Friday, March 18, 2011

We're All Lucky, We Just Don't Realize It

God may have created us in his liking but we are all unique and we are all anything but perfect. He gave us eyes to see, arms and hands that we can use to either destroy or create, legs and feet for running, dancing, walking and swimming. He gave us everything. Every little thing in our body matters and all of them have their own prupose but sadly I think some people fail to see that. Some people neglect these things which why instead of using them to the fullest, they just let them go to waste. 

I know of some people who have complete body parts and yet do not use them to the fullest. For example, instead of using our mouths to ask for something that's easy go find, why not just use our eyes to try and look for it ourselves? Or what about when we need to get something that isn't far away from us, sometimes there are some people who instead of using their legs and feet to go get it, they choose to ask other people to get it for them instead. When in reality, we are complete and not lacking and thus, we are capable of taking care of ourselves. It is all in the mind where we render ourselves either helpless, too dependent on others or just downright lazy. Why are some people like that? I just don't understand why but I am now questioning whether they truly deserve to be complete or not. I may be contemplating about it right now but it really isn't for me to decide. But still I have so many questions lingering in my head. For one, do they not appreciate what they have right now and is that why they don't use them? Do they even know how lucky they are? 

Everybody knows that I have a younger sister who may look like she is complete but somewhat she isn't. Yes, my sister is a special child. Special not because she is different but rather because despite her condition, we see way past that and instead treat her in a very special way. It is no secret that she has problems with her motor functions which is why even up to this day, she is unable to walk but that doesn't bring her hopes down and ours as well. For years, my sister has tried her best to walk. She's gone through different theraphies, medicines, treatments and so much more just to get better. My parents are thinking of letting her go under the knife and get a surgery but since stem cell research isn't 100 percent guaranteed to work yet and it's cost is too pricey, I believe that's why they are holding it off. Sometimes I hear my sister saying "Why can't I walk or run like other kids?" or "I wish I was able to walk along time ago so that Mommy wouldn't have a hard time carrying me". It breaks my heart to hear her say those things because I know that she deserves to be normal. We all love her so much and we all want her to be what she wants to be. Some say it might be impossible for her to walk now since she is already turning 16 this year but we simply dismiss what other people say and focus on what she is now and what she could be in the future. I am proud of her for being this strong despite her disability. I truly wish that people who were complete could be like her.

We should all appreciate the little things that we have in our lives. No matter how simple they may be. Let's be thankful to the Lord that we have what we have right now. I hope that by writing this down, more people will be enlightened and realize that my life isn't so bad after all. I am complete and able, therefore I should be happy. I shouldn't be complaining about things that don't matter instead I should focus on things that do count. If only everybody would realize that then perhaps they would know how to feel contentment. We all think therefore we can. Even people with disablities believe in that so as people without disabilities, we should too. We were given body parts that make us complete so why not start using them now? 
This blog post is dedicated to my younger sister, Rimah Izabella, for always having a smile on her face despite the fact that she doesn't have everything. She is a perfect example of someone who can make you realize that happiness and contentment go hand in hand. We all love her so much and I am hoping that this entry would help other people realize what they've been disregarding and neglecting all these years...


  1. Nice blog! Really luv it! I know someday Jonee will be able to walk so she can use her legs and enjoy her teens. Hopefully she'll start again her theraphy and rehab this vacation!

  2. Thanks Mom! Let's stay positive. I know that God will not let her stay that way and besides, Jonee knows that we are all here to support her anyway so I know that she will continue to do everything that she can in order to stand on her own feet and walk proudly in front of us. :) Let's hope for the best.

  3. Thanks you told me not to cry so I really fought it hard to hold on my tears. hehe! you know me, I even cry on movies. Nothing is impossible dear. I know Jonee will be better. With all the efforts you are doing, it will pay off. Hi tita! hehe!

  4. Yes, you're right. I know she will. :) I'm glad you liked what I wrote for her.