Monday, May 23, 2011

Who Is The Savage Beast Now? - A True Story

I heard this news a long time ago and was completely appalled by it. Then I thought, how can a person do that and feel no remorse afterwards? Clearly the guy needs psychiatric treatment or something. Ah, the humble beginnings of a serial killer. I wouldn't be surprised if one day his face turns up in the PNP's most wanted list. He should be convicted of his crime and he should be taught a lesson, one way or another. He may be young but he's still going to be down that path, I just know it. So who is this lucky person I am referring to anyway?

Well, he is none other than, Joseph Carlo Candare, who is studying as a second year physics major student in the University of the Philippines. He wrote on his blog in the year 2009, how he had brutally killed a cat named Teteng while in his school grounds. How did he do it? He said he had jumped on the cat's torso after grabbing it's tail and hitting it on to the ground as if it were a ragdoll. The cat somehow was lucky enough to have ran away for his dear life but sadly, it didn't survive his brutal attempt on its life. According to one student, the cat coughed up blood and died.

To make matters worse, Candare has also admitted that it was not his first time to kill a cat and that there had been incidents before this one. He wrote of everything without showing remorse over his misdeeds. Clearly this kid does not know what is right from wrong and that he should be stopped soon. After publishing everything in his blog, everybody started finding out about his crime. Many people started hating him and judging him which didn't really bother him at first but eventually after getting more and more negative attention, he decided to delete his blog posts which can possibility be used as evidence against him. 

However, the deed has been done and many people already knew of what he did. Many people have already saved the blog post and it has already become wide spread. It was too late for him.People were disgusted of him and his acts and his blog drew widespread condemnation from animal lovers in the country and in other countries as well. Several people who witnessed the act testified against him after he was charged with violating Republic Act 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act. I know this happened in 2009 but it caught my attention again when I found out that he was in trial just this year for what he had done. In his arraignment, he pleaded innocent to charges of animal cruelty however, the judge still found him guilty due to the weight of evidence used against him and mainly because of his admission to the crime in his blog.

He was given a 2,000 pesos fine and was sentenced to 2 months of volunteer work for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). I believe Candare is the first person to ever be convicted of animal cruelty in the Philippines. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to all Filipinos out there from being cruel to animals. Candare's family however appealed to the media to spare their son as their family had suffered depression and even their son had failed subjects in school after the said ordeal. Everybody knows that there are many cats in UP and that most of them live there however none of these creatures ever really hurt anyone which is why nobody understands as to why Candare would ever do such a thing and as to why he had a strong disdain for felines. 

Personally, I am happy that he is going to pay for his crime somehow but it's too bad that he didn't get more than that. He should have gotten something far more worse. I am a feline lover and an over all animal lover thus I want to protect their rights as living beings as well. Clearly, Candare perceived them as savage beasts which is why he wanted them to be eliminated by his hand. Well, look who is the savage beast now? I don't know if he will ever learn from his mistakes and if he will ever sincerely atone for his sins. All I know is that he is guilty and that he should take the blame like a man. Is there hope for him yet? That remains to be seen. If he truly wishes to remove the stain on his life then better start living a life without the animal cruelty. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Not all bad things become unpunished. Some may turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to these things but by God, I still believe in justice after all. No matter how cliche it may sound these days.

 A picture of Joseph Carlo Candare or JC as his friends and family call him.
Killing a cat is not an accidental crime especially when you did it on purpose. This kid wanted to kill the innocent thing without even thinking that it has a right to live too like everybody else. 

For the whole blog entry that he posted, check this link:


  1. Well some people can pretty much kill anything and anyone. It's scary to think that he did those things without remorse. I really see in him the humble beginnings of a serial killer. Its just creepy.