Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dreaming Of You

NOTE: This blog entry is purely fiction. I made it only because I have my own world stuck in my head and sometimes I need to write about what I see in there so bear with me if most of this doesn't make sense. It's just a story after all. Enjoy!~

I wrote a love letter for you today. I sealed it with a kiss. The smell of your perfume still lingers in my sheets. As I cuddle them one last time before I leave, I remember you, no, you are not but a memory. I can still feel you around me and how sweet your kisses were. I suddenly realized I miss you now, I miss you even more. 

I woke up this morning at the sound of chirping birds. Nature is all around me, I feel so alive and never cold. I felt the warm wind brushing to my face as I slowly get up and think of how this day will work my way. I have you in my head of course, that's a staple for a life without you would be lacking in a way. 

As the sun greeted me good morning and as I get ready for another working day, I have you right here with me, I have you by my side, come what may. The cab broke down on my way to the office but I still have a smile on my face. While I tripped and almost fell on my face as I drinking coffee while the boss is away. 

I went to my cubicle and guess what I saw. A daunting message and tons of paperwork, I so adore! Yes, I know I am just joking but then again, who cares? It's a Friday anyway and my heart is free. I am elated and I am in this blissful state so why should I bother myself with such boring plays. 

So, I went on to start the day for I know my boss shall be waiting. Tap tap tap, goes the sound of my keyboard. Click click click as the mouse gets hot from my clicking. Busy fingers, busy mind but no, I won't let this ruin my day. This won't cramp, stress won't stay. So, the clock struck one, it's time for me to eat but still I go on typing, it's endless, I see. 

My day is about to end, I am almost done with my reports. The boss isn't grumpy, he even left a note on his door. It's a note for me, no wonder, the ink was in red color. It said there don't go home without giving the reports. They are due today and tomorrow never. So, I toiled away until the last minutes of work and so here I am walking out the door. 

I am on my way home, I wonder if you're home. I even wonder if you got my note that I sent you. I wonder if you found it wonderful. After a long day, a hectic and stressful day. You are still in my mind's eye, I miss you, How can I ever forget you? I am hungry, I remembered I haven't eaten so my feet pulled me to the nearest diner. 

As I was eating dinner, I remembered something. I remembered I have to be home in an hour or else I won't be able to talk with you again. So here I am panting, my heart racing as I reach home. I log on to my computer and read your reply. Another day full of messages, this is what our life is about. I smile again tonight as I lay in my bed, thinking of you and when I shall see you again...

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