Friday, September 14, 2012


NOTE: Sorry for the late post. This was supposed to be for yesterday. Unfortunately, I was not able to post it due to lack of time. I will do my best to post on time next time.

Do not eat dishes that you know how to cook at home outside your home.Why? Because you are just going to expect too much on the dishes and then when they don't taste as good as your cooking, you get disappointed over it. Lesson learned.


I didn't bring packed lunch today as I wasn't able to wake up early to prepare it. Unfortunately, I had to resort to buying food at the cafeteria on the ground floor of the building where I worked. The picture looked delectable enough but I guess looks can be deceiving. I cook adobo when I get the chance and it is one of my favorite dishes ever. When my meal was given to me inside the container, I rushed to my office to eat it. It was odd that I wasn't able to smell its pungent smell as adobo always leaves me hungry for more. The smell was enough to make my mouth water but it was odd that this one didn't.

As I opened the container, I was saddened by what I saw. The chicken looked pale and it didn't look like it had soy sauce on it. I sniffed it and the smell wasn't that good. I thought that maybe I should taste it first. When I took my first spoonful, I frowned. It didn't taste like adobo at all. It wasn't salty. It wasn't sour as well. It was bland. It only had a little bit of spice on it but that was it. Seeing as I already spend 60 pesos on it, I decided not to waste my money and just eat it despite its disappointing taste. I promised myself to never buy that dish ever again from the said store.

I am an adobo lover and I am more of an adobo with toyo/soy sauce fan than an adobong puti fan. Adobong puti just looks oily and as I said, bland. I prefer adobo with soy sauce and vinegar with lots of garlic and some boiled eggs on top because of many reasons. One, the smell of it was enough to make me crave for it. Two, soy sauce and vinegar go well with each other. Garlic and pepper enhances the taste. The boiled eggs are just the bonus. Three, as if chicken wasn't enough, pork can be added to the mix as well. The meat should be tender and whenever pierced, its juices mixed with the soy sauce and vinegar should do the trick. Writing about it now just makes me want to cook adobo and eat it.

Anyway, I am complaining today as an unsatisfied customer but as well as a consumer who was deceived. I was deceived by the photo that the canteen has placed as I was expecting that I would be getting the same thing. This is why advertisements should be monitored somehow. False advertisements can only lead to more people who are like me. This is one reason why I never continued to becoming an advertiser. I just don't have the heart to deceive people. Unfortunately, the damage has been done. Like me, there were others who bought the same dish. All of us ended up taking the food somewhere to eat. It would have been nice to see their faces and to know their reactions as well. I bet they were disappointed as well. So, lesson learned, commercialized food is not the same as what you see in their advertisements and they are like the food that you can cook. Expect less. I know I will from now on.

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