Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Honesty, Where Art Thou?

White Lies - We all tell them. Why? We always say we do due to many reasons. It can be to protect someone from getting hurt if he/she learned the truth or because explaining the truth is far more complicated than just giving someone a big fat lie. It doesn't really matter. Whatever our reasons may be, we are still lying and in the process hurting ourselves by adding more guilt to our consciences. If only we can actually avoid uttering white lies. The question is can we do it? Honestly, I am not sure about that. It's not that I do not have faith in people to become more truthful but let's face it, being truthful isn't exactly the way everyone rolls. Let's say I live up to being honest but how sure am I that everybody else out there will do the same? It's a cutthroat world out there and the only way to survive is by doing what everyone would do in certain situations which means lying is essential - white lies or not. I for one don't want to be lied to but how can someone else not lie to me when I do the same to them? Sadly, looks like lying has become a part of everybody's systems that it comes out naturally most times already without even having second thoughts or without even considering the factors involved. I guess honesty has a high price to pay and that being a liar is a lot easier. Maybe that's why they say nice people always finish last but hey, I'd rather be an honest person and finish last than be a dishonest one who will do everything in his/her power just to be above others. I don't want to be a hypocrite. I know I have lied more than a dozen times before and most of the time, those lies keep coming back to me. Sometimes I wish I can undo all of them but I don't have a time machine to travel through time so all I can do now is suck it up and just bear with the consequences. Let's just say that I learned the hard way and that now, I am repenting. Like a sinner who wants to be forgiven, I ask for not only forgiveness but redemption. If only I can rebuild my life without the lies and just stick to the truth but it doesn't matter. I will continue to try and do my best to live that kind of life no matter how difficult things will get. Is honesty still alive and can we live with it being in our system? Sure we can. We just need lots of time and practice. 

Being honest may be difficult but it wouldn't hurt to try sometimes...

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