Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beware! Deceit Comes In Many Shapes, Forms And Sizes

I saw a kid trying to beg some food and money while on the mall today. The kid didn't look dirty, poor, malnourished or even sickly. In fact, the kid looked like just another regular kid with a home. I wasn't able to take a photo of her because I was too busy minding my own business. I noticed her going inside different restaurants and fast food chains while handing out an envelope with some writings on it. Only God knows what was written there and only he knows if this child was actually really poor, was just pretending or was just being used by her parents or by her guardians to beg and get something from others. The kid wanted to approach me to ask for money but then backed out. Clearly the kid somehow knew the people who would somehow fall for her puppy dog eyes and innocent looks. Two old ladies who were seated in a table in front of me was nearly done with their meal when this kid approached them. Obviously, one of the old ladies, got a bit nosey and asked the kid where her parents her and who went to the mall with her. The kid looked surprised and I felt like she panicked a little. She didn't look like she knew what she was doing. It was more like she was forced to do it. The old lady's companion decided to give her some coins though. The kid immediately left after seeing one of the service crew looking at her inside the restaurant. She went out without even saying thank you or looking back. I thought I have seen the last of her but after a few minutes when the restaurant started to become full and busy again, new customers sat on the tables. Looks like she's moving on to her next victims now. Surely enough, I saw the kid lurking outside the same restaurant again. She boldly went inside pretending to be one of the customers' kids and was able to blend in perfectly. One group of people even gave her some money and some left overs while the other group even wanted to order something for her. Clearly this kid was now becoming used to getting what her parents want. Do I pity her? Yes, I do but that doesn't mean that I would go about helping her just like that. It's so hard to trust people these days. Who knows if she's not really telling the truth and is just scamming people. I don't want to be fooled. I'd rather observe and stay in the sidelines. I'll only act accordingly once I have proven her to be the real deal. What angers me the most is the thought that her parents or her guardians are even using her to beg to other people that she doesn't even know? Asking for help and begging may be okay if you are truly in dire need but I didn't see that in that kid's eyes. I just hope to God that she wasn't lying...

Yeah right! I care but that doesn't mean that I will tolerate beggars from just getting what they want for free through the expense of other people's money. It's so easy to convince people that you are poor and that you need help for some people are just born compassionate but why not try to work instead of just begging for money and food for a living, wouldn't that be more convenient? Besides, I think it's more honest to live that kind of life than to live a life filled with deceit because you tell everyone the exact opposite of what's going on with your life.

I hate the people responsible for making these kids live on the streets and making them beg for food, money and supplies. They are kids after all and they deserve a life free of these responsibilities. Let's all stop people from doing these things to their kids or to other people's children. It infuriates me. It's just not right. What is this world becoming into?

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