Friday, October 26, 2012

Ranting About My Friday Morning Mishaps And My Need To Take A Break

Friday is usually a happy day but why is it that today isn't such a happy Friday morning? Well, let me see. First, I woke up just in time to get ready for work but had a hard time getting to work because there were very few public transportations available today. I didn't know what was up until I remembered it was a holiday but still, this is the first time this has ever happened to me. After waiting for nearly more than 20 minutes, I was office bound only I knew I was going to be late. I already informed my immediate supervisors about it and was prepared to have a 500 pesos deduction on next week's salary. I sulked knowing that 500 means a lot to me. Lately, every single penny matters because I work hard for it and I know that I need it. It seems that luck wasn't on my side earlier today.

Another mishap happened as I was about to have a class with one of my students. My computer suddenly decided it would be nice to hang and to reboot by itself. I was late for my class for 3 minutes. Good thing that the student didn't complain about it. Otherwise, I would be in trouble. It is only 9 AM here and I know that I still have to withstand until 2 PM before I can actually get home. Somehow I wish that time went faster today but I guess I should just try to stay away from unluckiness while I still have to wait for the hours to go by. Lately, I feel exhausted and restless. There are many factors contributing to this feeling but I know I shouldn't be this way. Negativity isn't welcome in a pregnant woman's life and I have tried so hard to remove that from my vocabulary but unfortunately, it comes and goes. So, I am accepting the fact that it is inevitable and will be a constant part of our daily lives.

I can't say I am a workaholic. I know that I work mainly because I have to. A small part of me wants to but my need to earn money is greater than my want to go to work every day. Is that a bad thing? Perhaps but I am more practical now than before. I am currently thinking about my deadlines for my writing jobs and somehow I know that this week has been hellish for me. I just feel like I want to sleep, relax and do other more enjoyable things but due to my current circumstances, I feel like I can't enjoy those much. Because of this I feel stressed. Another factor that is making me restless is that the month is ending again and I know that monthly evaluations will be conducted at work. I just hope that I become regularized as I really need this job.

A vacation - I guess that is what I badly need. I need a week of staying in a peaceful place, lounging about, not caring for the world and perhaps even reading some good books. I want to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. I want to have this soon as I know when my baby is born, I will be more sleep deprived, crankier and more workaholic. I really wish this was possible. If only. That is the only thing I can say at the moment. So, anyway, I am still looking forward for the weekend regardless of my ranting today. I heard that there will be a Halloween party at our subdivision and my mom told me I should put some facepaint and make up on some people who will be attending the party. I just researched on some ways on how to make fake blood, scars, wounds and so on. I am hoping it will be a hit. I definitely need to get some pictures. I am breathing easier now. Thank God for ranting. I can become more optimistic now somehow.
 This week hasn't been exactly that good to me so I hope my weekdays will end soon. I want my weekends to stay this week, pretty please?
As I have said earlier, I am exhausted and restless thus, the need for a break has awaken within me. Will I ever get it? Nobody knows. Even I don't know myself.

 Yes, sleep. I need more of it.
 A vacation by the beach with a good book and with no worries. Yes, that is too much to ask. As the trip is to expensive and the money that I earn isn't that big. The possibility of me ever going to the beach for this so called vacation has just reached zero. What? Can't a girl wish?
This is one thing to look forward to. Hopefully, it will come true.

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