Friday, October 18, 2013

My Thoughts On Compromising And Complaining

Odd. I don't understand why some people don't have anything else to do but complain despite the fact that they should be busy with things that are far more important than that. I honestly will never understand such people. I have never been so stressed out in such a short time ever. People who complain give me negative vibes. People who do it everyday give me a headache. People who have nothing else to do but complain without even knowing what the word compromise means keeps me up at night.

I have been hearing of the word, compromise, for a long time now. It is applicable not just at work but also when it comes to relationships, whether romantic or not. Through the years, I learned what it truly meant. Through the years, I have realized that compromising is not easy although that does not mean that it isn't worth trying. Through compromising, more people benefit from it. Through it, more people become happier. I wonder why people who constantly complain have never heard of it. Perhaps they have. Perhaps they are just not into it or never want to do it. It takes a brave and strong person to learn how to compromise. 

Why compromise when I can just complain my heart out? Sure. I have heard that before. I have gotten used to hearing it. I have gotten used to being with people who only care about themselves. I hate selfish people. I hate people who things about their needs above others all the time. I would understand if people would only have moments of selfishness and then eventually learn to compromise. What I will never understand are people who just go about doing whatever they want and then complain when they can't get what they want. Will there ever be hope for people who are this way? To be honest, I do not know myself. All I know is that true change should come from the heart and if a person does not want to change then it does not matter how many people influence him/her to do so. In the end, nothing will ever come out of it. 

Professionally, compromising is something that employees, bosses and the rest of the staff at an office needs to do. However, what happens when the employees and the rest of the staff will become selfish and just look after their own interests? Of course, it would end disastrously. Just like building good and harmonious relationships, we will never have one if we don't learn to give and take. As an employee, I know this well. I have had good bosses and bad ones. However, I don't regret those experiences for I have learned a lot from them. I have learned that compromising can only work if people want to do it and if there is something in exchange for it. If an employee will be willing to compromise then the bosses should too. Compromise is not exactly a popular word because it is synonymous to sacrifice. Nobody wants to sacrifice anything. That is the harsh truth of life. If only more people will become more selfless then maybe the world will become a better place...
If only more people would learn not to complain so much then we would be able to avoid conflict. If only more people will learn to compromise then there would be more peace around us.

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