Saturday, November 26, 2011

Do You Know How To Speak Sarcasm? No? Well, I do!

So I guess you aren't having a good day and here you are being confronted by so many things that are just wrong in so many levels, how will you deal with all  the stress? There are many ways of how you can deal with such things however instead of  going with positivity other people choose to go the other way.   Yes, that's right, they end up being  bitchy about it. Even men can become bitchy and I know this for a fact. They just aren't  called bitchy when they do since such a term is more directed for women. But how can you turn bitchy without actually becoming too offensive? Have no clue?  Well, ever heard of sarcasm? That's right! People of all walks of life have used it but not all  of them are good in it or not all of them can actually understand what it means. 

To me, sarcasm  has two purposes.  One to be funny and two, to be ironic. The key to being good in sarcasm is proper timing. Just like giving out a good joke, it needs to have a proper  punchline first. I can't be sarcastic if there is nothing to be sarcastic about. I mean come on that is just common sense. Sometimes though some people just don't get what you mean when you try to be sarcastic to them. It can either be a blessing or a curse. Why?  A blessing if you are trying to be funny  and a curse if you are trying to  be ironic and stating a point. Sarcasm may sound cool and funny but it is not for everyone. Before you ever try using it to anyone, learn first so that at least it wouldn't be  entirely offensive (not unless that is your whole point of being sarcastic).

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