Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Lesson That I Learned Today: Be Thankful!

Predicaments - we all have them. We all go through different degrees of problems in our lives. The only difference that we all have is how we deal with them. Not everybody knows how to deal with problems. I myself know that it is hard to solve problems and be in tough situations. Sometimes I feel like giving in but I realized that I shouldn't. In the years that have passed, I have been bombarded with different situations. Some have been bad, some worse. I have suffered from pain and yet in the end, things got better. I got through them all. Many people say that God doesn't give your problems that you can't handle. There is also that meme that says the same thing. Only in the end it also says that apparently, God thinks you are a bad ass which implies that you get to be given a lot of problems because God thinks you can handle all of them at the same time. I hope God doesn't think of me that way.

Humor aside, I know that life isn't really perfect. Sometimes it can even be unfair. Sometimes there are some things that happen which we cannot fully comprehend. But everything happens for a reason. It does not matter if we cannot understand them. Sometimes we fail to see the bigger picture when we are in the middle of things. We only do once we are out of it. Last January, my grandmother died. We were all sad that we lost her. Then, as if some streak of unluckiness, last March 4, my baby, Lilly died. My husband and I were crushed. Before and after that happened, I have heard so many stories about different people who have different predicaments - mostly involving children. Everyone knows that the death of a loved one is one of the hardest experiences to get over with but loss is not the only thing that is hard to accept in life. There are many challenges that are difficult to deal with as well. While I mourn for my child, other couples mourn for the reality that they cannot have children or are sick which is why it takes them longer to have kids. Like me, they too have things that hurt them - just in a different way.

But not all stories are bad. Some even have good endings. Some couples who are found to be sterile have miraculously gotten children. A miracle I know. Some children with complications survive and are now living healthy lives. These things can happen to anyone. Sadly, it did not happen to me and to the other people that I mentioned earlier. But I am staying hopeful. Hopefully, all the other people who are in dark times will too. Faith is a strong thing to hold on to. It can move mountains as they always say. Although faith cannot be seen or touched, it is strong enough to believe in. 

Somehow, I am thankful for many things despite all the situations that I have been through. I am thankful that my daughter is no longer in pain and is now our little angel with the Lord. I am thankful that despite our loss, there are still many blessings that come to us. I am not happy that I am luckier than others and that others have bigger problems to deal with. I am not pleased that others are in more pain than I am. All I am saying is that we should all be thankful for what we have and we should not complain no matter what. Remember that others might not be as lucky as you. I know this now. Do you?

We should all learn to appreciate everything. Be grateful for everything. What have you been thankful for today and everyday?

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