Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Domestic Violence - It Happens To Everyone

Just recently as I was watching the news, I saw a famous reality show housewife come out and admit that she was indeed a battered wife. Many people were shocked with her admission and were even more shaken when she released hard evidence of what had been happening to her. In the past years, I have heard of other more famous celebrities who have publicly admitted to be beaten by their partners, boyfriends and husbands.  Celebrities like Rihanna and Farrah Fawcett-Majors are strong and empowered women who their fans look up to as role models but what happens when even their fame, power and fortune did not save them from such a tragic fate? Ultimately, it is said that for famous people like them, the humiliation is multipllied tenfold. If such a thing happened to a regular woman who had nothing else but her life or those that she loved to protect then it the humiliation isn't as much but still it is a devastating part of any woman's life.

I am a woman and I do not understand why women stay in such abusive relationships but I guess it is easier said than done for others. There are many conflicting reasons that only women like them would probably understand as to why they choose to stay. Let me name some of them... 

1. Probably and almost always due to love.  Yes, they love their partners, their boyfriends and their husbands despite the fact that they hit them when they got drunk and what's worse even when they are sober. Love is a very blinding thing indeed. 

2. They don't know where else to go as they do not have anybody else aside from their partners, boyfriends and husbands. Women who are faced with this kind of dilemma often have to sacrifice freedom ultimately because they are scared to be alone and feel like they cannot survive without their respective other halves.

3. It gets more complicated when there are kids involved. Yes, that's right. Children are often victims to their parents' falling out but sometimes because of these children involved, mothers need to stay and pretend like they are a normal and happy family even when it is all a lie. They try to make it work even if in reality, the kids might already know what is happening but do not want to be without their fathers or be in a broken home.

4. Lastly, I blame society for sometimes being biased when it comes to women leaving their partners, boyfriends or husbands. Society is always quick to judge without even knowing or getting the facts straight first. If a man hits a woman or threatens a woman life, is it not a serious reason for her to leave him and save everyone else that she loves from his wrath? What would take the society to open their eyes, ears and most of all their hearts to these kinds of situations that are becoming common scenarios of families today. Domestic Violence is a crime and no matter how much we value family values, I think we should all consider that this is not something that just be brushed aside.

Knowing people close to you become victims to this kind of crime only makes it worse. I feel bad for them and their children to have suffered so much in the hands of their cruel husbands. I don't really understand as to why such men do it to them but I guess it is really difficult to understand a crazy person's mind. Would you hurt someone you love repeatedly and then plead that they stay in the end just because you promised that you would change? Rubbish! Sure, giving a person another chance is good but giving a person multiple chances to abuse you and make use of you as an ashtray, a doormat or a rug is just not fair. Women must learn to value what they are in society. They must learn to fight and become more aware of these things. Victims of domestic violence often have a hard time dealing with their traumatic experiences however a good group of friends and family members who will support them can make all the changes somewhat easier. If you know any women who are in abusive relationships then I suggest that you report it immediately to the authorities. Reporting such incedents doesn't mean that you are meddling in other people's lives but rather protecting and perhaps even saving them from the dangers that's to come sooner or later. Let's be more responsible by becoming more vigilant. Domestic violence can happen to anyone. It can even happen to you. So act up before it is too late.

I just realized that not only women and children can be victims of domestic violence. Just recently there have been reports that even men have fallen prey to such acts. I just hope that all of us will be able to promote awareness against this kind of crime that can happen to anyone. If you know someone who is being beaten by their partners, parents and spouses then be brave enough to report it. For ignoring what is happening to those around you might be something you will end up regretting in the end. Please let us all stop being blind to these things. Let us all open our eyes, listen carefully and most of all, fight for what is right. Love and violence should never co-exist in one home and you have the power to prevent it. 

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