Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Thoughts On Smoking, Drinking And The So Called Republic Act 9211

I have never been a fan of smoking. Although I did smoke a couple of sticks when I was younger out of curiosity, I was never really entertained by it. I wondered how it would be like to do it but after doing it and experiencing that there is no fun in the said activity, I merely said to myself, "Why Bother?" I stopped smoking then and was never even curious to try it again. These days, I try my best to avoid people who smoke as it is harmful not just to me but to my baby's health. Sadly, sometimes it can be inevitable. Especially because so many people don't care. I understand that they don't care about their bodies but if they want to ruin themselves then why add others to their dying cause? I just don't get it.

It is the third day this week that I avoided going to the toilet when my boss gets to work. We share the same toilet along with other employees. There might be others who smoke in that bunch however, my boss is the only one who smokes inside the toilet. Our toilet is not that big. It is a small room with very little ventilation. We have tried to explain to him that the smoke that he emits might trigger the so called fire alarm but he was left unfazed. Now, whenever we see his cigarette case inside the toilet along with his lighter, we take them away and dispose of them. He often asks all of us who has them at the end of the day but nobody ever tells him anything anyway. I have never taken what was his and would never start doing it now. Not because I fear him or anything of that sort, I merely don't want to be involved as I would rather use the toilets found outside our office instead. Sure, it can be a bit inconvenient especially since I need to walk further but I would go there and be free of smoke than to inhale every last bit inside a convenient toilet.

Consideration is something that these people obviously don't have. This is one reason why I hate smokers. Although I can't say all smokers are this way, I can say that most of them are. I was happy when they said that it would be illegal to smoke in public now but after seeing that there are still a lot of people who do it, I don't see why I should continue rejoicing. Apparently, despite the law being passed, it didn't matter. Whether there was a fine or not, they just don't care. Hearing about the RA 9211 resurfacing in the news has made me smile once again. I wish they would add more to the current price of not just tobacco but alcohol as well. If one cigarette stick would cost more than 10 pesos then I don't think a lot of people would be able to afford it. Honestly, I don't see why people would even want to afford it especially since they know that smoking can kill them and those around them. It is an absurd addiction that I will never truly fathom no matter how much one explains it to me.

If the bill will be passed then I know that it will have its advantages and disadvantages. Most smokers think that the bill is unfair as it targets them because of their dangerous habit. Honestly, I don't think the government is doing anything wrong especially as it is the responsibility of the government to take care of the people around them. How can a government govern if without its people? Every year, more and more cases of people who get hospitalized to due diseases caused by smoking increase. Most die. I don't know why smokers still continue on with smoking despite the obvious warning signs. After seeing a huge number of youngsters also taking a liking for the habit, I realized that we should all do something to prevent this from happening. I know my child is not even born yet but would I like my child to be in this kind of environment? Of course not. If it is up to me, I wouldn't want this to happen but sadly, it isn't. It is up to everyone of us to do something.

I am fed up with people who smoke for their selfish reasons. To me, if they want to smoke, they should go do it where they are the only ones who will inhale it. The world is dirty as it is. Please don't make the air dirtier. A hopeless plea for sure but it wouldn't hurt to try. Will the bill ever be passed? That we have to wait and see. Alcohol is only fun to some extent but to the extent that you only live and breathe with it in your system is not cool. Like cigarettes, alcohol kills. Although it doesn't emit smoke, it sometimes clouds the mind of people who consume them thus, crimes are made. I used to drink when I was younger but I have been sober for years now. Even if I would be tempted to drink again, it would probably only be due to special events but that's about it. Will too much smoking and drinking ever cease? That we don't know. All I know is that we should try somehow but how can we when nobody wants to do so to begin with? Yes, what a definite lost cause this has lead to be!

 A fact that many smokers neglect to realize...
 A fine or a fee is said to be a way of punishing these so called smokers who will continue to do it publicly. It might look like it was effective at first but after a couple of months or years later, it doesn't seem to be working at all...
 Smoking lounges are already present in shopping malls. I just wish there were more of them so that smokers could just stay in those places for their smoking pleasure. Non-smokers beware such sickening places...


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