Friday, October 19, 2012

Argh! What Is Up With Your Overbearing Amount Of Positivity And Happiness?

Maybe some people are just too happy for their own good. I am not exactly what you call a very cheerful person. I am more on the moody side. There is nothing wrong with positivity. I have that in me too but having way too much of it somehow annoys me. Which is why it is no wonder that when I meet people who are both overly happy and positive about everything, I try my best to just go with the flow when to be honest, I can feel my eyes twitching as I stop myself from rolling my eyes with both disinterest and displease. Sorry, I can be a bit of a Scrooge at times.

Sometimes I wonder if those people are truly like that or is it all a mask that they need to wear just to not lose face? Just like the Japanese having their social faces and their personal faces, are many people being deceived by those who seem happy and positive but in reality they are not? I don't know really. I just wonder. What if everything is superficial? What if everything is nothing but fake? I don't see that as a good thing. I see that as something bad.

In my opinion, I would rather be real in expressing myself and presenting myself to everyone than pretending to be something that I am not. If I am not a cheerful person or a positive person, why do I have to go through all the effort to show everyone what I am not? To me, it is nothing but a waste of energy. Unfortunately, sometimes society is to blame for this as well. Although I do not want to be in such a predicament, sometimes I find myself in it. I find myself trapped in a world where society dictates the norms and since I am one of the people in this society then I cannot do anything but obey.
Sure, I can do something. Maybe I am just powerless as I think about all the people who follow instead of disobey. This is why I decided that the safest way to get through these ordeals is to just smile and roll with things. This way nobody gets hurt. Not me, not anybody else. Sure, I am faking people too but aren't they doing the same thing to me too? Perhaps it is a technique of survival. Just like animals camouflaging themselves to survive longer. We are humans after all. We are supposed to be the highest form of animals out there. Shouldn't we be able to camouflage better then? Sorry. This today's random thought.

Sorry. I just can't be too happy and too positive all the time. It is downright exhausting.

Sometimes I just can't stand being with people who are too happy and too positive. Perhaps because I think it is not right. Go figure!

Well, even if I don't like being around with these people, that doesn't mean I don't tolerate them. After all, they are better company than others. I just can't be in my jolly mood all the time but nodding and smiling helps...A LOT!

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