Thursday, March 14, 2013

Remember Not Only When You Need Something, Remember Because You Truly Care

To be needed is a wonderful feeling. So is to be wanted but then again, to be remembered only when needed is not overwhelming. It is just downright annoying. We often neglect the people that are close to us, important to us. We go about doing things that can make us happy without thinking that always thinking about ourselves is just selfish. Then, when we realize that we are unhappy or are in trouble, we realize that there are some people out there that we need or we can ask for help. 

I don't mind being one of those people but to always be thought of only when the need arises upsets me. I wonder if such a thing will end. Maybe only time can tell. Will these people change? I don't know either. All I know is that I don't want to be one of them. But they say that these people are necessary in our lives. Whether it is to teach us something or to make us value the people that we love more, these people are important. No matter how annoying they can be or will be. 

I wonder though if nobody will help them in their time of need, what would happen to them? I guess that remains to be seen. If a person can endure not helping others then he/she is no better than the person who asks for his/her help. But then again, there will always be limitations to these things. If a person's patience has finally ran out then I guess that's it. There will never be any room for anything else. Change needs to take place in order to mend broken relationships. I don't want to be remembered only in times of need. I want to be remembered in different times too. I hope people that I know will remember that.

People get fed up too. No matter how kind they may be. This is why you should never abuse a person's kindness. 

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