Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Elegy Of The Broken

If one's mind is clouded then how can one speak? 
Will the words that he utter make sense out here in this boring creek? 
Will others' faces light up on this pale moonlight? 
Will it inspire those dark and wounded hearts? 
Will it mend those whose souls are broken and black as coal? 

Can one wait forever when love has gone cold? 
Or will one's blind eye just walk away from this light? 
Is one's heartbeat enough to make you smile? 
If the one you love has gone through the door ahead 
If you find his lifeless body on the bloody floor 

Is there such thing as immortality? 
If the elixir of youth has not been bound to me 
What future lies to a hollow man whose soul is no longer free 
Whose stares can make you weep or fear 
Whose touch can make you suffer or cause a stir 

Will you love a man such as him 
With no money but with so many talents 
He has so many to share and yet nothing left to give 
Pure love is all he can offer 
There is nothing left to bear 

Will you accept it? 
Will you make everything all right? 
Can you fill his longing heart? 
Can you calm his raging start? 
All is uncertain, nothing is clear 

But all hope isn't lost for there is life yet ahead 
You cherished him, you made him 
The bitterness, the lies are all buried in stone 
All those sad memories, all the tears have been forgotten 
It's time to move on, that's all you ever said to him 

He smiled and believed you 
He took you by the hand 
He looked into your dark eyes and whispered 
Thank you for everything; I love you! 
And then he collapsed, he fell hard to the ground 

Like a rose that has wilted away 
He has vanished and died 
With a smile on his face, he has lived his life well 
In tears you said goodbye and held him goodnight 
You sang a lullaby and went away 
For death is simply the beginning, it is not the end...

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