Thursday, June 30, 2011

Somebody For Someone

"No matter how far you may be, I will be there for you. I will find you and we will be together forever..."

Such promises may only exist in romance novels and in cheesy romantic movies now but that doesn't mean that such promises aren't real and that they cannot be made in this modern day and age. I remember of my hubby (then boyfriend) telling me about something called "The Red String or Thread Of Fate or Destiny". In Asia, most people believe that there is such a thing. What is is anyway? According to a myth, the gods tie an invisible red string around the ankles of men and women who are destined to be soul mates and will one day marry each other. Often, in Japanese culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger. Nobody knows if this is for real or not but still people believe in them. In western cultures, we can compare this with the concet of soulmates or twin flames.

How will we know if he/she is the one? That's one of the toughest questions out there. Honestly, nobody knows if he/she is the one. It all depends on you and your choice I guess. Nobody can dictate what path you should choose and which person should you choose to take it with. Some people call it fate or destiny when in reality, we all make decisions based on facts, our instinct, the situation and everything else that we have to consider to come to a conclusion. I can't say I do not believe in fate or destiny though. All I know is that it is changeable and with that being said, it only means that nothing is cast in stone. 

Is there really someone out there for everyone? I may be a realist but I am a dreamer and a hopeless romantic too. Sure, I may be contradicting myself right now but I can always believe that there is someone for everyone. It sounds like a far fetched idea but I still want to hang on to it. Nobody knows about what lies ahead for every one of us and who we might even end up with. If the gods are truly controlling who we will be together then so be it. We can pretend to be naive of that fact and then just let the magic happen. I believe in happy endings. I do not know if I ended up with one but I am hopeful that I did. 

All I know is that falling in love is an art in itself. It cannot be rushed or be contrived. It has to come naturally and sometimes some people have to wait for it and never lose hope. Otherwise if we make it all happen so soon, we might regret it in the end. We must never find love, they say. We must let it find us. I may not know if my husband and I were brought on together by this so called red string of fate or if we were in fact soulmates but I do know one thing that we are in love and we ended up being together through it all. Our love story wasn't exactly an ideal fairy tale but for me it would have to do. 

If you love someone and you believe he/she is the one, no red string of fate or soulmate belief can make you forget all that. If you know and feel like he/she is the one then all you need to have is a leap of faith. Believing in something gives it power and if you truly believe that it's meant to be then it shall happen. You just have to wait and see. I may not believe in the red string of fate myth but I do believe what it stands for and I like the fact that it will stretch and it will tangle but it will never break no matter what. That's what real relationships are like and that's the epitome of real love right there.
 True or not, I believe in what it stands for. I wish my relationship with my other half will continue being strong just like the red string of fate.
 Nobody knows. Only you can determine the future that you want to be in and who you want to be with.

Soulmates or not, I will never forget how many times I met my hubby before we ever became friends and co-workers then lovers. Some people call it destiny or fate but to me, it's all part of God's master plan maybe it was really meant to be. Perhaps love truly moves in mysterious ways.

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