have a gut feeling she doesn't as she reassured me that it was in fact cheese but I was doped as it turned out to be mustard anyway. *SIGH*