Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mantrums: Looks Like Not Only Women Have Them

Picture this...You and your partner strolling in the mall after eating lunch at a nearby restaurant. You then decide to watch a movie together but it doesn't start until two hours so you decide to hang out at the nearest coffee shop where you just talked for hours. As you realized that the movie was about to start, you go to the cinema to watch the movie. After watching a good romantic comedy movie for not doing so for such a long time, you go to an arcade to play some games to relive your younger years. You have fun and despite the fact that you were tired, at the end of tha day, it was still a perfect date. Everything was perfect until as you are on your way home, something petty happens that ruins everything. How would you feel if that happened to you? I am sure you would be pissed too. Well, I know I was but at the same time, I was confused too. At that moment, I just wanted to roll my eyes at him and just tell him to stop the drama but it looks like it wouldn't actually work so I figured talking it out would be a more appropriate approach but I guess even that was wrong.

I guess tantrums are common not only with women but also with men. If I could give a nickname for such an episode that men have, I would probably call it a "mantrum". I admit that I experience throwing tantrums every now and then but to have a man throw them over even pettier reasons is just strange. Sometimes I realize that one day cannot last with him and me in a perfect and happy way. I'm afraid of such days and sometimes think that when we are at our highest or at our happiest, I'm scared that it will all just go away. I don't want things to go wrong which will only end up with him ignoring me while I continue wondering what went wrong. The worse scenario would be that he wouldn't like talking to me. Honestly, I am baffled by such instances. I guess "mantrums" are normal too especially because I have experienced them first hand from some of the men in my life. Namely my husband and my father. Now, I wonder whether such a thing exists in all men out there or is it just a selective thing. I don't know the answer to that one either but if you know someone who has experienced something like this then I guess it is a pretty universal thing. Good luck with that. But anyway, regardless of all the sudden "mantrums" that my husband suddenly throws which always catches me off guard, I guess I will just have to understand him and be more patient when it comes to being in a relationship with him. I just hope that all the other women out there who have had the same experiences with their family members or partners would be willing to do the same. 
Never confront anyone with a tantrum with another tantrum for a fire cannot be put off but fire as well. The other person needs to know that it is better to back down when needed be so that the situation will be diffused immediately. It may not be in my nature to back down but I do whenever the situation calls for it. I am sure my partner would do the same thing for me too. Patience is the key in these kinds of situations.

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