Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Dawn Of A Wanderer's I Love You

Forgive me as I crumble
Forgive me as I fall
For this pain is never ending
This heart is yours alone
This blood I am losing fast
The drops are falling, until when will I last?

The world is always changing
There's nothing left for imagining
My life is an endless wanderer's journey
The world is left for me to see
But you are the only purpose, the only one for me
I am miles away from you, to travel is yet undone

In this long winding road, the darkness looms before me
With dangers lurking around us, 
But I am not afraid, I am no longer empty
For this lonely heart has room for you only
May you shine and glow within me
May this feeling grow within us truly

As I grasp reality and feel the breeze before me
I realize that the time is now and it's all running fast
If I can only see you, be with you, just for another time
If only you can hold me and touch me tonight
Before the last breath I take, I shall kiss you
In my mind's eye, we shall stay this way
And then I shall whisper to you, "I love you"...

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