Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Poetry: The Night That Was

In the pale moonlight, there it waits in the mist
An old house that sits by the lake
A mournful cry is heard in the midst
At the air starts to get gloomy and thick
I could feel sadness all around

The smell was death was everywhere
It was mixed with the stench of a decaying corpse somwhere
Its foul smell I could sense by the door 
As I slowly moved to the window to see what was there
I saw a dark figured that wailed and moaned

As the candle's light flickered
The dark figure showed its face
It was an old woman, dressed in black and lace
Her dark eyes were swollen while her voice was coarse from screaming
She looked hollow and cold inside

Her cries sounded like a thousand tortured souls 
As tears poured down her cheeks, she looked cold and still
Then I see another figure before her, lying down on the floor
It was the corpse that I was looking for
I could see it starting to deteriorate from the core

She held this rotten flesh as she caressed it lovingly
She held it close to her chest, where her heart beats slowly
Her gaze focused on the unidentifiable corpse
I backed away from the window when I saw her remorse
She must have been close to him otherwise, she wouldn't be this distraught

As I left the scene, I let out a sigh
I couldn't bear the loneliness, as a tear fell from my eyes
My heart was moved as it was saddened
What I had seen tonight was a dreadful sight
Terror griped me but even misery engulfed me

I shook my head and walked away
Never looking back, never stopping by
As the wind blew on my face, I heard her again
I hurriedly left without even saying goodbye
I was a changed person after that night

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