Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are We Romeo And Juliet?

As I watch the light flicker on a stormy night, I heard a creaking sound that gave me a fright. It was the hour of darkness, the witching hour, it was 3 AM and yet I’m still alive. I hear you whispering, I could feel you trembling. The icy wind struck fear in our hearts as it waits for it’s innocent prey. It was everywhere and it couldn’t stop but stare. I could feel death was near but I don’t know where. I could see him grinning evilly as the dried branches of the tree is scratching it’s way by my window. I could feel waiting to release one’s deadly fate, DOOM!

I decided to cover my eyes while we hold hands tonight. Was it a monster breathing heavily close by? Not exactly, it was you who wanted to cry. You couldn’t scream even if you wanted to, you just want to fly away tonight but that won’t happen now in a time like this. There is no magic, there is no monster or even fairies. All we have now is death and it wants us, it longs to cut us in the throat. We were gasping for air but it gets mustier. As the room gets steamier, I noticed something else. There seems to be something going on nearby.

I pulled myself together and took a stand. I opened my eyes again and death was gone. There was only a cloud of smoke that has engulfed us and it’s trying to suffocate us. I saw you desperately gasping for air while I try to find a way to escape this hell. As the smoke got thicker and thicker, I knew there was a fire but the old windows are all stuck now and they don’t seem to budge. Slowly, my eyes started to water as my lungs started to falter. Could this be the end of me and you? Can this really be a tragic end? My eyes have gotten heavy, I started to feel faint.

Then, I saw you seemingly lifeless on the ground. I trembled and held you close to me. Is this what’s supposed to be? I screamed at the top of my lungs but there was no answer. I asked for help but no one even bothered. There is nothing I can do now but wait for death to take us, to make him take us out of this misery and to relieve us from reality. What has become of us? What has become of me? The life we thought we knew were all made up lies and now it has come for us, to consume us. 

Consider death a special gift for life can be a blur at times but it did not make you fall. We are the architects of the future and the promoter of our demise. We shouldn’t have been here, we should never have lied. Farewell to you, our parents and dear friends. This is my last breath and I can’t save this till tomorrow night. I will watch myself as I wither with my beloved, it all ends here tonight. This is what young love is and what it has brought me. Like Romeo and Juliet, together we welcome death tonight!

Their forbidden yet everlasting love ended in tragedy. Why, oh why?

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