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Real Reasons Why Guys Cheat


We may never understand why Arnold fathered a child with a member of his household staff and kept it a secret from his wife Maria for a whopping 10 years. But we do have a pretty good idea of what made the Governator hook up with the other woman in the first place. That's because most guys who cheat (whether they're movie stars turned politicians or just regular dudes) tend to two-time for one of these seven reasons...

1. He Already Knows You (Obviously)
There's something really nice about getting comfortable around each other — guys think so too. But with that familiarity, he loses some of his intense desire. What is always sexy? Mystery, and nothing is more mysterious than the unknown. And what's unknown? What other women look like naked.

2. His Buddy Kevin Did It
If one of your guy's friends screws around without getting caught, your guy may suddenly look at cheating in a whole new light. After all, men are driven to do incredibly stupid stuff if their friends encourage it or do it first — take, for instance, the Jackass movies, or dudes who wear their hair in that spiky, Growing Up Gotti way. So if his pals tell or show him that there are no consequences, he may forget all of the other reasons there are not to cheat.

3. His Boss Tore Him a New One
When a man's ego is ripped to shreds, the quickest way for him to pick up the pieces is by proving he can still attract, seduce, and have sex with any woman he wants...or, alternatively, with whatever chick is still hanging around the bar at closing time.

4. His Fantasy Football Obsession Doesn't Bug Her
If some other woman isn't aware of his annoying habits and hasn't been forced to endure them for a prolonged period of time, it's like they don't even exist. And seeking out that arrangement is much easier for some guys than actually altering their goofy behavior for their girlfriends.

5. A Hot Chick Just Walked Past Him
Yes, men know women check out dudes — but not in the same way men check out women. Guys immediately imagine ourselves having sex with anyone who's at all attractive, and that constant stimulation can be overwhelming. It's like if every good-looking guy you saw was also writing you a poem while saving injured kittens on his motorcycle.

6. He Can Rationalize It
Men love games. And games are all about how far you can bend the rules. So a lot of guys have very elastic definitions of what cheating is. Hence groping and kissing is fine if it's on a dance floor...and besides, being drunk makes pretty much anything okay...oh, and of course it goes without saying that strippers don't count....

7. He Realizes He's a Coward
Sometimes guys cheat not because they want to cheat, but because they want to end things altogether. He's thinking about the "talk" about the "relationship" that will probably become "emotional" — and who wants to deal with that stuff? So instead, he'll either pretend that he's not in a relationship when it suits him, or he'll behave so badly that he forces his girlfriend to end things for him instead. Genius.

It seems that even the people that we look up upon are not safe from the claws of infidelity. Haven't we just had enough last year? From Sandra Bullock's Jesse James to Elin's Tiger Woods. Now we have Maria's Arnie. Come on, men! Why? Whatever happened to simplicity and contentment? I guess in the modern world that we live in that's filled with complexities and changes, we have become different as well. No longer do we become content with the things that used to make us happy in the olden times. Now, we look forward to everything fast. Didn't we just learn that in life nothing ever comes easy? Good men and women NEVER come easy. The only easy thing in this world is losing those things that we've spent years building. Why take the risk of losing that for a mere cheap thrill?

Perhaps money and fame can't really buy everything. Clearly happiness is one of them. Famous couples may seem like they are perfect in front of the media and the public eye but remember that it's merely because they do not want to be gossiped about. Especially since everything they do or say can be scrutinized. Some can even be taken against them. We have to understand that they have reputations that they take care of too. It's just disappointing when something like a scandalous affair would put everything that you worked hard for go to waste. I pity their wives for being caught in the embarrassment. I sympathize with them because at one point in time, I was one of them too. If there is one thing that I hate the most in this world, it's to be lied upon or worse be cheated upon. It's a shameful act and should be looked down upon.

Going back to the article, If these reasons were true then I'd rather not get hitched or be in a relationship but seeing that I am already in both, I have no choice but to not fall victim to this kind of mess. Been there, done that. Never liked how it went and I swear I never want to deal with another one ever again. 

FACT:  I do not ogle men who pass by in front of me or whatever. I limit myself to do such things as I am a married woman now but to begin with even when I was single, this never was a hobby of mine. I'd rather check out the latest books being sold somewhere than check out the guy next to me in a public transportation. LOL! Yes, I know GEEKY! 

Truth be told I am not the judgmental type. I only judge when I see fit or if needed be. I'm just saying that if you feel like you will be in a relationship or in a marriage and yet you can't commit fidelity forever to that person then why take the plunge? That way you won't be risking anybody's feelings of getting hurt at all. If you want to keep on cheating, that's up to you but always remember that the truth never remains hidden. At some point it gets revealed and sometimes in the most unexpected ways. So if I were you, I'd repent and change. Just my two cents.

Relationships and marriages are serious bonds that need to be taken cared of. Sure, I might sound like a real girl right now with all the cheesiness but what I am saying is a mere fact. Not everybody is lucky enough to find someone who will be able to know them well and understand them well so if you have a partner who is doing an awesome job of being your right hand man/woman, then why take that for granted? The problem with people today is that we only see the things that we don't like to see and we turn a blind eye on the things that we are supposed to see. Why not for once have a more open mind and appreciate the goodness that's right in front of you? A worthy partnership deserves fidelity and honesty aside from the usual ingredients to make it work. If you truly wish to have a relationship that will last then start with the basics. 

I may be a woman but I am not a hopeless romantic. I am a realist who knows what can be done from what's impossible. The world we live in might be changing around us however, we can still try not to change at the same time that it does. If you a real man then show it. Be truthful to your spouse or to your partner. Honor the vow that you've made in front of everyone. Always remember that a person's pride and ego will not bring him/her closer to success but rather bring about his/her downfall. Contentment is the key to happiness. Now if you really have a problem within the relationship or the marriage then be man enough to talk about with your other half. Running away and doing other things behind her back to avoid confrontation will only make things worst and even make you guys drift further apart. Grow up and face everything boldly. For only in this way will you ever feel fulfilled and be without guilt. 
 Who would have thought they'd split? In this photo, Sandra still looks extremely happy while with her former hubby, Jesse James.
 Elin looked like she was still enjoying Tiger Woods' company in this photo as well but little did we know that he was already having an affair with someone else...
 A touchy moment between Maria Shriver and husband, Gov. Arnold. Too bad she didn't know that he had been lying to her for 10 long years now and she even boasted to Oprah that her marriage is still the same as it was many years ago. Such public examples can only make people believe less in relationships and make people doubt the sanctity of marriages. I feel bad for the people that we're caught in the middle of everything but most of all, I feel bad for both of them for letting something good just go to waste. Big mistake.
 Nothing stays hidden in the shadows...
Been there, done that. Was blindfolded then but never now. My eyes are wide open and vigilant. Awaiting for what lies ahead of me. I'll be a lot ready now than I used to be. No more, Mrs. Nice Gal!

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