Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ode Of An Undine

A story about an Undine - The Lady In The Water, also known as a water nymph. There are so many stories about them. They are closely related to the Selkies, Mermaids and other creatures of the deep. Here's my ode to such a devilish beauty...Beware! What lies beneath?

She sleeps in the depths of oblivion
She lies waiting in the abyss
Her pale blue skin is covered with algae
While her hair is made of seaweed and moss
Her eyes are green, they glimmer under the sea
Shells cover her body parts while corals grow around her
Her stomach growls, she feels hungry again

The urge to taste flesh creeps in
She smells blood nearby, she senses someone drawing near
A shadow cast above the shipwreck where in the abyss she sees clear
It's another human she said, it's another man!
With an evil smile on her face, she smirked as she swam closer
She went out of her dwelling, she went seeking him more
She changed her form and went on disguise, as a strange looking fish this was her lie

The man unsuspecting, he didn't know what lay there
He did not know of the dangers ths adventure would implore
His curiousity might kill him, his freedom might suffocate him
The big blue was filled with wonders he can ever hold
It makes him happy, it makes him long for so much more
As he went deeper and deeper, he saw something swimming by
He wasn't afraid even if the creature was nearby

It swam with him but it kept it's distance
From afar, he could see it's scales and fins
A strange creature he said to himself but he was happy, he wanted to touch it
He never thought of the danger, he never thought of anything else
He was at peace with nature, he was one with the elements
The creature went nearer, it was already beside him

As he reached out for it, it did not shy away
It went closer and closer until the distance became awkward and the space was alarming
The creature wasn't showing hostility or anger, he even thought it was smiling
But in an instant it changed into it's hideous form
A beauty so enchanting, a beauty whose heart is cold
She was no longer the creature whom he has seen before

Before he knew it, it was too late
This creature has trapped her, her gaze he found so tender
He was smitten, he was paralyzed, he couldn't move his feet
So with a smile on his face, he went down to the abyss
Where this monstrous she-hag went with a devious plan in place
There she awaited him with excited her sharp fingers and teeth 

Alas! The poor man has fallen to his underwater grave
His fate was sealed and doomed by this monsted that he thought was pure
He has fallen to the likes of an enchantress as deadly as poison can be
With one last look she devoured him, she consumed him to the core
His painful screams could not be heard as he heard his heart beat it's last
A tear fell on her cheeks as the water run red fr this is her life, this is her misery!

            It lies in the depths of the unknown simply waiting for its' next victim...

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