Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Love, The Courtesan

Heartache, pain and anger we’re your teachers,
While love, happiness and care we’re never your masters,
After the numbness and the apathy, all you had was bitterness that changed you;
How can a gentle flower become a wretched wrench, so cold and cruel?

You still remain a mystery to me, like an enigma that continues to puzzle me,
I’m like a bee attracted to a flower in bloom yet like a firefly afraid to get close and die,
Your beauty has struck me but just like a rose, you are full of sharp thorns,
Oh, the irony of love and life!

The time came when I discovered your humble beginnings,
That’s when I realized how fate made you that way,
You were forced to live with only hatred, vengeance and regret in your heart,
That’s why sadness is the only thing that you bring…

I’ve thought of you as someone selfish but now, I understand who you are,
Behind your lovely smile and your captivating face, lies an empty side dying to reach out,
You are a hypocrite and a masochist but nobody else knows that,
How long must you suffer? How long must you be this way?

In the end, you would realize how sincerity has moved me and brought me closer to you.
I try to deny it but I am addicted to you,
You are the inspiration of my art; you nourish me and my creativity,
I hope you feel the same way for me…

So now, I am deep in thoughts about the love that we can have,
There is a lot that lies ahead us but I believe that there is hope,
Just take my hand and forget who we are,
For here in this special place, we shall be who we want to be…

I may not know how this story will end but I know how it began,
I shall never regret all the memories we’ve had and will have so share more with me,
We shall escape loneliness and reality tonight, just stay with me,
Let’s have this journey without uncertainty…

My favorite courtesan, Myung Wol aka Hwang Jin Yi. The inspiration behind this poem that I made...

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