Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Do Things Always Have To Change?

I don't know exactly why things have to change but I know that sometimes changes just happen. Change is like an unstoppable force, most of the time. No matter how hard we fight it. It almost always manages to win. Many things may change but there are still things that remain the same. Although much of time has passed, there are still things that have not grown or evolved in time. Can something stay the same in our ever changing world? The answer in fact is an astounding yes. No, we may not be able to control time or control how the way things rapidly change around us but at least, we are lucky enough to know some things that will forever stay the same. For example, no matter how many changes Michael Jackson has had in his appearance until his untimely death, he shall forever remain as one of the kings of pop or no matter how many times we try to change how we look like, we shall forever be known as who and what we are. Not unless we try to alter everything that others know of us drastically. All I am saying is that change is constant around us and sometimes it is hard for us to welcome these changes but come to think of it, change can only be present in some forms but never really entirely. So as much as we hate change, we must find comfort in the fact that some things are just the way they are. 

I am not a huge fan of constant changes although I know that changes are rather inevitable and have become a part of our daily lives. Why do I hate change? I hate it for many reasons. I hate it when things change because somehow I feel like it resets everything and starting over from nothing without regarding any of the efforts that I have done somehow feels sad for me. For example, when one of my friends had to move to another country to live there with her parents, before leaving me and the rest of our friends, we were very close to each other. In the years that passed that we weren't together, we tried to make sure that our friendship remained the same. I remember the constant exchange of letters that we had. As well as the pictures and the postcards. Yes, e-mails weren't so famous back then yet which is why we had to wait for the post to arrive so we made sure for everything that we sent, we made them long and memorable. Much time has passed when I realized things were starting to change between us. I have been constantly writing her but unlike her usual long letters, they became shorter and shorter. Until, her letters became fewer and fewer. At first, I understood and thought of many reasons why she couldn't write to me but as time passed by, I realized that many things have changed. We drifted apart through the years and when we saw each other again, it just wasn't the same anymore. Tragic huh? I know but that's life.

I know that no matter how common changes are in our lives, we still want to experience something that will not change or fade. Although we know that is impossible, we still keep on hoping that one day, we will know something that is that way. Some who do not want to ask for too much just say that if things change, they just always hope that they change for the better and not the worse but if does change for the worse then there is nothing else I can do it about it but live with it. One biggest example of this is love. Love is a feeling. It is often describe as an intense emotion that empowers us to do things that we never really imagined possible. We know that love can change us and most of all, break us. Most men and women out there would like a love that will never change in time. They want a kind of love that becomes stronger and more passionate in time. But how can we ever have that? Is it even possible to have it? Or are they simply figments of our imaginations? I may not know the answer to that but I hope that there is that kind of love. For I know that I am willing to give a love so great and unwavering and I know that I deserve to get the same thing in return. But it isn't about gaining anything or getting what you really want in return. All that matters is that this kind of love reaches you and somehow stays with you. 

Do you believe in change? I am torn whether to say yes or no to that one. Sure, maybe I do when it comes to other things but I am not entirely sold on the word itself. Life may change constantly without us knowing it but don't you just wish that sometimes time will stop and let things just stand still for a moment. I wonder what will happen then. I guess time and change go hand in hand in many ways and both of them go by so fast. Sometimes I don't want things to go by so quickly and instead just see things unravel before my eyes. But I guess changes are necessary. No matter how much we dislike them. But what happens when we find ourselves having a hard time accepting these changes? Then I guess the answer is pretty obvious. Life will not exactly be impossible but it would rather be filled with complications. Changes happen even as we speak. We hold no control over them. They happen even if we don't want them to. So, what else can we do to them but just live with them. Life isn't as easy as we thought it would be, I know, but we can always learn to live with that. Also bear in mind that changes happen for a reason. You may not approve of their reasons but they will still happen just the same. I may be a skeptic when it comes to change but I guess sometimes I just have to give it a chance somehow. It wouldn't hurt to try. Don't you think so too?

Change is not welcome to other people. Which is why some of them often have their own reasons why they choose not to change. I guess they have the right to stay the same just as those who believe that changing is everything. To each his own, I say.

 Change eventually molds us. It apparently makes us change even if we don't want to. We are affected by everything around us so I guess I can blame other factors for why people constantly change. This is also applicable for other non human things around us. Just like in the law of motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Maybe that's really how it goes.
 I may sound like a fool right now but sometimes I believe that some things will stay the same forever. No matter how many times this has been proven to me as impossible. Who cares? I still wish it were true.

Maybe this is applicable for some relationships but I do not want to believe that this is something that happens in every relationship there is. Love grows and evolves in time and if you know that you and your partner are together at the process then why stop it? When instead you should be cherishing it and reliving a fairy tale of your own every single day of your life. Wouldn't that be something?

This is something that I truly believe in. This has happened to me way too many times but still I am not afraid to make new friends who could possibly be my best friends someday. Who knows? 

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