Monday, March 7, 2011

Criticism, Gossip and Lies - Who needs them anyway?

Ever since I was a child, I have always heard about these things from my grown-up family members and honestly, I didn't really care before. I did not really understand it back then why these things are such a big deal to them but now, I know. CRITICISM, GOSSIP and LIES are some of the most deceitful parts of our everyday lives. I have heard a lot of them and I am damn fed up of them. I used to cry because of what other people thought and said about me but now, I realized that crying will not solve any of my issues or even make it ease my pain. They may just be words but they can still cause a lot of damage to the people who use it as a tool or as a weapon for hurting others. It pierces you deep inside, cuts you and leaves an invisible but painful mark.

I see a lot of causes why these things are formed…I see the words GREED, ENVY, REVENGE, VENGEANCE and EVIL…They are all linked to the first three words that I have mentioned earlier. I remember when I was younger. I experienced being mistreated by some mean girls in school and they really knew how to hurt a person’s feelings. They said a lot of awful things behind my back. I eventually found out from someone that I just met in school. I was really affected because I have done nothing but good things to these girls. As a matter of fact, I have been like a dog to them. I was loyal and followed whatever they told me to do. And now this is how they repay me??? I used to cry a lot because of that. I am weak…emotionally weak. I cry a lot even up to now, I admit that because I am not ashamed to say so but my emotions always get the worst of me. I am very emotional so after that incident, I felt like I had to do something to them in return. I wanted vengeance. My heart was longing for it but then again, good reigned over evil. I did not do it and instead I picked myself up and decided to simply move on with my life.

I think that even up to this very day, these words still haunt me and not only me but also everyone else. They live among communities, neighborhoods, families, friends, groups, organizations and etc. I do not regret that I did not do the same thing to the people who have criticized, are criticizing or will be criticizing me. Same goes for gossips and lies. I am not pure or perfect but I know that I did not do anything wrong to deserve what happened to me back then. I believe that karma will one day come knocking in their doors and will somehow get them all. I do not need pay back. I believe that it will just come to them. These words have been a part of my life and I can never run or hide from them anymore. I want to but I know that I can’t. I just feel bad because I also do my best to make things better but despite all my efforts, things still don’t go the way you plan them. Life sucks sometimes when you realize these things. I wish I could just make things right sometimes. I really just don’t get it…What’s the point of gossiping about others? For fun, I suppose or maybe for other people’s mere enjoyment or maybe they have a sick sense of humor. I also don’t get why people need to criticize people who have done nothing wrong to them? I accept constructive criticisms but destructive…I don’t think so. I don’t get the point of back stabbing people and saying bad things about them which sometimes consist of 1 percent fact and 99 percent fabricated LIES!!! Why do people do that? I guess we’ll never know. Tell me the answer if you know because frankly some people think that all of this is just a sick joke but to tell you the truth, I am clueless and I am damn serious when I said that people are abusing others without even realizing it. So I suggest that all of us be more vigilant and be more careful because you’ll never know when these words and these people will come to strike you with these weapons. Be strong and good luck!

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