Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What is going with me?
I feel so lonely and betrayed
I'm throwing everything for you
You promise me everything and more
I'm so in love and deluded
I'm giving it all away for you
But why am I stuck in this situation again
Why are you back to your old ways?
Who do you truly love?
Who do you truly want to be by your side?
I believed you, I thought I was the one
I'm conflicted, why do I feel so sad?
I'm hurt, I'm slowly crumbling away
I just want to be with you
But do you want to be with me as well?
I'm trying to be selfish so that everything will be good for you
But why am I feeling this way?
Why do I feel like I'm the only one that's to blame?
All the hurt, all the pain
All the tears, all the fears
My emotions mixed, I find it hard to breathe
I hit my chest with my fist as I silently wept
I want to rid myself of all this but how can I?
I must be blind for I still love you
I must be sick for I still need you
With my body going weak and weary
I'm defenseless, I can't fight
Where is this going to?
What happens now?


  1. Yes, I am okay. This is just a poem that I made some time ago. No, I am not feeling like this right now.