Thursday, March 17, 2011

Am I Lost In This Fairy Tale Wonderland?

I wrote this back in 2008. I remember questoning myself why things can't go well just like in the fairy tales that I read during my childhood. I remember that this was how I felt...

When I was a child, I have heard several great stories; about the unknown, the haunted, the condemned or even the enchanted. A place where anything is possible, where love conquers all, where unusual creatures roam freely, with tall castles along with their dungeons and royal families, with magical and mystical powers alike and where evil never triumphs over good. I believed and held on those stories until the time I started to grow and to open myself to the real world out there. I thought I was well prepared for what’s out there but in the end, I realized I was not. 

Last night, I slept as a little girl and today I woke up a teenager. As time flew by my in a fast pace, I realized that I was no longer the little lady that I was. I have now grown into a woman. I also started to realize that fairy tales are not always real and that not all stories have happy endings just like in the books I’ve read before. Things are never what they seem although come to think of it there are still some similarities. If you will compare what you are experiencing now with the stories you once knew then maybe they can come true. If you imagine your evil boss to be the wicked witch or wizard in a castle or a person getting angry at you as a dragon breathing fire then maybe you can still live up your so called story land. 

We were all blinded as children. Well, I don’t want to sound cruel so I think it might be better to just say that we were sheltered from the realities and the harshness of the real world. The elders knew what was ahead of us but they thought that we were too young to be prepared for such things. Come to think of it, I can’t imagine my childhood without these so called stories. Sometimes I still go on dreaming and telling myself that I am a princess or maybe there is a princess inside of me trying to come out of it’s shell and that there is a prince somewhere out there waiting in his noble steed to take away to his castle far away from it all. 

It all sounds so dreamy. All I could do was to sigh. Maybe we can still go on living a life build on that foundation but I think no one can go on living with it. As people get older, they change and our beliefs should be as well. I don’t know how people ended up making such stories but they sure made quite a fuss about such things. Were they all real or reel? We shall never know perhaps in time, we shall discover what is true and what is not. As of now, I will just keep on believing that I am someone that I’m not in order to survive this tough world…
Like Alice, I felt myself being lost in Wonderland. The only twist is I am not in a so called fairy tale wonderland. This was reality and there was nothing I could do to escape it...

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