Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't Waste Your Blessings

Let's face it. Not everybody can be as blessed as you. You have a nice house, a nice car, a great family and a wonderful set of friends yet you throw it all away just because you are either too lazy to have a job or you just have way too many alibis. Would that be fair to everyone else? Honestly if you ask me, I think it is unfair. I see a lot of old, young, sick, disabled or uneducated people who all want an equal opportunity to have their own way of living and yet they cannot be given the chance because they are not as blessed as you. Yet even if you know this fact and preach it well, you still never stop to think about it for a while that you better practice what you preach. I know several people in both sides of the coin. I pity the latter since I know how desperately they want the things that they cannot have. I do not feel remorse for people who waste their blessings for their own petty and selfish reasons. I do not envy them as well. In fact, I loathe them. Why? Because God gave us blessings to use them and never to waste them. 

If you had legs and hands that work fine and that you are healthy, wouldn't it be fair that you use them to make yourself worthy? If you brag about having a good personality, a good mind or perhaps some good looks then why not use them to make a name for yourself? If you have fame, fortune and power within your grasp then why not use it for the greater good instead of the greater evil? You see not all of us have equal blessings. Some are blessed with people that love, care and understand them while others are blessed with other things. All I am saying is that I do not understand why some people would just throw everything away and think only about themselves. Life is unfair, I know that but it only becomes unfair when people become selfish and only think about themselves. We as human beings are not supposed to be this way however we succumb to something this low which only degrades us to lower forms of species in the animal kingdom. 

If there is another thing that I hate it is the fact that some are not even thankful of the blessings that have been given to them. Some are even greedy enough to want more, like biting off more than they can chew when in fact, they already have so much in their plates already. Blessings are given to us because God knows how much we need them and how much we want them but if we aren't going to be thankful to him for giving them to us or if we are just going to waste it all away without hesitation or appreciation then one day, we will regret what we have lost. It is always better to see the bigger picture in life and that we should learn to be more contented with what we already have. Being greedy is a sin and to long for more when you know you already have enough is just bad. Learn to share and learn to give. The world is not all about you but all about others too.

Do I use all the blessings that God has given to me? Yes. I try. I try to use them all to the fullest even if sometimes I feel like neglecting the other as I only have so little time. Am I thankful that God gave them all to me? Of course, I am. I thank him every single day. The thought of being without these blessings makes me sad. I sincerely think that if some people would not appreciate their blessings more then it would be better to strip them away of these blessings and instead give them to others who are more worthy of them. Fortunately for those people, I am not God. All I am hoping for is that people would learn to be more appreciative and would learn to use their God given blessings to the fullest. That way when our journey ends in the land of the living, we can bid farewell a life that has been filled with meaning instead of a life that was filled with emptiness and without purpose. If only...

We always complain when we should be thankful. We always think about non-essential things when there are other more important things that need our attention. We dwell on the negative rather than the positive. We are insatiable, we never want to stop even when we know we are already being selfish and greedy. We waste our life because of many reasons. I only wish we didn't. I only wish we can more appreciative and make use of what we have to make ourselves useful and be all that we can be. So that one day when our life ends from this world, we can proudly say to our maker "Thank You for giving me this life and these blessings for without them, I never would have had the life that I had when I was still living." Hopefully, more people will realize this truth and will not turn a blind eye, a deaf ear and a closed heart to it.

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