Friday, October 5, 2012

Please Don't Rain On My Parade: My Early Morning Friday Blues

Finally, it's Friday. I woke up without hesitation despite the fact that I would rather sleep than go to work but I knew I had to. I took a bath despite the cold wind making me shiver inside the bath. I dressed up casually and went to work early. I was glad that the week is almost done. I started the day right. Unfortunately, there are just some people who will always rain on my parade.

I am an adult and I am a responsible employee. I might not be here long but I am a professional. I do my job well. I don't need someone to hold my hand through everything to the extent that I am being spoonfed. It is sad when I wanted to start my day right and somebody somehow ruins it. Bossing me around rubs me off the wrong way. Lately, it is like she always does this to me. I have gone to a point where I just want to avoid her entirely. It is hard as there are only a few employees here.

Interaction is unavoidable. Conversations are essential. Greeting other people is inevitable as it is one cardinal rule here. To be honest, those are okay however, I think since it is a rule, it sounds more insincere as we are required to do it. We do not really want to do it. We just have to. Honestly, I usually just wear a mask whenever I go to work. I don't know if this is because of the age gap that I have with most of the people here. Being older has somewhat made me not frigid but rather calculating and irritable. I try not to bother with things that I know aren't interesting enough for me. Sadly, it is truly hard to find anything interesting here aside from the work because I do love my students and teaching.

Since they are younger, they tend to have different areas of interests and to be honest, what they like, I somewhat hate. I need to wear wake up here as it is another rule. I don't mind it at all but to be asked to wear thick makeup every day is just too much. They like talking about things that will make them beautiful and all those girly things. I don't. The occassional talk of being beautiful is fine but not every day. The talk about boys and men, I am over that as well. It is okay to gush over them at times but definitely not every day. The music that they like, I avoid as I do not really mainstream often.

What I write, what I read, all of my hobbies I tried to share with them however, it seems that we will never meet halfway but I am still here because I am an adult and I am in a point in my life where I need a job not because of anything else but rather because of survival. I am not here to do other things. I will suck it up. Rant whenever I feel like it and then just keep on going. That is my only game plan. Anyway, thank God Friday is not over yet. I can still pretty much undo the damage that was done to me. I just need to avoid anything upsetting later today. After that, Hello weekend! I can't wait!
Yesterday's orders on Skype aside from the one's that were already given to me verbally. Sheesh! Am I not a teacher here?

Today's start of rain on my Friday parade. Then, before posting this, we had that awkward what are you going to do this weekend small talk. Sheesh! Moving along...
Umm...I don't think this is professional behavior. Talking about your boss this way is odd. I never did this before especially not online. Perhaps if I did, I blurted it right out but that as it. I never gushed over it. This one seems to have done it. Wow! That's just weird. Notice how I didn't react so much. Yes, literally I couldn't stop rolling my eyes. Sue me!

Lastly, I am a bit of a private person. At times, I want to share to others what my life is like but that doesn't mean that I have to share every last detail about me. There are boundaries. People here might think we are a family but even families have boundaries too. It is just awkward to be in a situation when you have to listen to someone or some people tell you about their personal lives that you don't really want to know a lot about. Seriously? TMI, folks! Ever heard of that?

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