Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Uneventful Working Wednesday

The problem with people who don't have anything to do is that they disturb other people because they get bored. Honestly, I wouldn't mind doing this if my co-workers were close to me but I would mind doing this now because I am not close with them. I would also mind them doing the same thing to me. Maybe I am just being irrate at the moment but what can I do? I just have nothing else to talk about when it comes to them. The age gap is just a couple of years away, sure but somehow I feel like I am an alien from another planet or perhaps a foreigner in a different land that is not my own. In the office, I feel like the odd one out. I don't say that because it is 100 percent a bad thing. I say that because it is a fact. I am more of a loner anyway. I would rather be alone than to try to be good friends with everyone as I give them fake smiles and praises, that I Just can't do but somehow have to do as I go to work each day. I'm sucking it up as an adult. That is a reality of life. This is one reason why I wish I was young and carefree again.

Anyway, I have been busy at work lately and I am okay with that. Last Monday, I found out that there will be two people who will be celebrating their birthdays this week. Of course, I would have to greet them on their birthdays but herein the office, they seem to be brewing something. Since I didn't have any money to pitch in as I am on a tight budget lately, I decided to turn to my creativity. I did cards for them and gave them to another person who I work with in the morning as I thought she would be responsible enough to have it printed out. Sadly, I received a message from her last night that she was not able to do it. I don't mind really, I was just a bit ticked off when she kept on hassling me about it yesterday and now, she wants me to just contribute money instead. Frankly speaking, I told her I can't due to my current situation. Thank God she didn't continue being pushy. Otherwise, I would have really sulked. I heard there will be a cake delivered later on. I am not expecting to eat a part of it. The 1 o'clock party might end up being a 2 o'clock party. Who knows? Seems people here don't know how to respect other people's time anyway.

It is a lazy Wednesday. I don't know why. I want to be productive but things are starting to get boring out here. Somehow nothing is inspiring at the moment and I just feel tired everyday. I wish I can be motivated more. I wish I can find reason to be here. I know I won't stay but at least I want to last until I can out here. I just want to get more sleep. That is the only thing that distracts me everyday. It is like no amount of sleep will keep me sated. No amount of relaxation will make me relaxed. Maybe I am too tensed right now. I will only work until February then all this will be over. I need a break. I badly need it. I am a productive person but this pregnancy gig is making me lazy. I understand it but sometimes I don't. It is already noon here and I only have two hours of work to do before I head home. I hope that after a nap I will be energized enough to do other things. Somehow, I am feeling optimistic. Please body cooperate!

I am more in the lack of work department and the distracted by co-workers bit.

Sleeping has become my favorite hobby. People have told me I should get as much sleep now as I can because once the baby is born, I won't be getting a lot of it in a while. True but I have survived being sleep deprived and I know it isn't pretty but somehow I know that I'll survive. The baby shall be worth it, I know this.

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