Saturday, November 26, 2011

When Knowing Too Much Gets Boring...

Don't you just hate it when you can predict what will happen next? No, I didn't mean looking into the future and actually foretelling what happens next, I just meant if things or people become  predictable and easy to read. But then again just like what they always say, it is better to  know something  than to know nothing.  So I guess predictability isn't  so bad after all since I am not a huge fan of the whole ignorance is bliss belief. 

Just recently, I asked someone certain questions that I already knew the answers to. I just wanted to test him if he would lie  to me  or not.  Apparently, out of the 5 questions I asked, he lied 3  times and  only  answered truthfully  twice. It bothers me that he did not even flinch even if he knew that I have a knack for these things. I can totally relate to other people who have been lied to before and have just pretended to be fools  all along. It was a disappointing experiment but definitely  a learning one.

Being predictable is boring as  what most  people say since there is no chance for surprises or sudden turn arounds in the course of events. Its like seeing a movie and actually knowing the dialogues and what will happen next but I can't  give that as a personal example  since I am fond of  watching  movies over and over again when I like them a lot and even memorizing the lines. Just saying, we need a little bit of  mysterious factor in everything and anything apart  from little  doses  (if not  huge doses) of spontaneity  for what is life without all of them?
Ever done such an experiment before?  Try it! You will get results alright but I don't know if you will end up being happy about it in the end. Results vary on actual subjects to the experimentation process.

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