Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guilt Trip

The weirdest part about leaving anything or someone behind is the feeling of guilt that you have clawing inside you. You know deep inside that you don't want to do it but in the end, you have to. It all comes down with a choice and sometimes our choices are not the best ones that we make. I've been through so many decisions in my life. Although some of them might have been wrong or I might have paid for dearly, I still ended up not backing out of my word. It's always my word against someone else's. I am used to the system by now. These days, I've been keeping silent, not socializing much, not speaking much. Call it an experiment if you will but somehow I just don't feel like being my jolly old self lately. If you know me well then you'll know I'm used to being a loner. No, it's not because an emotional person or anything for that matter. It's just that I like being alone and I believe I can think better that way. People usually misinterpret my actions and my decision for being alone. They believe I'm depressed or something like it. Well, I was for some time in my life and I think I still get into that phase every now and then. It's a regular part of me. 
                           Have you ever been on a guilt trip before?
 Guilt runs through your veins and sometimes it's hard to deal with it...
I wish I didn't do guilty, seriously but I am only human so guilt is simply a part of me...

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