Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry, Sex Doesn't Sell To Me

While minding my own business today, I found some things that caught my interest. I have always wondered why some men and women can't resist the urge of looking at photos of semi-nude or nude men and women or even watching porn videos and movies or hentai. To be honest, I've never had an interest in such things. I don't understand what's so gratifying or arousing about them. Perhaps I am not normal or perhaps I am a hypocrite but at least I know such an act isn't a part of my needs as a woman. It's funny how people who are in a relationship or who are married say they only look at photos like those and watch videos to learn and to apply it to their partners. Some even say they do it because they want to make sure that they are ready for their better halves but sadly, I don't think their reasons can ever justify their deeds. When I see my better half ogling other women (whether personally or just by looking at their photos somewhere or watching them nude someplace) can somewhat be violating. It hurts. Why you ask? Because for me, it's a sin to do so. Because when such a thing happens, I feel insecure. I don't feel like I am enough to make him feel complete. Sure, it's temptation and if you give in to it, then without second thought, you'll just keep on doing it. Without realizing that not everybody can be a susceptive as you are and that when you do something like this, they won't simply brush it away but rather be hurt by it. Some may be confrontational about these things but others just decide to be quiet about it. Sure everybody has needs but whatever happened to contentment? Can't we just be contented with what we have and not look for anything else? Maybe I am just conventional about these things but I know that what I believe in is right. No, I do not want to do these deeds because maybe I am curious about it. I rest my case, I am happy with what I have right now and I will no longer look for/at another. Maybe sex sells as everybody says but I don't want to tolerate something like that. I will stand for what I believe in and it doesn't matter if people will think of me as either being paranoid about these things, insecure or perhaps ignorant. All that matters is I will not allow myself to succumb to anything this low ever.
Tsk! Tsk! Hiding porn videos and photos from your partner is not good. What can those things do to you that your wife can't? Don't you know that she has feelings too?

Damn right! I agree! Real men and women do not need porn! Say NO to PORN!!!

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