Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make Up: To Have Or Not To Have?

I believe in the saying that a woman should wear make up but never let it wear you. I am not a huge make up fan and growing up, I never did pretend to put some on my face. I was a tomboy growing up thus me favoring more toys for boys than for girls. These days young girls know everything about make up already at such a young age. Why? Because people are more self conscious now more than ever, the media is making teenage actresses wear make up to make them look more mature in public and the society seems to be accepting these changes. Why are we allowing teenagers to be dependent on make up already when they are still young and do not need to conceal anything from their faces? I'd understand older women who need to conceal the flaws on their faces but young girls shouldn't hide anything for they are still young and thus should have a more natural look.

Which brings me to question their motives. So, why are most women, young or old, dependent solely on make-up? One of the biggest reasons is most women or young girls believe that with make up anything is possible. From a normal looking face, someone can have a gorgeous looking one through make up and other methods to help enhance what the woman already has. But do women really need these enhancements? I am all for 100 percent natural beauty. Yes, I wear make up every now and then but I keep my make up to a minimum. I put on some powder, some lip gloss, lipstick and a little blush and voila! Sometimes when I am for a more Gothic feel to my look, I put some eyeliner on but that's as far as I can go on a regular day. I've seen other women putting way too much make up on their faces without even staring at the mirror and erasing what they put on their faces. To me, they look like clowns with all the facade but I know that underneath all the thick make up lies a natural beauty within.

Make up should enhance one's good features and hide one's imperfections but why be ashamed of what you have when you can simply flaunt it? Sure, I am not an actress or a beauty queen but even they don't look pretty without all the make up. All I'm saying is that there are many reasons as to why women are afraid to show their natural forms. Whether it is their insecurities or they are just not used to it, the point is, beauty shouldn't lie on how much make up you put everyday but rather in how much beauty you have with or without it. We often dwell too much on our looks that we often neglect what truly matters. Yes, beauty matters but not just outside beauty but inner beauty too. If only we would see past what the eyes can see. We are all beautiful in our little way. May it be the freckles on one's nose or the moles in one's cheek. We are all unique and special in our own way so why hide it by using make up or why use make up to make people miss the most important highlights of what makes you, you? I say go for the real you. Aim for the natural look. Who knows? It might even be more appealing to others than you think.
I am not a big make up fan. This is the farthest I have gone so far on my own. Of course, I will not count the make up disasters that have happened to me in the past. When I was too naive to know that I already looked like a clown because of the thick make up that the make up artist put on my face. But I said goodbye to those nightmares long ago for I now know somehow what I should wear and shouldn't wear.  Thank God!
A letter to make you feel pretty whenever you don't feel like you are.
 Clearly she doesn't want to be seen without her make up, her wig and her circle lenses. Gods! If every woman would do the same thing then nobody would be flawed any longer and we would live in a world filled with mediocre looks. I don't want to be a part of that fake world. I want transparency and if some people can't deal with it then I'm staging a rebellion soon.
 I agree. Beauty is NOT make up. It never was and never will be.
So don't worry if your lipstick is smeared all over your face and you look like The Joker in someway. All that matters is that you know the beauty that lies within. It doesn't matter what others people think or say. If they don't like what they see then let them be. You are beautiful no matter what they say, with make up or without make up.

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