Monday, March 7, 2011

A Blast From The Past: My Misadventure #1

I was cleaning up my old files when I suddenly ran into this file which was made last December 14, 2007. I got curious and dediced to read it before deleting it. I laughed after reading it when I found out it was a story about one of my most unforgettable misadventures. Since it is a good story, I decided that I should post it out here for all to see...

As time goes by, I realize a lot of things. As we grow old, we learn plenty of other things in life. Sometimes people learn them the hard way and meanwhile others don’t until it’s too late. In my case, I think I keep on learning things the hard way. It’s like wanting to be somewhere and never giving up in trying to be there but then it never turns out well. How can one really make the pieces fit? Career wise, sometimes people end up doing jobs they never thought they would be doing when they were still young.

I started my day early today for I was headed somewhere in Malate and honestly, I have never been there before. I felt like a newborn chick trying to break my shell and trying to find the light somehow. It was an adventure though and I’m up for that. I ended up riding an MRT and then an LRT and then a pedicab. The first two rides were ok except for the last one. Imagine trying to find a building in a place you don’t know and the pedicab driver is someone who has a nasal defect (in short, NGONGO). I thought he said earlier that he knew the way but I was dead wrong. We ended up going round in circles and it was like I was a tourist having a tour in Manila. Dang! I was in trouble.

Finally after being able to ask a few other pedicab drivers, I got to the said place and he was kept on complaining how far it was. He told me that I should pay him 60 pesos from Gil Puyat to P Faura. I was stunned. I didn’t know if he was overpricing or not. In the end, he decided to just charge me 40 pesos. I should have gotten a taxi if I only knew he was going to charge me that much. Well, screw that! I got lost finding the main entrance of the building and I was 30 minutes late. Good start for somebody who is going on her initial interview huh? Well, I had the perfect excuse but who knows if it would be enough.

Well, it ended well and I am glad to say that the interview went well. (I just got their e-mail telling me that I can start early next year. Hooray!~) Anyway, after that, I went back to Ortigas with my old co-workers who were also there in the same place for an interview. Pretty odd huh? Yeah, don’t ask! We rode this Jeep and wanted to go down to Pedro Gil station but to our dismay the driver didn’t hear us well and kept on driving all the way to the middle of Quirino station and Pedro Gil station so in the end we had to walk even if one of us was wearing a pair of stilletos. Talk about torture!

When I got to Megamall, I knew what I had to do. I bought some stuff that I need for taking a bath. I only had one goal. To make it to the office early in order to have a quick bath. I was darn sticky already. Finally after that, I was able to freshen up and then I realized I forgot to buy another thing so I went back to St. Francis Square since it was still early. After that, I really wanted to pee so I went to bathroom but the nearest available cubicle had no lock and somebody was still inside. I waited and then the line grew longer. When it was my turn, I felt relieved. After that, when I already had my undies on but my pants were still down, the door opened. I was surprised when this lady didn't even care to knock and just decided to kick open the door. I was stunned and furious at the same time and my first reaction was…ARE YOU DUMB? (Tanga ka ba?) I shouted at the woman who felt ashamed after that but to my dismay, I could also feel her trying not to snicker at that time. I decided to just let it go. I put my pants up and went out of the cubicle after giving the woman an icy stare. Well, she deserved it. I then went back to the office afterwards.

Finally, the biggest thing that ruined my day was that my salary was delayed! Oh well…looks like my day was really messed up. It’s not going to be a happy weekend afterall! I am so sad right now…*sob* 

NOTE: It was a lot funnier when I experienced it and well, I think I have the right to laugh at my flaws since I committed them anyway. Besides, the point of writing this and posting this is to show that no matter how bad your day goes, it doesn't hurt to find humor in everything bad happened. When you do, you'll eventually feel better and just decide to laugh things off. After all, not everybody can have the same experience that I had at that time. I don't think I will ever forget that. More of my misadventures coming soon...


  1. Ahahahaha! I remember this. Now, I am laughing out loud!

  2. Ganun na tayo katagal magkasama? Grabe no? I just realized I have so many things to write about. So many misadventures, so little time. I guess in a way may kamalasan din talaga ako. LOL! Not proud of it but not ashamed of it either.

  3. Ganun na nga best! Matagal na tayo magkasama. hahaha! Go write it if you find time. I will be happy to read it. :))