Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are You An Undomestic Goddess Or A Domestic Diva?

I never really belittled housewives. In fact, I even admired them for making sure that they have time for everything. From taking care of their husbands and their kids to doing endless household chores, being able to pay the bills, buying groceries and even finding time for themselves. I just women have innate abilities and one of them is being able to multi task and another is proper time management. I know that nobody can be a perfect homemaker overnight. Just like what they say, Rome wasn't build in a day and that explains the years of practice, a woman needs to go through just to be the ultimate homemaker. By that time, they can make everything seem simple. From the proper ways of cooking to the cleaning techniques. Name it! She probably already knows how to do them. Yes, it is amazing how they do it but I just never dreamed of being one. I just thought that following a daily routine of doing household chores and doing wifely duties was boring and was definitely NOT for me. But little did I know that my perspective on being a housewife will be altered in the near future. 

So, I read this book by Sophie Kinsella called The Undomestic Goddess. It was the first Chick Lit Romance novel that I've ever read and I've been in love with Sophie Kinsella ever since but this entry is not about my love for the author but rather for the realization that hit me when I finally re-read the book. I am a newly married twenty something with hopes and dreams but despite all that I am still a housewife. Why? Because I work from home and it's because of that why I can still do everything from chores to my hobbies and so on. You can say that I am somewhat different from heroine of the novel named Samantha Sweeting, who is twenty nine years old and is working as a lawyer in a swanky law firm which she intends on being a partner of. She lives in a fast paced world where she spends most of her time, relentlessly working her way to the top. Due to this she has forgotten what having a normal life is like and to be honest, she's never had one anyway. She doesn't know what a break is or even a vacation. She's the ideal career woman, empowering, domineering and knows her way with everything complicated and yet ignorant with everything simplistic. Her life seems to be going great especially when she finds out that she has achieved her biggest goal — she has become a partner at Carter Spink. Unfortunately, the joy is short-lived. Sam finds some papers buried on her desk that she apparently forgot to file — and that little mistake has cost one of their clients fifty million pounds. n a panic, Sam rushes out of the office, takes a train, and ends up in a small suburb of London, lost and terrified. She ends up on the doorstep of Trish and Eddie Geiger, who mistake her for a housekeeper come to apply for a job. Wanting only a place to crash for the night and to get her head in order, Sam unwittingly takes the job. When she finds out that she no longer has a career at Carter Spink, she decides to stick it out at the Geigers for a while. The problem? She doesn’t know how to cook or clean. And though Trish and Eddie are easy to fool, the hot gardener isn’t so gullible. In the end, the gardener falls for her and she ends up living a simple life - a life that she never expected to have - never in a million years. However, despite the book being believable, there were still some aspects that we rather difficult to fathom like the fact that a high-powered lawyer would blunder her way into a job as a housekeeper and even harder to believe that a woman who couldn't boil an egg learns how to cook gourmet meals in only a few weeks. However, if you don’t take the story too seriously, you won’t mind these unrealistic bits and instead focus on the great characters and funny situations.

I know that the book was purely fiction but if she can make the readers believe that a person who has never fried an egg her whole life can end up becoming a domestic diva then I guess it's possible in real life too. I remember not knowing any chore at all. At that time, I was naive and I disliked household chores. As much as possible, I did my best to stay away from them but I am a woman after all which is why at some, I needed to learn some too. I started from easy chores like washing the dishes or cooking rice then I ended up learning more as I get older. Now, I am doing things that I never thought I'd be doing ever! I may not yet be a perfect housewife but I am on my way there. Somehow if I continue to persevere then I might become one but for now, I must do what I have to do and hope for the best. How about you? What kind of a housewife are you?
 Thank you, Sophie Kinsella for making me realize that I was once an undomestic goddess too!
 Right on! I want to be a Domestic Diva too! Where do I sign up?
It isn't exactly glamorous but every housewife tries to find glamor in everything that they do. Not mention to reach the seemingly elusive goal to perfection that all housewives strive to get. I'm not there yet. I'm still in my experimental stage. In short, I am still Mrs. Imperfect.

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  1. 'The Undomestic Goddes' is one of my favorite Kinsella books...and believe me, I have read a few! Samantha Sweeting is a Kinsella character that I find to be a lot more respectable than many of the other 'modern day heroines' the author writes about. She is educated and smart and her good fortune comes more from hard work and dedication than accidental cuteness, like Rebecca Bloomwood of 'Shopoholic' fame.