Sunday, March 20, 2011

Relationships 101: Never Quarrel About Petty Things

Not all relationships are perfect. Of course, there are good times but at the same time expect bad times as well. I've been in relationships and I know people who have been in and out of them too which is why let's say I know a thing or two about it. They say hardships are a part of relationships as well as challenges. They often test how strong relationships are. Some fail to work things out under pressure which often ends in a sad break up while others do their best to make things work 

While enjoying our lunch out at Wendy's, we were happily talking to each other about random things when suddenly we heard a man's loud voice. We didn't want to look at where it was coming from because we already knew where. I guess we were too busy eating and talking at the same time which is why we failed to realize that another couple sat behind the table that we were sitting on. Unlike us, they didn't look like they were happy. Instead, they looked miserable and angry at the same time. Based on their facial expressions, body language, their choice of words and their irrational actions, we already knew that the couple had a misunderstanding. We didn't know what at first but because they both were already raising their voices inside the establishment, we finally found out why they were arguing in the first place. We may not know the exact details of the situation that they were in but all we know is that they are fighting over money, credit cards and the man's wrong decision of buying a new car when they already have an old one. I felt bad for the woman who was with him because she clearly felt ashamed of what was happening and she even asked her partner to keep his voice down. Fortunately, after a couple of people stopped staring at them, things got quiet between them. We left as soon as they finished arguing because we we're also done eating out meal.

I know we've had a lovers' spat before and yes, we've been through some embarrassing stuff too in public. We've argued and fought over petty things back then but we've learned from all the wrongs that we've done before. We've apologized and talked things out. We've apparently agreed to put everything behind us and just look forward to what comes next. We haven't fought each other since then and we vowed never to fight over petty things. We've decided to become more patient and understanding. We've also made it clear that it's better to talk about every single thing that bothers us so that they won't compile into one huge reason for a fight. I guess we're tying to be more civil and mature individuals since we are supposed to be like that anyway. 

Sadly, not everyone can do such an act. Not everyone can be giving and understanding at the same time. In a relationship, it's always better to hear things out first and never blame the other for your wrong doings or misfortunes. I hope and pray that we never get to that part of our relationship ever again. If only everybody can see that it's pointless to argue or to fight in public and that when you do so, you're just making a fool of yourselves. 


  1. well well well well...

    must say, nothing more embarrassing than publicly starting off a cold war.

    glad to know though that you've found a middle ground with your own partner. some people haven't even settled their own monster!

  2. I agree it's embarrassing to be doing such a thing in public. It gets even more embarrassing if the couple isn't just shouting at each other but actually harassing each other in front of everyone. (i.e. pulling hair, slapping, holding someone tightly that it can leave bruises and that like) I've seen something like that before and I pity the woman most of time but I guess it was her fault too for ever choosing someone like that to be her partner.

  3. Arguments in public are ugly, the funny part is when people in long distance relationships argue over the phone in a public place like i used to. when i made cheap calls to uae to talk with my wife (then girl friend) there was this case that we got into an argument and i was speaking arabic in a public place and it scared everyone. It's not a bad idea to be able to apologize to avoid further problems. ps. apology's must come from the heart if not they wont be valid..