Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Monster You Once Knew

This is a tale, an account so I might say
Of a dashing gentleman who knew quite well in his day
In his time, where parties were endless
When the passion of poetry has ignited within him
When the glory of the beast lures him
This is all but his bloody tale of torment and fear

Long ago and far away, I was young and knew nothing about this land
I was a traveler who was seeking adventure
A man filled of dreams and hopes that one day I can be free
With happiness and bliss, all I desire shall have me
So the day came when I met her, the love of my life, the beauty that I see
This is how everything unfolded, this is how it came to be

I was once a poet, a lover of it all
A muse came to me, she promised me so much more
I loved her, never knowing if she loved me back
I did everything for her, I was happy at last
But one snowy day as we walked hand in hand and sway
A dark entity came and snatched you away

As your scarf fell on the ground, I couldn't help but drown
You were gone, someone took you away
What am I to do now? I looked for you with no delay
I went on seeking, I went on wandering in the icy snow
My body's freezing, my hands are numb and cold
Where could you be? It's pitch black out here, there's only darkness that I see

As I go on walking, I saw a drop of blood
My voice was trembling, I called you and told you to come out
Who was there? What can it be?
I find myself dying, I find myself cringing in fear
Then something emerged from the trees, it was a strange figure that has come to me
The crackling of dried leaves, the dry cold wind on my cheeks

I closed my eyes and stopped myself from screaming
I knew I shouldn't move, I shouldn't do anything
I felt it, I knew it was close by, I smelled it's foul breath tonight
It was the smell of blood of death, there was no point of turning back from there
Then suddenly, I heard it, it's voice was deep but clear
It called out to me, It was uttering my name

I knew it was real, this is not a dream
But when I opened my eyes, I saw nothing but a tear
A tear in your eye, a lifeless body lies here before me
You are gone and forever will be frozen as find the courage to speak
Is this madness creeping it? Why did I not defend my love so clear?
It's over now, what am I to do, my bloodstained hands have crippled me to the floor

And so everything has lost it's sense, they've lost their meaning
Their substance has run dry, Inspiration is nothing but a memory
In this symphony there is nothing but tragedy
In this winter snow, white is purity, it's nothing but melancholy
Where blood drips and changes everything
The wolves howl in the moonlight

Darkness has engulfed me, this is my sorry tale
Of young love and of timeless tragedy
This is no Romeo and Juliet, nor even a Greek fantasy
I know now of who this creature is, I can't go on living like this
It is I who killed her, it is my other self
I loved her too much that losing her was too much to bear

So I took her hand and caressed her as we walked by the frozen lake
I told her don't go, don't ever leave me
She promised that she won't and bid me goodnight 
But as the moon rose tonight, the darkness in me shall rise
I lost control over it, it clouded my judgment
This dark shadow was me, it ended it all tonight

Nobody knew of this sad little tale but just me and this man who knew me
Don't ask why or even how, it will just be a mystery
So to you who has heard this tale of heartbreak and insanity
Take care of your love and never let her be taken away from you
For time will pass but the memory will remain of a love lost, the truth shall prevail
There won't be time for regret, death won't change it, you shall still be the monster within...

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