Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I am Not Disposable And So Are You...

Today, I am deeply saddened because of the unexpected news that I heard at work. I am not really Ms.Congeniality which is why I rarely bond with people around me but when I do find a person to be good, I consider him/her as a friend. I found out today that one of my colleagues has been booted out of the company yesterday. Honestly, I am not in favor of this decision especially since I know that she was a hardworker and person with needs. December has just begun and the thought of being jobless before Christmas is just bad. To be kicked out of your company before Christmas is just cruel. I don't understand why people do such things but then again, should I expect more? Business is business. They always say there is no room for feelings here. All I thought about was consideration. If only my boss had it. Unfortunately, at this rate, I think he might have none...

This morning when I found out of the grave news, I was not only surprised by it but I was also angered as well. Why? Because every month, we see the progress of each teacher in different sheets. I know that she has lots of students and although she was not able to maintain all of them at some point, she was able to make up for it through her constant passing of level tests. It was odd to find out that the company ditched because they said that she did not maintain her students and was not bringing in profit to the company. I was hurt by this as I know that she did. I told my leader face to face that I did not like what they did to her and that she shouldn't have been treated that way. Like me, she was an experienced teacher and like me, she was mistreated here. I felt bad for her. I openly told my leader that there were other people who were more deserving to be removed from this company than her. I didn't tell her though how targeted we experienced teachers felt. It was an outrage!

Actually, I was expecting to be removed from this company first as I was already given a warning last October but I am still here. Maybe I am lucky but I honestly think that I am not. She is lucky because she got out. In my case, I still have to deal with it. I will be sending her messages later to ask her how she is with high hopes that she will able to cope with the loss and find a "better" company and job soon. I just felt bad that at the end of the day, we are all disposable. No matter how experienced we are or how much hard work we put into this company, it just doesn't seem to change anything. We, the experienced teachers, will continuously be targeted and removed after they have already gotten everything that they want from us. I am not just something that they can use and throw away. I wish they will realize that. It is too bad that they can't.

I am often quiet here as I continue to observe the atrocities revolving around me. Good thing I am a good listener and with every single thing spilled to me, I continue to realize how horrible things can get. No wonder so many employees have complained about this company in the past. I learned that most people who continue work here don't want to bother complaining because of the trouble that they will just get themselves into afterward. They will be blacklisted meaning it will be hard for them to look for jobs. Since most of them here are young and this is the first company that they have worked for, most of them are scared of losing their jobs and trying once again. This kind of hold is powerful and this is the kind of thing that the company that I work for revel in. Sad that even in invisible chains, such young minds are limited to only this. I wonder how they would improve somewhere outside these walls.

I, on the other hand, have a different battle to face. Since I already lost one of the battles to get my SSS benefits, I am hoping to at least get my Philhealth even if I intend to actually leave the company by next year before I give birth. Honestly, I am starting to find it difficult to cope with working daily as I work extremely early and go home in the afternoon which often leaves me tired and lacking sleep the next day which isn't good for both me and my baby. The daily travels from my home to work isn't as easy as it used to be. I know I am running out of time. I just hope that before I actually leave this company, they would have the decency to help me with my Philhealth benefit. Should I keep on trying? I know I will. Should I hope for it? I will just keep my fingers crossed. Uncertainty engulfs me as I thread these waters. I just hope that things will be for the best.
Today I finally understood the lyrics of Katy Perry's Fireworks. Yes, I feel like a plastic bag but I am not disposable. I am not rubbish. I am not something that can be used now and can be thrown later once my purpose has been done...



  1. I feel sorry for your co-worker. I think most companies specially Koreans have the same strategy in terms of hiring and firing. Like you said, business is business for them.

    I am also hoping that you will get the benefits that you deserve. BIG HUGS best! Take care always.

  2. Hi girl!

    Nice to see you read this post. I know you can relate to this as we have both been working in the same industry for a long time. Anyway, welcome back to my blog. I am hoping to get them too but I guess sometimes these things are inevitable. I am planning to write another post similar to this one although it will be more concentrated on DOLE being involved. Wait for that. I am sure you will have thoughts about it.

    Big hugs to you as well! Happy Holidays!~