Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not All That's Yellow Is Cheese

I was in a hurry to grab a bite to eat this morning. I would have wanted a sandwich but since it is a holiday today, I decided to just buy a hotdog on a bun instead. It was my first time to buy something like that. There were many choices of toppings and I specifically asked the lady to give me a cheese dressing as hotdogs go well with them. She said that their New York dressing was in fact cheese. Because I was in a hurry and it was my first time to buy there, I had no idea about what she was talking about. I rushed back to work to eat my sandwich there.

Back at work, I realized that the New York dressing that she proudly claimed was cheese wasn't in fact cheese but mustard. I don't hate mustard. I just wanted to eat my hotdog with cheese today. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to do something about it. Had I known more about the product, I would have corrected the mistake. But somehow I am not 100 percent to blame, am I? The lady working from that store should have known better as well. Besides, shouldn't all salespeople know something about what they are selling to effectively sell the products?

This whole incident made me realize that maybe not all sales people know what they are selling which is actually bad for the customers. As some customers need to guidance of a sales person to actually get to know the product more. How can a sales person do just that if he/she doesn't know a thing about them? Luckily, this is my first time in a long time to experience something like this. Most of the sales people that I buy from are somehow knowledgable about their products which is why I can prove that my thoughts are wrong partially. Perhaps the management needs to be blamed as well as training needs to be provided to their employees. I don't think anybody will be able to get information at work if they won't be given them or be taught something. Just saying.

So, who do I blame? Myself? The sales lady? or the company? You decide. Going back to the whole cheese incident, I therefore conclude that not all that's yellow is cheese. I better remember that.
This was the poster at the store. However, there was an additional hotdog dressing in the latest poster as this one is quite updated. It said there that Blue Cheese and Catsup was also available as a dressing but when I told the saleslady that I wanted Cheese, she gave me some New York dressing instead which left me wondering whether she really knew it was Cheese or not. Somehow, I have a gut feeling she doesn't as she reassured me that it was in fact cheese but I was doped as it turned out to be mustard anyway. *SIGH*

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