Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Office Drags

I am a teacher, not a person who should interview my students to the extent that they would be telling everything about themselves and those around them to me. I already have so many things going on with my life so why should I bother getting involved in other people's businesses? I am fine with asking questions about them since I sincerely want to know how they are but I do not want to delve into their deepest, darkest secrets. I know for a fact that I wouldn't appreciate it if such a thing happened to me. I don't want people prying or asking me too much questions to the extent that my privacy is being compromised. I don't know why some people don't know that but isn't that supposed to be common knowledge?

Anyway, we just had a meeting and an evaluation today which is common twice a week. I am used to it by now even if sometimes I don't see why we have to go through so much fuss. My classes will always end up being evaluated and my performance being scrutinized during these so called evaluation sessions. Somehow I feel like I never have good classes anymore because they always find a kink or flaw in my classes. This saddens me and somehow makes me question whether I am becoming mediocre or not. I hate doubting myself especially as I know it is counter-productive somehow. The people who evaluate me are not experienced teachers. They only have the position in the company because they have been here longer than I have. Sometimes it bothers me when they talk down on me. It is as if they are showing off that they are better or have more knowledge at educating students than me.

I have been in this industry for more than 5 years now and somehow I know of the ups and downs of not just the online English industry but as well as the complexity of Korean managements and students. I also know my craft. Although I never did take education as a major in college, it has become my passion and somehow I enjoy being an English teacher to students of all ages and levels. I don't really comment on whatever they say on their evaluations on me. I usually just keep quiet as a sign of respect. Since I am a civil person, I usually let these things go. Most people especially those who are experienced teachers like me tell me that I should bite back as well but I am done with that. This week, I found out that one of my students was transferred to my leader. I asked why and if the student lodged a complain against me but I was told that nothing of that happened. I was informed that she was still studying under the same schedule however, the mystery still remains. Why was she moved to a different teacher?

When the student had a class with a different teacher, she looked for me. Normally, I wouldn't care but this time, it is personal. Why? Because the management knows that I need to maintain at least 10 students every month and at this rate, I now have less. The other students who will be ending their contracts soon have other important reasons which is understandable but to have this particular student moved to someone else just like that is just too suspicious. Now, she has 13 while I have 10 which might dwindle down to 8-7. Somehow, I feel that there is inequality here. Why do I think so? Because teachers with experience are given lesser students, average 10-13 students while those who don't have experience are given at least 13-20 students. The treatment for experienced teachers is different although the management denies this, I know otherwise.

I am 6 months pregnant now and I know that I will be resting home soon. I have been asked when I will be having my maternity leave but somehow, I feel different now. I just want to leave and concentrate on taking care of my baby. Somehow I think that would be more rewarding than sucking it up here. I know it will be a big move but I am used to coping with challenges by now. This company hasn't paid my SSS coverage anyway which is why I won't be able to use it when I give birth. They gave out many reasons like I should have started working here from January to complete the whole 9-12 months of contribution and that if I was to sue someone, I should sue my former Korean boss for not doing the same thing which I wouldn't do since I only worked part time for him while I am currently working full time for this company. They say that they will work on my Philhealth with high hopes that they will be able to pay the contributions and then deduct them from my salary. Somehow, I remain hopeful but should I? Promises, promises.

As of now, they don't know my plans yet and somehow, I am holding out on them. I need to know about the whole Philhealth situation first before I lay my cards on the table. I have my rights. Hopefully, they won't end up being a-holes about it. I am no longer complaining about this. Instead, I am going to take things like an adult and just do what I have to do. This company is so proud in saying that most of the people who left their company are jobless and find it difficult to find new jobs. I say, they shouldn't be too proud. Priding one's self with greatness is fine every now and then but to do so indulgently is a crime. Now, I know the real deal about them. Now, I know their dirty work. So many things have been revealed to me without even trying to unravel them. I guess I deserve something better while they deserve a lesson. Karma will come one day but for now, I am staying but not because I want to. I am merely holding on because I have to. Come February, this sacrifice will be over. Fingers crossed that everything will be fine till then.


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